Wu Gate Ch 23.1

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(T/N: I’m skipping chapter 22. There’s an author’s note that says the short stories in chapter 22 are unrelated to Wu Gate and that she just borrowed the names. The short stories are as as weird and bizarre as Qing Qiao’s nightmare in chapter 20.)

Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 23.1 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

I’m going to die soon?

For a period of time, Qing Qiao’s brain was operating at turtle speed. She couldn’t accept his words.

"... How could that be possible?" Her eyes were disorganized as she muttered, "I was so careful. I didn't eat any of your food. I breathed the same air as you. How could I be dying?"

"You think I poisoned you?" Shao Yi turned his head and curved up his lips, "It seems that you're not stupid. But, why would I use poison for a small character like you? I can just directly kill you with a knife, then use acid to dissolve your body. I'm sure that no one will discover your body."

"Don't! Don't do this!" Qing Qiao was so scared that all the blood had disappeared from her face. "Mister... Mister Qi will find out. He'll definitely get revenge for me in the future..."

"Haha ha..." Shao Yi seemed to have heard a hilarious joke. He looked at her, "Silly girl, are you dreaming? Even if Mister Qi find out in the future, you'll already be dead and can't be saved. Would he really harm his own nephew for you?!"

His words were sensible and reasonable. Qing Qiao couldn't think of any logic to refute him and finally slumped to the ground.

Shao Yi turned his head and faintly smiled as he ordered the shadow in the corner, "Ruo Yi, finish her."

The grim-faced girl nodded to accept the order. A shining dagger suddenly appeared in her hand and she slowly walked towards Qing Qiao.

Step by step, the black shadow and shining light came closer and closer...

Not like this. It shouldn't be like this... The ending shouldn't be like this!

Watching all of this, Qing Qiao felt that her mouth and tongue were dry. Her head felt dizzy as if the sky and earth was spinning around her. This isn't right! This plot wasn't right! She hadn't picked up beautiful men everywhere or set off a reign of terror! None of those prophecies mentioned in wuxia books had happened yet! How could she quietly die here?!

Suddenly, a bright light flashed downwards and a cold wind came splitting down.

She reflexively lifted her hand to block and inadvertently saw the shining bracelet on her wrist.

She screamed louder than she had ever before, "Zi Zheng, save me!"


The light stopped.

The dagger was flicked back. The black robed girl staggered back several steps from the push of internal force.

"Who?" Her attack had been thrown into chaos. She was so angry that she was seething smoke. "Get out here now!"

"Ruo Yi, stop attacking!" The anxious sound voice was followed by a nimble, blue shadow.

Qing Qiao's eyes recognized the person and her nerves relaxed. She couldn't resist anguishly
wailing, "Mister Qi, save me!"

Mister Qi flew to Qing Qiao's side, protectively blocked her with his sleeve, gritted his teeth, and said, "Ruo Yi, do you want to die? You dare to attack someone that I said was off limits?"

Panic flitted across the black robed girl’s eyes. She bit her lips and didn't say anything.

Shao Yi still had moral integrity. He assumed all responsibility by coldly saying, "... I told her to kill her."

"You... Unfilial child!" Mister Qi almost couldn't breath. He couldn't hit him or scold him. "Ah Yi, Miss Chun Jiao is an important guest. You can't harm her!"

"Uncle, why are you so protective of her?" Shao Yi slowly squinted, then he said in a meaningful tone, "Does she have a special background?"

"To tell you the truth, she's actually..." Mister Qi clenched his jaw. He seemed to be preparing to abandon his agreement with Qing Qiao and confess the entire truth.

Wahh, don't! You pig head! Do you want me to die quicker? Qing Qiao was as quick as a carp. Her arms firmly wrapped around Mister Qi's body and she grievously shouted, "Foster father, save me!"

Mister Qi's body trembled and immediately fossilized.

"This Du Chun Jiao... She's your foster daughter?" Shao Yi's eyes were full of shock.

Mister Qi closed his eyes. While being pinched and kneaded by Qing Qiao, he considered for a long time. Under the recent distress, he said, "... Chun Jiao is my good friend's daughter. Her maternal grandfather has made heroic contributions during this country's founding war and received the retired Emperor's recognition, so you can't harm her."

There was truth and lies in his words. After Shao Yi heard this, he furrowed his eyebrows, "Since she's an official's daughter, why doesn't she have the slightest style of a daughter from a noble family?”

Qing Qiao looked up with eyes full of sincerity as she explained, "To respond to Your Highness, Chun Jiao's mother died when I was young and I grew up in a mountain village, so I don’t understand etiquette. Your Highness, please issue a punishment so I can atone!"

Shao Yi twitched his lips. The curious light in his eyes was gradually put away. He probably believed most of these words.

"Ah Yi, Chun Jiao's life wasn't easy... Although her personality is a bit strange, since she's my foster daughter, she at least counts as half a family member... Don't make things difficult for her." Mister Qi did his best to persuade.

Qing Qiao continued to hang off Mister's Qi's body. While she was explaining, the expression on her face went from sad to innocent to pitiful to many other expressions.

After looking at her for short while, Shao Yi suddenly smiled.

"Okay. Since uncle personally asked me for this favor, I won't do anything to harm her in the future." He stared at Chun Jiao and slowly said, "From today, I'll call you older sister Chun Jiao and treat you like a relative."

"Is that good?" He turned his head to look at Mister Qi. His gaze had a briliant brightness.

Mister Qi was overjoyed. He grabbed Qing Qiao's hand and said, "Hurry, kneel down and thank young master!"

Qing Qiao hurriedly jumped to the ground, kneeled, and kowtowed.

After they left the secret room, Qing Qiao only felt that her hands and feet felt weak. When she touched her back, there was a large, damp spot.

"So scary..." Her nose felt stuffy and her voice trembled, "Mister Qi! Shao Yi's last name is Duan and he's this country's crown prince. Why didn't you tell me this in advance?"  

"You know?" Mister Qi was shocked, then he shook his head and quickly smiled, "Ah Yi, that child, probably divulged that information to you."

Mister Qi stroked her head and gently said, "Ah Qiao, don't worry. Mister Qi definitely wouldn't harm you. The crown prince naturally has a reason why he's hiding his identity while he's out of the palace. Besides, although Ah Yi's character is odd, he definitely isn't a bad child. Please, just be more patient and accommodating with him in the future."
Qing Qiao clenched her fist and didn’t continue to speak.

After she returned to her room, her heart felt like a messy, tangled skein. Everything that had recently happened felt like a wild dream.

Be more accommodating and patient.

Mister Qi, Shao Yi, Duan Yu, Lu Zi Zheng... The smiling faces of these people floated past her. In this chaotic place and strange time, whom could she depend and trust? Who had said truthful words to her?

Ai, she really wanted to go home.

She curled up, buried her face deep into her knees, and her tears dripped down like falling pearls.


(T/N: Do you think Mister Qi is intentionally lying when’s trying to reassure Qing Qiao or he really believes that Shao Yi is only a spoiled kid and wouldn’t actual harm anyone?)

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