The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 028

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 028 out of 513 – The honorable pestilence god is here (1)

Ning Yuxuan’s hand paused and the corners of his eyes slightly went up before he looked at her and said with a smile, “At the very least, you’ve been with me for six years. It’s only natural that I’ll feed you medicine, right?

Ji Man lightly nodded while thinking, en, so you do know that Nie Sangyu has been with you for the past six years. Why didn’t you remember those six years when you were punishing her? If she didn’t have strong willpower, she might not have been able to endure it and would have taken her last breath during that beating.

But, right now, those six years had nothing to do with the current issue. The problem was that she hated the taste of herbal medicine. Capsule pills were much easier to swallow down. Drinking this bitter concoction was simply asking for her life!

After Marquis Moyu had brought that spoonful of medicine to her lips, Ji Man hesitated for a long time before she finally took a deep breath and swallowed it down in one gulp.

Ning Yuxuan wanted to laugh when he saw her scrunched up face. While he stirred the medicine, he asked, “Why are you so afraid of bitterness?”

Ji Man couldn’t stop herself from rolling her eyes. Who wasn’t afraid of bitterness? Anyone that could calmly drink herbal medicine like it was chicken soup wasn’t human, okay?

After Ji Man finally finished the bowl of medicine with great difficulty, she had Muxu bring over a piece of candy. She sucked on the candy for a long time before the bitter taste of the medicine faded from her mouth.

“The doctor said you can’t accompany me in sleeping.” Marquis Moyu put down the bowl and spoke as if he was bestowing her a gift, “So, I’ll go over to Wan-er’s room to sleep, okay?”

Ji Man said with a smile, “This servant truly can’t serve you in my current condition. My lord, you should go over to Madam’s place.”

Although she was smiling, she still had to show a suitable expression with her eyes. She deeply looked at the man with an unwilling expression that was full of grievances.

Marquis Moyu hesitated for a moment before saying, “You like wild roses, right? How about I have the servants plant some of wild roses in this courtyard tomorrow?”

Ji Man lightly nodded, “Many thanks, my lord.”

She looked down. Her eyes still showed grievances.

He wanted to go to the female lead’s place to sleep without worries? Sure, you can leave once your groveling satisfies me! While Ji Man silently criticized him, her outward expression became increasingly desolate.

Ning Yuxuan thought things over. He had come here to coax Nie Sangyu. He couldn’t just give up halfway. He gnashed his teeth and said, “After you recover from your illness, I’ll come to your room. Okay?”

Ji Man almost chocked on her saliva. She secretly pinched her thigh underneath the quilt. With her lips slightly twitching, she said, “Thank you, my lord…”

Why didn’t she quit when she was ahead? She might as well have picked up a stone to drop on her feet. If he came back here, she would have to make herself sick again!

Marquis Moyu felt that Nie Sangyu was probably satisfied. If she still wasn’t satisfied, then she was being insatiably greedy. Seeing that she looked very tired, he didn’t want to continue staying here. He left Feiwan Courtyard in a pretty decent mood and he headed towards Qiangwei Courtyard.

The madams in other families did absolutely everything that they could in order to obtain their husbands’ doting, but his wife was doing everything possible to make him bestow favor on other women. What exactly was going on in her head? As Ning Yuxuan entered Qiangwei Courtyard with a sigh, it happened to be evening. He could have good night's sleep here before having to deal with Nie Sangyu tomorrow.

But, as soon as he entered the room, Wen Wan’s expression didn’t look good anymore. “My lord, why did you return?”

“Sangyu fell into the water and couldn’t serve me. She agreed for me to come back.” Ning Yuxuan said with a slight smile.

Wen Wan’s forehead furrowed even more, “How did she fall into water?”

“She and Qing-er were at the pond in the garden this afternoon. I’m not sure what happened either.” Marquis Moyu said, “Perhaps, it was because Qing-er had an impulsive moment.”

Wen Wan pushed away his hand and said in a quiet voice, “My lord, Old Madame will be coming back the day after tomorrow. It won’t be good if you keep staying over here with me.”

Ning Yuxuan’s smile dimmed. “You’re still going to drive me away?”

Wen Wan bit her lip. “My lord, you wouldn’t want Old Madame to dislike me, right? We already agreed that during the next two days…”

Ning Yuxuan’s smile completely disappeared and he took his hand back. He stared at Wen Wan for a long time before finally saying, “I understand.”

After saying those two words, he turned around and left Qiangwei Courtyard.

Wen Wan blankly looked at his departing back figure. She bit her lip as her eyes started to redden. “Tanxiang, am I acting insensibly? He loves me so much…”

Tanxiang stood by her side and said with a sigh, “Master’s demeanor is how a main wife should act. There wasn’t anything wrong with what you did. Once the marquis understands this, he’ll only like you more.”

There wasn’t a woman that could truly be willing to give her man to another woman. Wen Wan’s heart felt bad. She sat by her dressing table and couldn’t choke back her sobs.


Just as Ji Man decided to have a good night’s sleep, she saw Ning Yuxuan coming back with an unhappy and gloomy expression on his face. He was radiating an aura of “don’t you dare provoke me”. After coming inside, he went straight to her bed and sat down.

Ji Man swallowed her saliva and decided to not ask any questions. She didn’t have any strange fondness of rushing forward to become someone’s punching bag. Even without asking, she knew that the Holy Mother, Wen Wan, must have spurned him.

“Muxu, go ask Steward Qian for a quilt and pillow and prepare the cushioned couch for the marquis to use.”

Muxu nodded. She lifted her skirt and withdrew from the room.

Marquis Moyu slightly raised his eyebrows. “How do you know that I’m going to sleep here?”

“This servant doesn’t know anything.” Ji Man hurriedly shook her head. “But, it’s late. It’ll be tiring for the marquis to take another walk. Just put up with sleeping here for a night.”

“You’re being surprisingly considerate.” Ning Yuxuan suddenly smiled and looked at her with a curious gaze.

Ji Man closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.


T/N: Lol, Ji Man, you shouldn't play a game of chicken with Ning Yuxuan when he thinks the thing you want the most is him. Now, you're stuck with him for the next two days.

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