ChongFei Manual Ch 51.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 051.2 out of 171

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Inside the eastern courtyard, Wei Luo had Jin Lu and Bai Lan carry a short couch to underneath a tung tree that was in the garden. She lied down on the couch and closed her eyes to rest for a bit.

She had deliberately ignored Li Song. Chang Hong's engagement wasn't resolved and she didn't want to look at those two. In addition, Li Song had been rude to her last time, so she didn't have to show a pleasant expression in front of him. She was already being courteous enough by not rolling her eyes at him.

Wei Luo slept for almost an hour. When she woke up, a flower petal from the tong tree had fallen on her nose. It felt itchy. As she was lifting her hand to get rid of the flower petal, another hand was quicker than hers and had picked it up instead. That other hand was pale and slender and it was followed by a smile and a gentle voice that said, "Did younger sister Ah Luo wake up?"

(T/N: Below is a picture of a tong tree’s flowers.)

Ch 51 - Tung Tree Flowers.png

For a moment, Wei Luo blinked and couldn't tell what evening it was. After a while, she remembered she was at Jing He Villa. She looked around and only saw Song Hui standing by her. He was wearing a light green robe with a lotus pattern. Several tong flower petals had fallen on his shoulders. She didn't know how long he had been standing there.

Wei Luo sat up and with a sleepy voice she asked in surprise, "Why did older bother Song Hui also come here? Weren't you at home studying?"

She had slept underneath the tree for a while. Many flower petals had fallen on her head and body. When she sat up, they all fell down on the couch. The young girl's cheeks were slightly red and her large eyes were wide open. She seemed like a completely different person from her peaceful sleeping self.

He hadn't been here for a long time. Jin Lu said she was resting, so he thought about sitting next to her while waiting. Unexpectedly, as soon as he came closer, she woke up and opened her eyes.

Song Hui smiled and explained, "It's too boring to always stay at home to study. So, I took this opportunity to come to the mountain to relax. Although I can't win one of the top three spots, I can still hunt a rabbit for you."

Although he was a scholar, he had taken lesson on riding and archery and his skills were fairly good. It was only that during these past few years, he hadn't been practicing much, so his skills had deteriorated. Tomorrow, he didn't know if his hands would be able to do what his mind wanted like before.

Wei Luo pursed her lips. She slightly smiled, "Older brother Song Hui forgot. I'm allergic to small furry animals. It would be okay if you want to give me rabbit meat to eat, but I won't be able to raise it.”

Song Hui remembered this matter after she reminded him. When Wei Luo was two or three years old, she really liked kittens and puppies. Unfortunately, whenever she touched these types of animals, her body would have rashes that wouldn't go away for several days. After the doctor figured out the reason, Wei Kun forbid her from having any contact with furry animals. There was one time when Wei Chang Xian brought back a filthy ba er dog from outside. Wei Luo really liked it. She concealed the dog from Wei Kun, washed the dog clean, and slept for a night while holding the ba er dog. The next morning, her entire body was covered in rashes. She could barely breathe and almost died. Wei Kun was scared out of his mind. Fourth master also heavily punished Wei Chang Xian.

(T/N: Below is a picture of ba er dog to show how fluffy they are.)

Ch 51 - ba er dog.jpg

(T/N: If you’re curious why Ah Luo didn’t have a severe allergic reaction to the hua tiao puppy that she gave to Zhao Jie in chapter 37, that breed of dog isn’t fluffy like a cat or rabbit. Or, maybe the author just forgot about that chapter.)

Since then, Wei Luo was more obedient. She never touched small fluffy animals again.

Song Hui's face was ashamed. He indulgently said, "You can do whatever you want with the rabbit."

Wei Luo said, "Okay, then I'll wait for older brother Song Hui to hunt a rabbit to give to me."

On this side, there was a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere around these two people. But, they didn't notice that a person had come through the courtyard's entrance.

Since the imperial family originally built Jing He Villa, Zhao Jie freely moved about the villa and naturally, no one would dare to stop him.

He stood at the eastern courtyard's entrance and watched the two people that were underneath the tong tree.

The young girl's face was pink from smiling and her two dimples could be seen. She was looking up at the man in front of her. White flower petals floated down from the tree and one coincidentally fell onto her eyelashes. Song Hui helped her pick off the flower petal with a gentle expression in his eyes.

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