I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 019

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 19  - Do you have a younger sister named Ye Zhen? (2)

There wasn't any hint of worry on Lu Beichuan's face. He expressionlessly nodded.

William couldn't help furrowing his brow when he saw Lu Beichuan’s unconcerned expression. After checking that the door was tightly closed, he lowered his voice and said, "Didn't we agree that you would wait until your body was fully recovered before "waking up"? I told you to exercise patience and wait half a month. Why did you suddenly do this today? I was totally caught off guard!"

"Look at yourself, you're still half-paralyzed. Even if you wake up, what can you do? But, your dad is different. Half of a month will be enough time for your dad to monopolize the company."

After speaking to this point, William's couldn't control his anger; it went bubbling up. "This is unintentionally alerting the enemy! The past half year's arrangements are going to be wasted!"

Lu Beichuan didn't refute or say anything. He gently stroked the shallow marks on his wrist. William couldn't comprehend the confidence that Lu Beichuan felt. For him, victory was within his grasp.

"I can't understand you guys. How can a father and son be willing to kill each other for money and power?!"

Lu Beichuan indifferently glanced at him. He pointed out his mistake, "We're not mutually trying to kill each other. He planned for me to be in that car accident. I haven't done anything to him yet."

Gritting his teeth, William said, "You'll strike back sooner or later! You're the type of person who would seek revenge for the smallest grievance. Just because you beat up my rival for me one time back when we were studying in England, you're expecting me to do your every bidding now."

Lu Beichuan smiled. "Since you know I'll retaliate eventually, why are you asking me why I woke up half a month earlier than planned?"

William icily looked at him. "As your doctor, I have the right to know your plans so that I can design the next part of your physical therapy. Before, you wouldn't listen to my advice and got out of bed several times. I stressed this point to you several times. Although you're capable of walking, you haven't fully recovered. If you force yourself to stand up, it will only do more harm than good. I'll arrange for a specialist caretaker to help you perform daily exercises for recovery."

"Alright, I know."

William pushed down his anger. "Lastly, there's something else I have to tell you."

Lu Beichuan questioningly looked at him.

"Your father has been looking for someone. From what I know, he's your younger half-brother. His name is Lin Zhan."

Hearing this name, Lu Beichuan's expression sunk. His gaze was as sharp as knives when he looked at William. "Who?"

"Lin Zhan." William told him all of the information he had acquired, "His mother is one of your father's lovers. A while ago, after your father's lover died, your younger brother left with a woman. But, there's a matter that's quite interesting."

Lu Beichuan looked at him.

"The woman that your brother left with looks exactly the same as Ye Qing. Based on my investigation, Lin Zhan probably left with a woman named Ye Zhen. Ye Zhen and your wife, Ye Qing, are identical twins. Ye Qing is the older sister, and Ye Zhen is the younger sister."

"Ye Zhen?" Lu Beichuan raised his eyebrows. "Her name is Ye Zhen?"

Lu Beichuan thought of his little wife. She had told him fragments of information when she was at his bedside and massaging him. Once she had said, "I'm twenty-two years old. I've never been in a relationship or lived for myself before. I don't even know how it happened really, but I took my older sister's place in marrying you to bring you good luck. I do my best to serve you, but look, there's no place for me in this family."

Took her older sister's place in marrying him?

Lu Beichuan continued stroking the marks on his wrist.

How interesting.

"There's nothing you want to say?"

"What's there to say? He's just an illegitimate child."

"Illegitimate children can have inheritance rights too!"

Lu Beichuan scoffed, "If it's something I don't want to give away, other people shouldn't even try to imagine taking even the tiniest bit from my hands."

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