Fortunate Wife - Ch 0174

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 174 – Giving her a hard time (3)

Li Mo was so happy to hear that his two aunts had come that he had gotten out of bed and was waiting for them at the doorway. "Big aunt, little aunt, what brought you two here?"

"Hmm? Do we need a reason to come?" Big aunt coldly glared at Li Mo. "I know that you and your three brothers are adults now, and you think you're too old to listen to your elders. In your heart, you've already tossed your big aunt far away."

As soon as Li Mo heard these words, he knew that his big aunt had come in anger. Moreover, he knew what she was angry about. He could only apologetically smile and say, "How could I do that? Big aunt, please come inside. Are you tired from traveling here?"

Big aunt didn't look at him. She held Little Five's hand as she went inside. Once she was inside, she turned in a full circle to inspect the hut. Furrowing her brow, she asked, "Why does the hut smell like medicine? Li Mo, are you sick?"

Li Mo's clothes concealed his back injury. He answered, "En, I accidentally scraped my skin a few days ago. I'm almost fully recovered."

Seeing that he looked fine, big aunt finally put down the worry in her heart. She sat on the bed and didn't forget to resume lecturing. "It's not that I want to scold you. Li Mo, as the oldest son, you should have been more thoughtful for your younger brothers' sakes."

Li Mo stood at the side and continued to apologetically smile.

Little aunt glanced his way, then she said, "Older sister, Li Mo is still sick. There's nothing that can't be said later."

"Later?" These words seemed to greatly provoke big aunt. "They're already married. How can there be a later? Li Mo, what you did was wrong. Tell me, what can you possible dislike about Hehua?

It was only now that Li Man noticed this woman again. Hehua was also glancing at Li Man from time to time. Her eyes showed jealousy and also disdain. When big aunt mentioned her by name, she proudly raised her head and scornfully looked at Li Man.

Big aunt continued to speak. "Not only does she come from a clean background, she also had an upright appearance. She's meticulous and hardworking. Big aunt is only doing this out of consideration for you and your brothers. Li Mo, you should think about this clearly. Your family only has five bachelors. What else does this home have? Even this bed is many years older than you. Tell me, why did you waste money buying this woman? Look at her appearance, does she seem like a capable person?"

The smile on Li Mo's face gradually froze. He understood big aunt's temperament, but Man-er was standing right there. It was a bit too outrageous for her to point at Man-er and say these words about her. "Big aunt, it was wrong of me to make this decision before discussing with you. It must have been tiring for you to come all this way. You should rest first. I'll go bring over some water for you."

After saying this, he started to go out and called out to Li Man, "Man-er, there's no more drinking water left. Come help me boil some."

"En." Li Man could understand the local dialect now and knew that big aunt's words were aimed at her. So, she quickly followed after Li Mo. She wanted to slip away.

However, big aunt wanted to promote Hehua, so she said, "Boiling water isn't a big deal. Hehua, you can go do it."

Once Hehua heard these words, she was fired up with zeal. Her head was high as she enthusiastically rushed out. She pushed Li Man to the side and walked to Li Mo's side. Grinning, she said, “Li Mo, let me do it."

Li Mo furrowed his brow. He reached out and supported Li Man by the arm. In a sunken tone, he said to her, "Man-er can do it."

"That's fine." Hehua continued to smile at Li Mo. She hadn't seen him in half a year, and he looked even more handsome than before. Even if he was speaking coldly to her, her heart still palpitated with eagerness. 

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