Wu Gate Ch 21.1

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 21.1 of 87

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“If there’s even one unfinished dish, I’ll have you dragged out and beaten until you can’t talk.”

Qing Qiao blinked. She started to suspect her ears.

Shao Yi continued to laugh, but his face became sinister, "Ugly, I'm talking about you."

Qing Qiao didn't say anything. She only quietly shifted her feet and looked towards the doorway. As she looked, she called out, "Ah, Chef Guo, Sir is speaking to you."

Who is ugly? Of course, it couldn't be her beautiful transmigrated self. So Chef Guo, for the time being, you can only suffer through this grievance.

Chef Guo started to tremble again as he looked at her.

"I'm not talking about someone else. I'm talking to you, gossiping and meddling woman!” Shao Yi turned his head. His fierce gaze followed her figure.

In a flash, the figure cleverly avoided Shao Yi's cold gaze. Qing Qiao continued to move around while looking at the twin teenage girls in surprise, "Eh, you’re so cute. How could Sir bear to call you wicked woman?"

Everyone looked at her with glowering eyes.

"You... shameless person. Hurry up and come here to apologize for your offense!" Shao Yi's voice started to become ear-piercingly loud. She estimated that he would soon collapse from anger.

She successfully reached her target location, behind Mister Qi. Qing Qiao raised her head to look at Mister Qi with an incomparably sincere look, "Aiya, your nephew is cursing at you. His nerve isn't small. He would actually offend his superior. Aren't you going to teach him a lesson?"

Mister Qi's face was clearly twitching.

*Sound of crashing* Sir Shao Yi had flipped over a table. His head was flushed with anger and seemed as if it would explode. "Servants, drag this lowly girl outside and beat her! Viciously hit her! Beat her until she dies!"

*Sound of crying* "Sir, please don't be angry! Please don't be angry!" There was suddenly a vast area of kneeling people inside the room.

Lackeys that looked as strong as bears came forward to grab her. Qing Qiao was so scared that she persistently burrowed herself behind Mister Qi's back.

"Impudent!" Mister Qi finally couldn't continue only watching. With a wave of his big hand, he had all of the servants retreating, "Ah Yi, Miss Du is a honorable guest that I invited. No matter what, you can't take any action against her."

Qing Qiao peaked out from behind Mister Qi and grimaced at Shao Yi.

"... Uncle! How could you allow such a shameless woman to enter the residence?" Shao Yi's body was shaking all over and his face had turned the color of pork liver, “She... She dared to threaten me with ninth uncle Yu. Why are protecting someone this shameless?!"

"... Ah Yi, don't be like this!" Mister Qi didn't have any other options. He sighed and said, "Miss Du is very special. No matter what, you can't hurt her the slightest amount. Otherwise, you'll regret it in the future."

"I won't regret it. Uncle, move aside! Let me beat her to death!" Shao Yi was almost burning with anger and flinging his limbs about.

"Ah Yu, listen to uncle's words. You can't hurt... Miss Chun Jiao." Mister Qi shook his head. While holding Qing Qiao's hand, he unhurriedly and calmly left the room.

The room immediately became absolutely silent.

While successfully leaving that place, Qing Qiao couldn't help turning around to look. She could only see Shao Yi with his hand near his throat and a scrunched up face. His entire body showed his suffering due to anger. Seeing this scene and this emotion, she couldn't help but think of Ma Jing Tao's roaring scenes. This current scene was like the classical scene of "I think I'm going to suffocate."

(T/N: Ma Jing Tao is a famous Taiwanese actor. Below is the picture of Ma Jing Tao's famous scene that Qing Qiao thinks Shao Yi is acting out.)

Wu Gate - Ch 21 - choking.jpeg

After they left the room, Mister Qi sighed and said, "Ah Qiao, Shao Yi has a difficult and awkward personality. Sometimes... It would better if you cater to his temperament.”

Qing Qiao tilted her head with the tip of her tongue out, "As long as you're protecting me, I don't have to worry about anything, right?"

(T/N: Couldn’t resist adding a cat picture to show Qing Qiao’s gesture.)

Wu Gate - Ch 21 tilted head.jpeg

Seeing her strange look, Mister Qi couldn't resist poking her forehead, "Don't be too outrageous. Ah Yi's inherent nature is pure and good. It's only that his father and I have spoiled him.

"If you spoil him like this, sooner or later, something bad will happen." Qing Qiao kindly reminded him.

Hearing her words, Mister Qi smiled, but his smile was very desolate, "His mom died when he was young. Just before she died, with a tearful face, she held my hand and asked me to take good care of him... I only have this... nephew. Naturally, I have to leave behind the best of everything to him."

Qing Qiao raised her head to look at him. Underneath the light, Mister Qi's eyes seemed if they were looking at a far away place. There were endless memories in his eyes.

The reeds are dense. The white dew is changing into frost.

 My so-called intended. (She’s) on the other side of the water

(T/N:  These are the first two line of an ancient Chinese poem. One popular interpretation of this poem is that its about two lovers separated by a river and even though the man’s feelings are sincere, they don’t have a happy ending. But, since the author of the poem is unknown, it’s not known for sure what the author’s intention was.)

Wu Gate - dense weeds white dew.jpg


It was nightfall. Qing Qiao tossed and turned in her bed. She couldn’t fall asleep.

She recalled the expression she had seen on Mister Qi's face during the day. She kept thinking there was something strange. She casually stroked the headboard, but unexpectedly felt a bumpy unevenness. Startled, she quickly brought a candle to look and discovered lines of beautifully carved words. These words seemed to have been carved a long time ago. The first two lines have already been rubbed too much to be readable, only the last line was barely visible

...only wish to be given to Qing Feng (literal meaning is cool breeze), to always be nestled with my lord

 After she read these words, she was silent for a long time, and then she quietly sighed.

After many years of wantonly soaking up romance novels, her romantic cells had already automatically started working and wrote poignant story one after another.

A: Originally, they were two innocent playmates. Man abandoned woman after playing with her;

B: Internal strife in an imperial harem. Giving up all hope after waiting.

C: Rival families. Brought together by fate, but not fated with happy ending.

D: Suddenly realizing the truth. Waking up to reality and feeling remorse.

The more she thought about these stories, the more she became immersed. She wiped away her tears as she thought. In the ending, she simply went to the desk, picked up a brush, and wrote these words:

A pair of mandarin ducks (symbolizes lovers) perched together and flying together,

The beautiful garden makes you intoxicated,

Quietly asking the senior monk,

Am I beautiful?

Am I beautiful?

Who cares about mere royal power and riches?

Why be scared of mere monastic discipline?

My only desire is to be with you forever,

My only desire to follow my sweetheart!

Deeply in love with him,

In this lifetime, my only desire is to accompany him!

 This was "Journey to the West's" song, "Nu Er's Feelings". She had loved this song since she was a child and had recited this song until she knew it by heart. She had decided that if she met her heart's prince, she would boldly express her feelings like Queen Nu Er had confessed to the monk.

But now? Alas, she had carelessly come to this ancient place that was so desolate that even birds and dogs wouldn't come here to poop.

As she thought about this, she couldn't help sighing with regret. Gradually, she was attacked with sleepiness. She couldn’t resist closing her eyes.

When she opened her eyes again, she woke up because she was too cold.

The side room's window was open wide and the night wind poured into the room. She trembled from the wind.

This Dong Xi! She forgot to latch the window again!

Qing Qiao grumbled as she stretched. Without noticing, she glanced at the table.

The blood in her body congealed. She immediately froze.

The table was bare. The paper that she had written down the lyrics on had disappeared without a trace!

Oh no! Never mind that the words were about a girl yearning for love. The two words "senior monk" were unfortunately written in those lyrics. If it fell into the hands of observant people, they would definitely think Gu Shang Shu's daughter was in love with a monk instead of the prince! Aiya, this news would definitely jump up to become one of the top three scandals!

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