Wu Gate Ch 21.2

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 21.2 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

There were a hundred ants chewing away at her heart. Qing Qiao immediately opened the door and rushed outside. Underneath the dusky moonlight, she went around the courtyard twice, but she couldn't find the slightest trace of the paper.

While feeling angry and anxious, a burst of cold wind blew by and she couldn't help shivering. Could the paper have been blown away by the wind?

Grasping onto this straw of hope, Qing Qiao quickly raised her hand, observed the direction her sleeve was blowing in, and finally decided to continue looking in the direction of the wind.

She carried a small lantern as she continued searching. Without noticing, she had left her small courtyard.

Then, like the customary set ups that happens in all novels, someone attacked her from behind. The person used a handkerchief to cover her mouth and nose.

She fainted gorgeously.


When she opened her eyes, she discovered that a beautiful young girl dressed in a black robe was watching her. Her gaze was as cold as ice. She was playing with a whip in her hand.

Diagonally behind her, there was a skinny, beautiful youth with honey color skin sitting in a chair. He seemed to be fake smiling at her.

A proud look slowly appeared in his eyes. He called out, "Hey, beautiful Chun Jiao!"

Feeling confused, Qing Qiao dumbly said, "Shao Yi?" She looked around and discovered that she was in a completely unfamiliar room. "... Where is this? If you have to say something, couldn't you have waited until tomorrow? Why do you invited me here in the middle of the night?"


Shao Yi's eyelids flipped. It seemed as if he had heard a hilarious joke. "Beauty, you're overthinking. How could I "invite" you here? Obviously, I had someone make you lose consciousness, then kidnap you here to this secret room." The young man slowly explained. A fiendish smile emerged on his lip.

"Person with the last name Shao, did you take the wrong medicine?" Qing Qiao couldn't believe her ears, "How could you dare to kidnap me here? Aren't you afraid that Mister Qi will skin you alive?"


The carved stool in front of Qing Qiao was suddenly split into five pieces. The flying dust caused her to choke and cough.

The black robed girl retracted her whip and fiercely glared at her. She seemed to be warning her that she should be thinking things through before speaking.

"Don't use Mister Qi to threaten me." Shao Yi's handsome face was serene.

"Also, my last name isn't Shao. It's Duan." He lightly said.

"... Your last name is Duan? Duan Shao Yi?" Qing Qiao dumbly gaped, "You... What relationship do you have with Prince Duan Yu?"

"My father is his older brother. He's my blood-related paternal uncle. What kind of relationship do you think we have?" Shao Yi closed his eyes. He seemed to be glowing with bright light.

Qing Qiao held her head between her hands and heart-breakingly shrieked, ""Ahhh! A love between an uncle and nephew! It's actually incest! It's too beautiful! Too beautiful! Author, I can't stand this. Hurry up and save me ~~~"

The whip went flashing down and the carved stool behind Qing Qiao also broke.

The black robed girl's eyes were burning with anger. She wanted to burn two holes into Qing Qiao's body.

"What? What incest?!" Shao Yi had lost his calmness. He slapped the table and stood up in anger, "What I feel for Uncle Yu is clearly adoration and admiration!"

Qing Qiao had almost lost her soul from the fear of that whip. She immediately smilingly said, "You're right. You'r right. You have a pure man and man relationship."

But, Shao Yi wasn't willing to forgive her, "How could you, a worthless servant girl, understand my thoughts? Uncle Yu is the reincarnation of an angel. No person can disrespect him! His intelligence has surpassed others even when he was a child. He's the model of perfection in everyone's hearts! Everyone had said that when they're with him, the flowers are more beautiful and delicate and the moon is brighter and bigger!"
Hearing this, the moon in the sky couldn't help trembling. Oh no, everyone knows about my special love towards Prince Duan Yu!

Qing Qiao hurriedly looked up, smiled at Shao Yi, and flatteringly said, "You're right. Prince Duan Yu is a heroic person. He's a first class, marvelous, transcendent immortal. Chun Jiao shouldn't have foolishly guessed about the relationship between the two of you. Chun Jiao is an idiot. Chun Jiao is foolish. For the sake of Mister Qi, please give Chun Jiao a path to retreat.”

"Don't try to use Mister Qi against me!" Shao Yi's face shivered with fear, then he immediately showed a sinister smile and quietly said, "... Worthless servant let me tell you. In this world, other than the emperor, I'm the most powerful. No one can stop me!"

Eh? Qing Qiao looked at him from top to bottom. "Could it be that you're the empress? Chun Jiao has eyes but can't see Mountain Tai. Can't even tell the difference between a man and woman..."

"I'm the crown prince! The crown prince!" Shao Yi flew into a rage. "I'm a man! I've already said that Prince Duan is my blood-related uncle!"

"This servant greets crown prince. May the crown prince live for thousands of thousand years!" Qing Qiao was so scared that she kneeled down and prostrated herself, "Chun Jiao was momentarily confused. Crown prince, please let me atone!"

Just as Shao Yi wanted to say something, the black robed servant girl interrupted, "Your Highness, this servant seems to be pretending to be a fool."

She looked up, the black robed girl was inexplicably looking at her with a gaze as cold as ice.

"It's fine. It's amusing to watch her pretend." Shao Yi's face returned to its normal expression. He rested his chin in his hand and his eyebrow slightly went up. "Servant, I had brought you over here tonight to tell you that the three words "Prince Duan Yu" isn't something that a mere person like you can say. During the day, you dare to use him to fool me. This is a mortal offense!"

Ah?! Cute, young boy, you don't have to be so extreme. You're going to kill me just because I mentioned your uncle's name?

"Your Highness, don't be so blind in your worship!" Qing Qiao sat her butt down on the floor. With a face full of tears, she tried to persuade him, "Actually, the person that you should admire is your father, His Majesty! Look, this magnificent country and the common people under the sky. Everything belongs to him. He's the most powerful person! The admiration that Chun Jiao feels towards him is like an uninterrupted, torrential river..."

"Humph!" Shao Yi flung his sleeve, "What's the big deal about being the emperor? To not be the emperor, that's truly the most powerful!"

Eh? Qing Qiao forgot to keep wiping her fake tears and blankly looked at him.

"That year, imperial grandfather had wanted to pass the crown to Uncle Yu, but he had been flatly refused by Uncle Yu." Shao Yi's face was full of adoration and admiration. "Uncle Yu said that to be the emperor, one must live for the country. But, he only wanted to live for himself!"

"Isn't that the most powerful? Shao Yi turned around to look at her. Even his nostrils were excited. "Uncle Yu has already detached himself from mortal concerns and desires. He completely disregards power and splendor!"

Bah! Qing Qing thought of Duan Yu’s extremely flashy home. How could this person be described as "disregards power and splendor"? He's clearly a selfish person that doesn't want to be responsible!

But, this was only something that she could think. She should still hurry to kowtow and praise. "Prince Duan Yu is truly a rare, talented person that can only be seen once in a thousand years. He's truly worthy of the His Highness' admiration..."

"Your Highness, why tell palace secrets to a servant?" The black robed girl suddenly interrupted. Her gaze was as poisonous as a snake.

"... It's fine." Shao Yi returned from reminiscing. He somewhat mercifully looked at the girl on the ground, "... She's going to die soon anyways."

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