Fortunate Wife - Ch 0178

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 178 - Feeling bad (1)

Holding the salt container, Li Xiangyu admonishingly glared at Little Five. "You're only this big, and you already have such heavy taste. What's good about eating too much salt?"

"Older sister's cooking is always yummy," replied Little Five.

"Older sister? She's your wife." Li Xiangyu astutely captured this wording, then she glared at LI Man and asked, "Did you tell him to call you that?"

"Little Five is only a child." Li Man thought it was too outrageous to discuss this topic in front of Little Five. Besides, it wasn't a big deal that he called her older sister.

"So what if he's a child?" Li Xiangyu disdainfully stared at her. "No matter how young he is, he's still your husband. Don't forget. Our family purchased you." She said the last sentence heavily as if she was afraid Li Man wasn't aware of her status.

Of course, Li Man was angered by her last sentence. "If you think they made a bad purchase, you can have them return me."

After retorting, Li Man put down the cooking utensil. Then, she continued, "Are you cooking this food or am I cooking it? If you want to cook it, you can do it yourself. If I'm cooking, please put down the salt container. I know how much salt to use."

Li Xiangyu was infuriated by her attitude. She had originally thought Li Man was a weak-willed person based on her delicate appearance. She wasn’t expecting that Li Man would talk back to her.

"You wretched woman, are you chastising me?" Thud. The salt container was dropped on Li Man's foot. But then, in the blink of an eye, Li Xiangyu dropped to the floor in a sitting position and started to cry and howl, "Li Mo, quickly, come here and look. You wife wants to overturn the natural order of things. Look at what she did."

Li Man was utterly stunned. Was this the so-called making an unreasonable scene?

Li Mo and Li Xiangcao quickly ran into the kitchen.

"Older sister, what happened? Whatever you want to say, let's wait until you get up first." Even if Li Xiangcao didn't ask, she could guess what had happened. She quickly went over and wanted to help her older sister up.

However, Li Xiangyu pushed her away. She grabbed Li Mo's pants and pointed at Li Man. She shouted, "Li Mo, that wretched woman dared to chastise me. Beat her for me. Slap her mouth. Hurry up.”

Li Man blankly stared at Li Mo with innocent eyes. She saw that his face had turned livid, and her heart slightly clenched. Ancient people prioritized unquestioningly upheld filial piety. Li Mo's parents were no longer around, so his big aunt was his family's most respected elder. Would he listen to his aunt and hit her?

But, she hadn't started the argument or done anything wrong.

She subconsciously raised her head and stubbornly stared at Li Mo.

Li Mo lowered his head and saw the salt on her Li Mo's shoes. His brow slightly furrowed and he said to Li Xiangyu, "Big Aunt, come on, get up. The floor is cold."

Li Xiangcao tried to pull her sister up again, but her sister's body was sturdy. There was no way she could pull her older sister up against her wishes. "Older sister, what are you doing? Come on, get up. Don't scare Little Five."

However, Li Xiangyu saw that Li Mo wasn't doing anything. She harshly smacked his leg. "Rotten brat. You won't even listen to big aunt's words? Did you not hear my words? Slap that woman's mouth."

Li Mo's expression had sunk. He leaned over to pull Li Xiangyu up from the ground. "Big Aunt, let's talk after you stand up."

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