The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 029

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Chapter: 029 out of 513 – The honorable pestilence god is here (2)

Marquis Moyu had the day off on the next day. Instead of leaving to go somewhere else, he stayed in Feiwan Courtyard to read books. Ji Man had originally planned to invite Miss Shui over to discuss the store’s pertinent matters. However, she didn’t dare to do anything with this great Buddha sitting here.

Various varieties of wild roses were quickly brought over and planted in her courtyard until the place was full of these pink and white flowers.

Ji Man was recovering from her cold and couldn’t go outside. As she looked at those flowers through the window, she felt a burst of joy. Next time, she would be able to make wild rose cold cream. These raw materials were entirely free. Other than these free flowers, the other ingredients cost five silver coins per large box. Each large box sold for ten silver taels. She would be able to earn a crazy amount of money.

When Marquis Moyu looked up, he saw a side view of Nie Sangyu slightly smiling and somewhat lost in thought. When this girl was quiet and not causing trouble or clinging to him, she was actually quite beautiful.

Noticing his gaze, Ji Man turned her head and their eyes met. The eyes across from her suddenly showed a slight amount of interest.

Ji Man twitched her lips. This promiscuous and fickle man was like a stud horse. Only foolish women from ancient times would be able to tolerate him.

“I heard that your older brother recently received the emperor’s appreciation and received three days of vacation. Do you want me to invite him over to see you?” Ning Yuxuan suddenly said.

Startled, she instinctively said, “No need.”

The interest in Ning Yuxuan’s eyes deepened. “En? Why not? Whenever you suffered grievances in the past, your favorite thing to do was to invite Sir Nie over to visit you.”

Was he suspicious about something? Goosebumps rose on Ji Man’s back. She felt that his smile looked far too sinister.

“This servant hasn’t suffered any grievance.” Ji Man quickly thought of an excuse, “This servant just doesn’t want my older brother to worry by seeing my current unfavorable situation.”

“Sir Nie should already know about your current situation. There’s nothing for you to worry about.” Ning Yuxuan closed his book and said with a light smile, “I happen to be free this afternoon. I’ll send a messenger to invite him here now. He can also drink wine with me while he’s here.”

Oh no.

Ji Man’s face stiffened. She turned around to continue looking at the outside scenery. She had no idea how Nie Sangyu used to interact with Nie Qingyun. Ning Yuxuan was already suspecting her. If Nie Qingyun also felt that there was something wrong with her, would they think she was a demon? Were they going to tie her up and burn her to death?

While Ji Man thought of a way to respond to this problem, she turned her head to look at Muxu through the window. That girl had been standing outside the door this entire time in order to give them privacy.

She shouted, “Muxu, come inside and help me outside to look at the wild roses.”

“No, you’re not allowed to go outside.” Marquis Moyu opened his mouth to stop her, “You’re still sick. You can’t be exposed to the wind. If you want to look at the flowers, you can see them from here.”

The corner of Ji Man’s mouth slightly twitched. She couldn’t even go outside to speak with Muxu. Was this pestilence god planning on staying by her side to constantly watch her? Then, what should she do?

When she had originally read this light novel, she had skimmed through the book and only read motional scenes. Everything else was a completely mystery to her. She knew nothing about Nie Qingyun’s personality.

Her eyes turned a full circle. She couldn’t think of a good solution. Anyways, she was sick. She would go straight to acting weak and start crying as soon as she saw Nie Qingyun.

Having settled on this idea, Ji Man held her forehead and lied down on her bed. “My lord, now that you mentioned it, this servant is feeling woozy. This servant will rest for a bit first.”

Ning Yuxuan curved his lips and nodded, “En.”

This wasn’t the first time he felt suspicious. He didn’t believe that a person’s innate temperament could change this much in a short period of time. Although Liu Mama had been spying on her this entire time, what if someone had figured out a way to switch Nie Sangyu with someone else? Not only was Nie Clan’s status high, Nie Sangyu was also an important chess piece to maintaining the balance in the imperial household. If someone had kidnapped her, it would be problematic.

The only method that would put him at ease was to let Nie Qingyun come and see her.


Ning Qingyun had always spoiled his younger sister. When he heard about her news, he quickly came over. He even rode a horse here. As soon as he arrived at Feiwan Courtyard, he furrowed his brow. “Sangyu is sick?”

The smell of medicine hadn’t faded from the room. Of course, this was because Ji Man had deliberately spilled some of the medicine when she was drinking it recently.

“En, it was because of the cold weather.” Marquis Moyu was sitting by the bedside. With a gentle expression, he said, “I told her to properly drink medicine, but she wouldn’t.”

Ji Man didn’t dare to open her eyes and continued to pretend to be sleeping. But, someone suddenly pinched her waist. Caught off guard, she couldn’t help screaming, “Ahh!”

Nie Qingyun hurriedly walked forward. With his brow furrowed, he said, “What’s wrong?”

With a perfectly calm face, Ning Yuxuan comforted her, “Did you have a nightmare?”

Ji Man clenched her teeth and opened her eyes. First, she silently cursed at Ning Yuxuan. Then, she looked at the older brother that had been continuously looked at her with concern.

Ning Yuxuan was born with a healthy body, a straight nose, and clear and open facial features. One glance would show that he was a good person. While Ji Man looked at him, she pinched herself in the same spot that Ning Yuxuan had recently pinched her. She tearfully looked at him, “Older brother…”

Nie Qingyun sighed. “Everything had been perfectly fine. Why did you do this to yourself?”

Ji Man only sobbed, clutched the hem of Nie Qingyun’s clothes, and didn’t let go. “I dreamed about mother.”

Nie Sangyu’s mother had died very early. This was why Nie Qingyun’s mother had been promoted to position of main wife. Nie Qingyun felt that Sangyu was very pitiful, so he always protected her. He had fully taken on a parent’s responsibility towards her.

Hearing these words, Nie Qingyun glanced at Marquis Moyu. There was a question and also a slight amount of dissatisfaction in his eyes when he looked at him. “The marquis is here. And you still dreamed about your mother?”

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