Fortunate Wife - Ch 0183

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 183 - Feeling bad (6)

"Let's not do this," Li Mo expressionlessly refused.

Li Xiangyu immediately felt upset. She meaningfully looked at her younger sister. "Xiangcao, you should say something."

Li Xiangcao was originally unwilling, but she feared her older sister's temper... "Li Mo, how about you just agree to this? Agreeing won't be detrimental to our family. It'll be better if there's another woman in the family to look after you and your brothers. Moreover, Hehua is very capable. Whether it's at home or outside, she'll be useful to have around.

"Man-er is also very capable." Li Mo slightly lowered his head and slowly said, "Besides, she can handle the housework by herself. As for the work outside of the home, my brothers and I can handle it. There's no reason for her to get involved."

Incensed, Li Xiangyu abruptly stood up. "You've been talking around in circles because you don't want to the marriage with Hehua?"

Li Mo didn't want to anger her. He felt very helpless. "Big aunt, I already said that this marriage was impossible half a year ago. Big aunt, you don't know this, but third brother was ready to start a fight with Hehua as soon as he saw her. If she really married into this family, wouldn't they be fighting every day?"

"Why can't you just control him more? Besides, the past is the past. Once Hehua enters this family, she'll be you and your brothers’ wife. Even if Li Shu is a hoodlum, he wouldn't lay a hand on his wife," said Li Xiangyu confidently.

She smiled and continued, "What's that saying? Fighting and scolding is love. What's there to worry about if two young lovers fight and argue with each other? Also, you're not young anymore. You should be working on getting a child soon. That woman you purchased, with her petite figure, do you think she can have a child for you? Our Hehua is different. Look at her butt and thighs. She's clearly someone that will be good at child bearing. Big Aunt can guarantee that as long as she enters this family, you'll have a chubby baby by next year. Having two children in three years, there's no guarantee for that."

"I'm not in a hurry to have children," Li Mo answered, "You've seen our family's condition. It's only recently improved. Having children right now will be a burden."

Li Xiangyu's expression completely blackened. She shouted at him, "What do you think you're doing? Every word I say, you refute it. Who do you think Big Aunt is doing all this for? It's for you and your brother's benefit. I found a good wife for you and your brothers. Her family doesn't want any money and is even going to supply a dowry. Where else can you find such a good thing? Right now, you won't see eye to eye with me. Are you deliberating making things difficult for big aunt?"

"Big Aunt." By her side, Little Five gently tugged the edge of Li Xiangyu's clothes. His little face was scrunched up as he said, "I don't like that dark-skinned woman. Big Aunt, I don't want her to be my wife."

Li Xiangyu's forehead became even more wrinkled. "You're just a child playing house. What do you know about like and dislike?"

"I don't want her. I want older sister." Little Five rascally burrowed himself into her arms and started to cry.

The sound of his crying was very loud. Li Man could clearly his crying from the neighboring hut. Leaning on the bed, Li Man slightly pursed her lips into a smile as she heard the commotion. It hadn't been a waste for her to dote on that little imp.

As for Li Mo...

He had so bluntly rejected Hehua while praising her as a capable woman.

Li Man's face gradually warmed up. It felt as if sweetness was spouting in her heart.

T/N: If only Li Xiangyu realized that beauty will prevail over every other quality for teenage boys (and apparently little kids too).

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