The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 026

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 026 out of 513 – Not too late for Sangyu (1)

At first, Mu Shuqing was startled by her question. Then, her expression turned ugly. “Don’t say nonsense. Who wants to push you?!”

Ji Man faintly smiled. She stretched her hand out and touched the cool water that would soon seep into her bones. She braced herself and said, “If you’re afraid of doing it, then let me do it.”

After she finished her words, her crouched body fell forward, followed the cobblestones that lined the side of the pond, and rolled into Feiyu Courtyard’s cold autumn pond.

Mu Shuiqing was dumbstruck. Although there had been a momentary impulse of wanting to push Nie Sangyu into the pond and she had been standing behind her, she wouldn’t have actually dared to do so. Even if the marquis disliked Nie Sangyu, the marquis would definitely get mad if she pushed her into the pond at this juncture in time. As soon as she had slightly calmed down, she knew that she couldn’t go through with this.

But, Nie Sangyu had actually fallen into the water herself? Didn’t she know that if she got sick, she wouldn’t be able to serve the marquis? Or, did she hate her to the point that she would give up the opportunity to serve the marquis in order to harm her? Mu Shuiqing gritted her teeth and looked at the Nie Sangyu struggling in the pond. She didn’t think about calling for help. Since she was already being framed, then she would let that woman stay in the cold water!

The water level in the pond didn’t go past a person’s waist. Normally, Ji Man could just stand up, but her leg had become cramped. In addition, the bottom of the pond was full of silt. She could only struggle to sit with a painful expression.

“Nie Sangyu, do you think that the marquis will blame me if you play this type of trick?” Mu Shuiqing said with false confidence. “I’ll tell him that you fell into the water on purpose.”

Ji Man choked on her saliva. A moment of instability and she had to struggle to sit back up again. Her entire body was soaked wet. She was so cold that her face became pallid. “Have someone save me first.”

“Do you really think I’m going to save a malevolent woman like you?” Flustered and exasperated, Mu Shuiqing said, “If you drown, everyone in the residence will be happier!”

Ji Man’s teeth began to chatter from the cold. She could only tenaciously cling to the side of the pond. “H-hurry save me!”

“In your dreams!” Mu Shuiqing turned around and was about to leave. This had nothing to do with her. She wouldn't let herself be framed for this!

But as soon as she turned around, Mu Shuiqing was dumbstruck. Marquis Moyu had happened to pass by here through an opening in the garden. From far away, he had seen her and was walking towards here.

What should she do? The marquis had already seen them about to leave. If the marquis saw the person in the pond, then she wouldn’t be able to wash clean her reputation even if she jumped into the Yellow River.

Mu Shuiqing felt panicked and anxious as she clutched her handkerchief.

Ning Yuxuan thought her behavior was strange. Why was she just standing there with such a panic-stricken expression?

When he walked closer, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Mu Shuiqing’s body had started to tremble. With great difficulty, she forced herself to smile, said there was nothing wrong, and started to lead the marquis away from here. But, there was the suddenly the unexpected sound of falling water coming from the pond behind them.

Ning Yuxuan curiously raised his eyebrows and looked past Mu Shuiqing and toward the pond.

“My lord…” Ji Man weakly waved her hand at him.

Ning Yuxuan’s face sunk. He strode over and personally pulled Nie Sangyu out from the pond.

The water splashed all over his body. Marquis Moyu’s eyebrows were deeply furrowed. “What happened?”

Nie Sangyu’s hair was disheveled and her entire body was soaked. Her lips had even turned almost white. She actually looked somewhat pitiful.

“This has nothing to do with this servant!” Mu Shuiqing hurriedly shouted. “She jumped into the pond herself!”

For a moment, Marquis Moyu’s body stiffened. But in the end, he still hugged Nie Sangyu. The weather was chilly. She would definitely get seriously sick if she continued to stand her.

Ji Man widened her eyes. She hadn’t expected that this person would be willing to hug her. Her body suddenly felt warm and for an inexplicable reason, tears started falling from her eyes. But, it was mixed with pond water, so no one else notice. Ah, these were Nie Sangyu’s tears. When she saw Ning Yuxuan, her tears would be especially numerous.

“It’s probably because I was feeling too depressed, so I jumped into the pond.” Ji Man’s teeth were still chattering. After she grabbed Marquis Moyu’s clothes as she said these words, the chilly wind blew by and her mind started to become muddled.

“You!” Mu Shuiqing fiercely looked at Nie Sangyu.

Behind Mu Shuiqing, Banxia also wasn’t willing to let things stand as they were. She said, “Clearly, Master Sang jumped into the water to frame my master. My lord, please investigate this matter.”

Marquis Moyu didn’t say anything. He sharply looked at Mu Shuiqing for a long time, until she felt unbearably wronged.

“Summon a doctor to the courtyard on the east side.” After flinging down these words, Ning Yuxuan picked Nie Sangyu up in a bridal carry, turned around, and left.

Mu Shuiqing clutched her handkerchief and stood in place for a long time. She almost cried, but in the end, she gritted her teeth and stopped herself. She sent Banxia to get a doctor and followed after Marquis Moyu towards the small courtyard by herself.

Ji Man leaned against the man’s chest with her eyes closed. Not mentioning anything else, his embrace felt very stable. Although he was walking very quickly, it didn’t feel too bumpy. His stable hold made her feel very at ease.

She hadn’t expected that Ning Yuxuan would suddenly appear. This man usually avoided Nie Sangyu like she was a poisonous serpent or scorpion. There was something off about this.

At some point later, her body was placed down on a cushioned couch and she heard Muxu crying out in alarm. It seemed as if Marquis Moyu had told Muxu to change her clothes, then he carried her over to her bed. The doctor had also arrived.

“Master Sang is in shock from falling into water. In addition, her health is poor. I’m afraid that she’ll get sick from this.” As the doctor wrote out a prescription, he said, “In the short-term, she won’t be able to attend to bed duties.”

Marquis Moyu’s brow relaxed before tensing again. He looked at the nearby Mu Shuiqing, “Qing-er, I thought you were a sensible person.”

Mu Shuiqing immediately kneeled on the ground. She clenched her teeth and said, “This servant really didn’t do anything. This servant swears on my life!”

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