ChongFei Manual Ch 166.3

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 166.3 out of 171

It was just rain. What could possibly go wrong? Wei Chang Hong glanced at Wei Luo. Her intention was extremely obvious, even a blind person would be able to see. A moment later, Wei Chang Hong looked away. Holding the umbrella, he rather helplessly said, “Okay, I’ll send her home.”

Wei Luo smiled. She reminded him again, “Be careful on the way there. Don’t rush.”

Wei Chang Hong mounted the horse, opened the double-ring oilpaper umbrella, and tightened his legs around the horse to urge it towards the carriage. He said to the driver, “Let’s go.”

Hearing his words, the carriage driver raised the whip and directed the horse in the direction towards Duke Zhen’s residence.

Inside the carriage, Gao Qing Yang had heard Wei Luo and Wei Chang Hong’s conversation and wasn’t quite sure of Wei Luo’s intention. A while later, she lifted up the corner of the curtain and saw Wei Chang Hong riding a horse near the carriage. The rain was falling fast and heavy. It had already soaked one side of his sleeves, but his handsome face was still unhurriedly looking straight ahead.

Gao Qing Yang contemplated for a while before saying, “My home isn’t far away from here. I don’t need you to come with me. You can go home.”

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Hearing her words, Wei Chang Hong finally turned his head to look at her. Separated by a curtain of rain, she couldn’t clearly see Wei Chang Hong’s expression. His voice was mixed with the clamminess of the rain and the pure smoothness of spring water as he slowly said, “If I go back now, I can only ride my horse back. If I come with you to Duke Zhen’s residence, I can ride inside the carriage to go back home. Tell me, which option do you think I’ll choose?”

Fine, so it was because of this carriage. Gao Qing Yang felt as if she had worried over nothing. She put down the curtain and peacefully sat back down. She didn’t pay attention the person outside again.

The carriage quickly reached Duke Zhen’s residence. This rain had come rapidly and had also left rapidly. In the time it would take to burn an incense stick, the rain had decreased significantly until there were only leftover raindrops.

Gao Qing Yang held her servant girl’s hand for support as she came down from the carriage. She glanced towards Wei Chang Hong and said, “Thank you, Sir Wei.”

Wei Chang Hong sat on the horse as he expressionlessly looked at her without saying a word.

So rude. Gao Qing Yang understood his natural disposition and didn’t lower herself to argue with him. She took the umbrella that the servant girl handed to her and started to walk into Duke Zhen’s residence.

But, just as she had taken one step, she heard a noisy clamor behind her. It was followed by someone yelling, “Miss, be careful!”

Gao Qing Yang turned her head to look and saw a black horse rushing towards her. The horse seemed to have suffered from a shock and couldn’t be controlled. As it charged in her direction, it shook off the servants that tried to stop it. Gao Qing Yang was too startled and only instinctively fell backwards two steps, but it wasn’t enough to avoid the horse. She could only watch as the horse lifted up its front legs and strike them down at her body –

“Miss!” A servant girl called out.

Gao Qing Yang also felt she was definitely going to die. Even if she didn’t die, she would definitely be trampled and become a cripple. Her face was deathly pale and she even forgot to close her eyes. She saw a handsome and tall figure riding a horse forward. He nimbly jumped onto the horse that had lost control and tightly grabbed the reins with both of his hands to turn the horse around. The horse’s hooves heavily landed near Gao Qing Yang’s side and splashed her with mud.

The previously rampaging horse now obediently stood still under Wei Chang Hong’s control.

Sitting on the horse, Wei Chang Hong lowered his eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. He rather disdainfully asked, “Why didn’t you avoid it?”

If there had been the slightest deviation just now, she might have lost her life.

Wei Chang Hong looked at Gao Qing Yang. Perhaps, it was because she had been extremely terrified by the recent event. She wasn’t showing her usually calm and composed expression. Her face was deathly pale and her red lips were tightly pressed. Although the rain had stopped, there were still large and small puddles on the road. The mud from the horse’s movement had splashed her body, including her face. Her small, exquisite face looked rather wretched, but her eyes were astonishingly bright.

Wei Chang Hong didn’t know why, but he felt that Gao Qing Yang’s ridiculous appearance looked slightly cute. It was much more pleasing to look at than her normal appearance.

Gao Qing Yang slowly stood up from the ground.

Her servant girl anxiously rushed over to look her over. In a sobbing tone, she asked, “Miss, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?” After Gao Dang Yang had married, Gao Qing Yang became Duke Zhen and his wife’s most beloved daughter. If anything happened to her, she wouldn’t be able to keep her life.

Gao Qing Yang shook her head. She looked at Wei Chang Hong for a moment before saying, “Thank you, Sir Wei.” This time, her tone was sincere.

Wei Chang Hong jumped down from the horse. He lightly said, “No need.” Then, he handed the reins to a servant that had just come over.

The servant was extremely grateful towards him and repeatedly thanked him.

Not long after, inside the residence, Duke Zhen and his wife heard what had happened outside and hastily rushed over here. They genuinely expressed their thanks to Wei Chang Hong, then they commanded that the servant, who had been responsible for watching over the horse, be punished by being beaten twenty times with a rod and lose three months of salary. Duke Zhen and his wife also warmly invited Wei Chang Hong to come into their home.

But, Wei Chang Hong only silently raised a hand in acknowledgement before mounting his horse and riding away.

Duke Zhen and his wife were still in an undecided and panicked state. Gao Qing Yang held them for support as she walked inside.

Duchess Zhen couldn’t help praising Wei Chang Hong, “Sir Wei is truly an outstanding youth. Not only is he handsome, he’s also very talented.”

Gao Qing Yang silently followed them, but the recent image of Wei Chang Hong on the horse flashed through her mind. He had looked down on her from above as his wide sleeves were blown by the wind. His handsome eyebrows had been deeply furrowed as he very disapprovingly asked her, “Why didn’t you avoid it?

Gao Qing Yang had always thought he was an ignorant and incompetent person, a lounge lizard that used five minerals powder. But, in that moment, she felt that Wei Chang Hong’s figure was tall and handsome. Gao Qing Yang took out a silk handkerchief to wipe the mud from her face. In her mind, she thought it would be the better if she found the time to go to Duke Ying’s residence to say thank you again.


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