The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 027

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 027 out of 513 – Not too late for Sangyu (2)

Ning Yuxuan looked at her for a moment, then he look at the person on the bed that had her eyes closed. “Never mind, go back to your courtyard. Finish embroidering the handkerchiefs that she hasn’t finished embroidering and this matter will be considered settled.”

“My lord!” Mu Shuiqing refused to accept this as final.

“Don’t say anymore.” Marquis Moyu lightly waved his hand.

He was clearly showing bias in favor of Nie Sangyu. He didn’t even question them before directly punishing her. Mu Shuiqing wanted to cry from anger, but she didn’t dare to fuss. She could only swallow her anger and withdraw from the room. She would have a sobbing fest once she returned to Feiyu Courtyard. In her heart, she hated Nie Sangyu even more.

Ji Man relaxed once she heard the doctor’s words. It was good as long as she didn’t have to serve him in bed. Plus, there would be someone to finish embroidering those handkerchiefs for her. It had been worth it to jump into the pond.

Muxu went to prepare the medicine and Marquis Moyu didn’t seem as if he wanted to sit down. His silently looked at Ji Man. Her moving eyes and twitching eyelashes showed that she wasn’t resting peacefully.

Realizing that she was wake, Ning Yuxuan quietly said, “Qing-er isn’t sensible. There’s no need for you to bicker with her. I know that you suffered a lot of grievances lately. But, you should understand. It’s only natural that you’re punished when you do things that are unsuitable for your status.”

After such a long time had passed, did he come here to explain why he had demoted Nie Sangyu from main wife to concubine? You’re supposed to give a sweet date after slapping someone, but wasn’t he giving this sweet date far too late?

Ji Man internally rolled her eyes, but she still slightly opened her eyes and looked at the man by the bed.

It was easy for a woman to fall under Marquis Moyu’s spell when he was treating her gently and warmly. Just like right now, he was looking at her with his eyes full of tender feelings. His slender hand with distinct joints reached out and brushed her still wet hair to the side.

He was an incomparable gentleman that possessed the elegance of white jade. 

If it were Nie Sangyu in this body, she would instantly succumb to his seduction and forget the various wrong things that Marquis Moyu had done. She would even speak up in his favor when old madame returned.

But, Ji Man’s zodiac sign was the Scorpio and she was especially good at holding grudges. Even though the person in front of her was unreasonably attractive and gentle, she still wouldn’t forget who had been responsible for punishing her.

“Sangyu understands what the marquis is saying.” Although her heart bore grudges, she still had to outwardly pretend that she was touched by his words and actions. “Sangyu doesn’t blame the marquis. Sangyu’s current state is just the result of reaping the consequences of my actions.” Choosing to marry a man like this, it truly was Nie Sangyu suffering the consequences of her actions!

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Marquis Moyu’s eyes showed a slight puzzlement. “You seemed to have changed a lot since Wan-er married into this household.” She had changed so much that she didn’t resemble the previous Nie Sangyu at all.

Ji Man faintly smiled. “It’s because Sangyu understands now. Sangyu won’t be able to snatch anything back through hysterical actions and doesn’t want to try anymore. Sangyu only hopes to live a peaceful life and won’t chase after something that can’t be obtained.”

Ning Yuxuan froze in surprise. A piece of his heart felt as if it was being lightly twisted.

Everyone in the capital knew about Nie Sangyu’s crazily foolish love towards him. This woman always looked at him with a fervent and longing gaze. She was always waiting for him. She had tried countless laughable tricks in order to gain his favor.

But now, she has said that she wouldn’t chase after something that couldn't be obtain.

He couldn’t describe the emotions that were being crammed into him. Ning Yuxuan somewhat ashamedly turned his head. Then, he thought of why he had come here and his expression returned to normal. “It’s good that you understand. I’ll keep you company during the next two days. This courtyard doesn’t have a name yet. What do you want to name it?”

Keeping her company for two days? Ji Man’s eyes turned. She had guessed correctly. He was only giving her sweet dates because old madame was coming back.

“This courtyard is quiet and peaceful. Let’s call it Feiwan* Courtyard.”

* T/N: Feiwan literally means not late. It's part of this idiom, "Shi zhi dongyu, shou zi sangyu, wei shi feiwan". It’s a Chinese idiom that means, the earlier years have already passed, but if you learn from those experiences and make a determined effort, it’s not too late for the second half of your life. Also the sangyu in that idiom is the same Chinese characters as Nie Sangyu’s first name.

Ning Yuxuan was surprised again. Shi zhi dongyu, shou zi sangyu, wei shi fei wan. When did Nie Sangyu have feelings like these?

The more time passed, the more he didn’t understand this woman. He used to think she was hopelessly foolish, but now he felt that she was very intelligent.

Seeing his expression, Ji Man smiled, “My lord, are you thinking about why this servant has suddenly become so clever?”

Marquis Moyu took a deep breath and against her expectations, he laughed. “Can you read my mind?”

Ji Man shook her head, “Your expression was too obvious. My lord, have you heard of a certain phrase before?”


Ji Man smiled and said, “A woman behaves the most foolishly when she’s in love.”

It took a while before Ning Yuxuan understood the meaning of her words. His expression immediately sunk. “Nie Sangyu, do you know that your words are violating the seven laws?”

T/N: The seven ancient laws and excuses a man can use to divorce his wife are: not obedient to the in-laws, childless, adultery, jealousy, disease, excessive gossiping, and theft.

Was she telling him that she had become clever because she no longer loved him?

Ji Man lightly laughed, "My lord, you’re the only person that Sangyu has ever loved in this lifetime. Whereas you…”

These were lines that Nie Sangyu would say later in the novel. It should be okay if she said these words a little bit earlier, right?

Marquis Moyu froze in surprise and stayed silent. The room immediately became quiet and Ji Man closed her eyes.

Muxu brought the medicine into the room and quietly said, “My lord, the medicine has been prepared.”

Ning Yuxuan returned to his senses and reached out to take the bowl of medicine. He scooped up a spoonful and blew on it to cool down. “You should drink this medicine before doing anything else.”

Ji Man nodded, but when she saw that spoonful of black-looking medicine approaching her mouth, she wasn’t as calm anymore. “My lord, this servant can drink this medicine myself. You don’t need be so courteous. Sangyu won’t blame you for anything.”


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