Fortunate Wife - Ch 0177

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 177 – Giving her a hard time (6)

Hehua had been worrying about not having an opportunity to show off her skills. Hearing these words, she was overjoyed. "Sure, I'll go cook it right away."

But, Li Xiangyu was still unhappy. She stared at Li Man. "You don't even know how to cook a pig head. What can you do then?"

"Older sister, it's not like she's a chef at a restaurant. Not everyone knows how to cook this dish. I don't know either," said Li Xiangcao.

Li Xiangyu glared at her younger sister and scolded her. "You only know how to help other people. It was such a waste to raise you."

After saying this, Li Xiangyu left to coach Hehua.

Li Xiangcao apologetically looked at Li Man. "Sorry, this is so embarrassing."

Li Man shook her head. "It's okay. I'll go pick some vegetables. It won't be enough to just eat pig head meat. Meat has to be paired up with vegetables." Although her voice wasn't loud, it was enough for Li Xiangyu, who had just taken a step out of the kitchen.

Sure enough, Li Xiangyu paused. She turned her head and coldly glared at Li Man.

Li Man simply grinned at her. Her sweet lovable appearance stumped Li Xiangyu for a moment.

If they were competing based on looks, Li Man was infinitely better than Hehua.


It saved Li Man a lot of effort with someone else cooking the pig head meat. She went to the garden and picked two handfuls of string beans, thee small cucumbers, and enough leafy greens to fill a small basket. After Li Mo pumped up water from the well for her, she washed the vegetables and started to cook.

Little Five was tending the cooking fire below while she was responsible for cooking on the stovetop.

It was easy to cook the vegetarian dishes. It didn't take her long to finish cooking the leafy vegetables. She transferred them onto a small plate. The vegetables' vibrant green color looked very appetizing.

When Li Man was preparing to cook the string beans, Li Xiangyu popped up next to her. Startled, Li Man's heart palpitated. "Big aunt."

"Keep cooking." Li Xiangyu ordered with a cold face.

"Oh." Li Man secretly stuck out her tongue. Seeing that the big pot was heated up, she quickly poured oil into the pot.

However, this action provoked Li Xiangyu. She snatched the oil jar from Li Man. While scooping the oil out of the pot with a cooking utensil, she shouted, "Are you cooking vegetables or eating oil? Do you think this oil doesn't cost money? You're such a spendthrift."

Li Man blankly stood to the side. She saw that Li Xiangyu had poured back more than half of the sesame oil in the pot. There was barely any oil left in the bottom of the pot. She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Even if oil was expensive, they still had to use it for cooking.

As Li Xiangyu took the oil jar away, she shouted at Li Man, "Why are you just standing there? Pour in the vegetables. Are you waiting for the pot to burn?" 

Li Man felt a bit mad, but thinking about how Li Xiangyu was her elder, she decided that it was only right for her to be more accommodating towards her. Besides, Li Mo had already forewarned her. "En," she quietly said. She dumped the string beans into the pot and seriously worked on stir-frying.

Seeing that her cooking posture and movements were decent, Li Xiangyu sneered and didn't say anything else.

However, when Li Man was about to add salt, she spoke again, "Wait."

Then, she took the salt container from her and used a spoon to scoop out a little salt. "That'll be enough. Salt is also something that costs money."

Li Man was speechless. She really wanted to say; they might as well not any food at all. Rice and noodle flour cost money too.

At this moment, Little Five got up and said to Li Xiangyu, "Big aunt, the food doesn't taste good when there's not enough salt."

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