Fortunate Wife - Ch 0179

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 179 - Feeling bad (2)

"I won't stand up until you discipline this woman," After Li Xiangyu said this, she removed her younger sister and her oldest nephew's hands. Patting her thighs, she cried without tears. "My old face might as well be gone. I've been strong all my life, but today this ignorant girl verbally attacked me. Li Mo, ah. I only said that she used too much salt, and she used words to hurt me."

Hehua heard the commotion from outside. She rushed inside with the half pig head. "Aiyo, aunty, what's wrong? Who bullied you?" As she asked this, her eyes were already staring at Li Man.

Li Xiangcao swept her gaze over her. "It's none of your business. Go back outside and finish washing the pig head."

"I won't." Hehua tossed the pig head onto the stove, rolled up her sleeves, and rushed towards Li Man. "Was it you? What did you do to aunty? Ah -"

Just as her hand was about to touch Li Man, Li Mo grabbed it. One hard twist and a push later, Hehua bumped against the stove.

Hehua let out an exaggerated scream, "Ow!"

"Quiet!" Li Mo coldly reprimanded. He walked to Li Man's side and apologetically looked at her, then he half crouched down and gently swept the salt over her shoe.

"Are you okay?"

In a daze, Li Man shook her head. She was too surprised by his gentle and heartwarming behavior toward her.

Everyone else had similar reactions.

"Li Mo, what are you doing?" Li Xiangyu glared at him with widened eyes. She almost couldn't believe her own eyes. Her oldest nephew was usually the one that obeyed her the most. He was very filial towards her. But, today, he had chosen to help this outsider. Wasn't this the same as slapping her in the face?

Her eyes truly reddened this time. "Li Mo, you've really hurt me. Your old lady bullied me. I can't believe you would side with her and treat me like this. You have no conscience. Have you not thought about who's been helping you and your brothers all these years? Who's the one that's been supporting you in raising each of your brothers to adulthood? Ah? It's your big aunt. If it wasn't for big aunt, your family would have been scattered a long time ago. Now that you're all adults, you won't respect your elders. You're turning back on me. Isn't that right? Fine, I'll leave. Hehhua, let's go. Let's leave right now. I'll just treat all of this as having raised an ungrateful white-eyed wolf that turned around and bit me."

"Aunty, I twisted my waist. I can't walk." Hehua was leaning against the stove and rubbing her waist. She looked at Li Mo with a gaze that said she was unwilling to part from him.

Li Xiangyu harshly glared at him. "You idiot. With your qualifications, you can easily find another good family. If you can't leave, I'll leave by myself. You can all just stay here." After saying this, she headed out.

Li Mo quickly followed after her. "Big Aunt, what are you doing? You clearly know that wasn't my intention."

"What was your intention then?" Li Xiangyu stopped in the doorway and poked his forehead. She asked, "Your old lady is already putting herself above me, but you won't control her. Now that you have a wife, you're willing to discard even your big aunt. Has your conscience been eaten by a dog?"

"Big Aunt, you're probably misunderstanding. Man-er isn't that type of person," Li Mo helplessly explained.

Li Xiangyu spat out saliva onto his face as she ranted, "She's not that type of person? That must mean I'm that type of person. Do you see me as annoying troublemaker?"

Didn't that describe Li Xiangyu perfectly? On the side, Li Man couldn't stand watching this scene any long and meaningfully looked at Little Five.

Little Five understood. He quickly ran over and hugged Li Xiangyu's waist. Crying, he said, "Big Aunt, don't yell at oldest brother anymore. It's all Little Five's fault. Little Five shouldn't have asked for more salt to be added..."

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