ChongFei Manual Ch 66.3

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 066.3 out of 171

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They soon left the peach tree grove and saw a naturally formed hot spring. Steep and rugged sides of the mountain surrounded the hot spring on all but one side. There was only one way to enter and exit. There were many stones piled together at the side of the pocket-sized hot spring. The warm steam that rose from the surface of the water directly hit their faces and was very tempting.

Wei Luo came down from the horse, walked to the hot spring, and enviously looked at it. If Zhao Jie wasn't here, she would want to take a soak in the hot spring. But, then she remembered that her situation was special today. Even if Zhao Jie wasn't here, she still couldn't go into the hot spring. As a result, her thoughts about it ended and she felt better. Seeing the smooth and beautiful stones near the hot spring, she couldn't resist picking up one of the stones. When she held the stone in the palm of her hand, the warmth that came from the surface of the stone pleasantly surprised her. “It’s actually warm."

At her side, Zhao Jie smiled when he saw her pleasantly surprised expression, "Are you still in a hurry to go back?"

She shook her head honestly. This hot spring was more attractive than she had thought. She wanted to stay here longer. Her eyes turned and she quickly thought of a method. Her pink lips smiled as she earnestly asked him, "Big brother, I want to soak my feet. You can't look. Could you wait over there?" As she said this, she pointed at a nearby thicket.

The warm water would drive away the soreness in her legs and feet. In addition, a natural hot spring would be able to treat slight ailments. If she could soak her feet in this water, it would be really good.

Zhao Jie looked at her for a moment, then he nodded and said, "Okay."

She didn't feel assured, so she warned again, "If anyone comes, you have to stop him first, then tell me."

She looked very commanding when she was issuing her orders. He laughed and took her at her words, "Got it!"

He walked to the place that she had pointed, stood underneath the trees, calmly leaned against a tree, and smiled as he looked at the nearby girl. Wei Luo's back was facing him. A pair of pink shoes embroidered with a peony pattern was left on the shore after she took off her shoes and socks. Her feet were soaking in the hot spring and her small body was curled up. There was definitely a satisfied look on her face at the moment.

Wei Luo picked up the warm stone, wrapped it up in cloth, placed it on her stomach, and immediately felt the warmth spreading throughout her body. Her fatigue and pain were greatly alleviated.

She sighed in contentment and suddenly felt somewhat unwilling to leave here.

Zhao Jie waited underneath the tree for 15 minutes. The girl in the hot spring hadn't moved. At first, he thought she had forgotten about the time, so he waited another 15 minutes. However, she still didn't move away from the hot spring. Zhao Jie didn't notice there was something wrong until her little head drooped and her body senselessly tilted to the side.

He reached her in a few steps and stopped her petite shoulders from falling down. The girl's eyes were closed and her cherry lips were slightly open. She had actually fallen asleep!

He laughed involuntarily and helplessly scratched his nose. She could even fall asleep here. She really was too careless!

It wouldn't be okay for her to continue soaking here. He carried her out of the hot spring and placed her on a nearby flat stone. When her white jade feet were pulled out of the water, the water droplets slid down from her feet and dripped down into the grass. Instead of placing her feet on the ground, he placed them on his legs. He took out his handkerchief and carefully wiped away the water on her feet. Everything about her was lovable. Even her feet were better looking than other people's. Her feet were tender and pale. Her ten toes were cute and as smooth as crystals. Her toenails were slightly pink and tempted a person to linger and fondle admiringly.

Zhao Jie's eyes darkened. His thumb stopped on her toes and gently hovered there. A long time later, he let go of her feet and put on her socks and shoes.

She must have been really tired. She didn't even wake up from these actions. He placed her on the horse, then mounted the horse and sat behind her. His long arms stretched out and took her into his arms. They rode the horse up the mountain. Who knew what Wei Luo was dreaming as she fidgeted in his embrace with her cheeks close to his chest. She finally found a comfortable spot as she wrapped her arms around his thin and strong waist and continued to sleep.

Zhao Jie's dark eyes deepened. One hand was around her waist. The other hand was tightly holding the reins. His palms felt hot and emitted a burning heat.

As they approached closer to Qian Temple, the speed of the horse became slower and slower.

When there was still a distance from the back gate, Zhao Jie tightened the reins to stop the horse. He hugged the girl in his arms closer, leaned over, carefully looked at her for a moment, and whispered into her ear, "Ah Luo?"

Wei Luo didn't respond. Her little face was peaceful. She was still serenely sleeping.

Zhao Jie gazed at her pure white face. She was in his arms and heart. This small girl occupied his entire heart. From the time that he knew she had her first period, the feelings that he had been oppressing for a long time started to bubble up and it was almost at the point that he couldn't control them.

She finally grew up. He impatiently thought about turning her into his.

After looking at her for a long time, he finally lowered his head and gently dropped a kiss on her forehead.

The girl was still sleeping without showing any reaction.

He straightened his body up and felt that this was kiss wasn't close to being sufficient. He wanted her too much and had endured for too long. He already reached his limits. He looked at her tender, pink lips and moved closer and closer. The tip of his nose was touching the tip of her nose. Slowly, with restraint, he kissed her lips.

His dark eyes looked at her. It was unfortunate that her eyes were closed and she couldn’t see the emotions in his eyes, much less his hidden tempestuous emotions.

He extended his tongue to lick her lips. Not only was her body soft, she was also unbelievably soft here. He didn't stay for long. He was worried that if he stayed longer he wouldn't be able to control himself. He straightened up, tightly held her waist, and deeply breathed into her neck.

After he finally calmed down the desire in his heart, he jumped down from the horse, and carried her back to her room.

At this time, Wei Chang Hong and the others hadn't returned yet. Zhao Jie arrived at the courtyard for female guests, asked which room Wei Luo was staying, and walked to her room. He pushed open the door, walked into her inner room, gently put her down on the bed, and covered her with a blanket. He stood near her bed for a while. He rubbed the red birthmark between her eyebrows before turning around and leaving.

Shortly after Zhao Jie left, there was movement in the bed.

Wei Luo's thick and long eyelashes fluttered and she slowly opened her eyes.


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