I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child - Ch 017

Title: I’m Pregnant with the Villain’s Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 17 - A disability was great (3)

Mrs. Lu patted the back of Ye Zhen's hand. Smiling, she said, "Qingqing, if Beichuan dares to bully you, don't have any reservations. Tell mother-in-law. Mother-in-law will get justice for you!"

Ye Zhen smiled and didn't say anything.

Lu Beichuan leaned against the headboard and looked at Ye Zhen, who had her head lowered. From his viewpoint, he could see Ye Zhen's pale, slender, swan-like neck. When his gaze slid down her throat, he saw her clavicle which formed a lovely hollow. It was a curvature that inspired obsession.

For a long time, Lu Beichuan didn't say anything. He finally narrowed his eyes slightly and spat out one word from his throat, "En."

It could be considered acknowledging Ye Zhen's existence.

Mrs. Lu thoroughly put down her worried heart.

She knew that her son had his own way of thinking and intentions. When he wasn't willing, no one could force him to do anything, but once he agreed, it was even less likely for someone to forcefully change his mind.

"Since you agreed, once your health is better, let's have another wedding ceremony, so Qingqing can grandly marry into the Lu family as your wife."

On the side, Old Master Lu said, "Sure, and this matter will be given to you, the mother, to handle. Beichuan just woke up, so let's give him space to rest. Let's all leave."

"Alright, then the matter is settled," As Mother Lu said this, she patted Ye Zhen's hand again. Her words and eyes had a deeper meaning, "Stay here and keep Beichuan company."

If Mrs. Lu had the slightest amount of dislike towards Ye Zhen, she absolutely wouldn't have allowed her to remain here.

Ye Zhen wryly smiled in her mind, but her mouth could only agree.

After Old Master Lu and Mrs. Lu left, one after another, the crowd dispersed.

Ye Zhen had stood up and was standing by the bed. She was left with the fate of awkwardly facing the man that she had shared a bed with for a month.

This type of face-to-fact contact would thoroughly expose her. If she had an opportunity to leave the Lu family later, and the Lu family found and brought Ye Qing back, they would end up feeling suspicious. If that happened, she was afraid it would be difficult for her to escape the fate of being the villain's wife and fall to her doom.

She didn't say anything and neither did Lu Beichuan. He thoughtfully looked at her.

Underneath that gaze, it took a long time for Ye Zhen to stabilize her state of mind. She finally looked up and met Lu Beichuan's eyes.

"Actually, back then, grandfather.... Old Master Lu offered to save the Ye Family's business in return for me marrying you. If you have any objections to this marriage, you can speak frankly with me. We can get divorced. You and I can each marry someone else. In the future, we'll have nothing to do with each other."

It would be great if a conversation could resolve this issue, that would save time and effort.

"Marry someone else? Have nothing to do with each other?" Lu Beichuan deeply looked at her. He revealed his wrists to her. In actuality, although the lines on his wrists hadn't completely faded, they weren't too eye-catching. However, in Ye Zhen's eyes, there were incomparable obtrusive.

"So my wife is someone with peculiar urges?"


Wasn't he supposed to not only dislike her, but utterly despise her? Why hadn't he gone along with her suggestion of severing their marital tie?

Ye Zhen didn't understand. In the novel, Lu Beichuan hadn't liked Ye Zhen, so why did he want her to remain in the Lu family and be his wife?

She carefully thought it over... Perhaps, it was because Ye Zhen had gotten pregnant and gave birth to Lu Beichuan's child.

So, as long as she didn't sleep with Lu Beichuan and didn't get pregnant with Lu Beichuan's child, she would be fine? She just had to wait until Ye Qing came back, wait until Lu Beichuan fell in love with Ye Qing, and then she would swiftly give up her spot.


Ye Zhen's gaze kept straying towards Lu Beichuan's lower half.

William had said that Lu Beichuan's waist and legs were seriously injured. Did he even have the ability to do that right now?

Following her gaze, Lu Beichuan couldn't help wrinkling his forehead. His little wife really had that type of kink?

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