I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 018

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 18 - Do you have a younger sister named Ye Zhen? (1)

Ye Zhen had to admit that Lu Beichuan's skills had been very good in her dream. She had been satisfied.

Although she was a hedonist, she couldn't blindly seek pleasure. Happiness couldn't be lumped together. For example, under the current circumstances, Lu Beichuan wasn't an acceptable partner. She would be happier if he remained unable to walk.

"Mr. Lu, I'll tell you the truth. If it wasn't because my dad's company was on the verge of bankruptcy and needed assistance, I wouldn't have married you. Moreover, the original intention behind the marriage was only to bring you good luck. Since you're already awake now, there's no reason for me to continue staying in the Lu Family." Ye Zhen paused. "More importantly, I have someone I like."

"You have someone you like?" Lu Beichuan's eyes narrowed. His tone wasn't good.

Although he knew that the woman in front of him was full of nonsense, and she said words that she didn't mean, his emotions were still agitated.

"Yes, the person I like is called Lin Zhan. If it wasn't because of you, I would have already married Lin Zhan." Ye Zhen looked at him. When she mentioned the past, her eyes held an unclear pain.

Lin Zhan was the male lead in Newly Wed, Misplaced Kindness. He was the great villain's younger half-brother. They shared the same father. He and his mother had been mutually dependent on each other since his childhood. Because he was an illegitimate child, he grew up receiving a lot of dirty looks and verbal abuse. He and Ye Qing were truly in love with each other.

After Lin Zhan's mother died, it was precisely when Ye Qing was forced to marry Lu Beichuan. Faced with Ye Qing's tears, Lin Zhan decided to run away with Ye Qing. He left the area that he had lived in for over twenty years to start a new life with her.

Moreover, Ye Zhen wasn't lying. The reason that the novel's Ye Zhen utterly hated Ye Qing was because these two sisters had fallen in love with the same man. It wasn't unexpected that these two sisters would have a falling out because of love.

Ye Zhen knew that she had horribly offended the great villain, Lu Beichuan, by telling him this. He was a person that stood by his word. For him to hear that his wife had someone else in her heart, there could be no greater insult.

First, there was no love between them. Second, there was nothing keeping them together, so why bother with staying together?

However, Lu Beichuan indulgently smiled and quietly said, "I'll allow you to say these words in front of me this one time. Do you understand?"

Lu Beichuan had an attractive face with prominent facial features. When he was coldly indifferent, he had a gloomy aura that made it hard for people to get close. But, when he smiled, Ye Zhen was almost swayed by his overwhelming valiant spirit.

Ye Zhen deeply sighed. "Mr. Lu, this matter concerns your future. You don't understand me at all. You shouldn't be so careless. I hope that you can clearly think things through."

Lu Beichuan nodded. "I'll carefully think about this. But, before I finish considering, you're still be wife. I hope that you can carry out the responsibilities and duties between a husband and wife."

"The responsibilities... and duties between a husband and wife?" Ye Zhen pursed her lips.

Both husband and wife had the duty to procreate.

Knocking was heard outside the door before William entered the room.  He courteously said to Ye Zhen, "Miss Ye, I have to give Mr. Lu a private examination to check on his reproductive organs. Can you go downstairs and wait?"

Ye Zhen was eager to leave the room. She quickly nodded, took a step back, and closed the door on her way out.

William was an American citizen with Chinese ancestry. He was one quarter British. His facial features were more exquisite and defined than the average Chinese person. Under the influence of his family and environment, he easily learned proper, good manners.

He casually sat down on Lu Beichuan's bed like they were old friends and didn't show any trace of the reserved mannerism that he displayed in front of the rest of the Lu Family.

He swept his gaze over Lu Beichuan's legs and said, "Don't worry. Your legs will be fully healed within half a month."

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