Fortunate Wife - Ch 0173

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 173 – Giving her a hard time (2)

Li Mo had wanted to look too. However, hearing Li Man speaking to the two piglets like they were her naughty children, he couldn't resist laughing. An adorable image of her standing by the pigpen and looking displeased and annoyed popped up in his mind.

Li Yan didn't go looking for Li Man to settle the score. He knew that his oldest brother would definitely be protectively watching her from the window at this time. Actually, he wasn't really that angry. On the contrary, he felt that his relationship with Li Man had improved. Otherwise, why would she draw him?

However, even if she was going to draw him as a pig, it would only be right if he was the most handsome pig.


Once Li Man was done feeding the piglets and chicks, she worked on teaching Little Five a poem. Around noon, when Little Five went over to the eastern hut to recite the poem to his oldest brother, she remained outside to clean up the courtyard. It had rained a few days ago, and the ground was full of muddy spots and debris.

One she had swept half of the courtyard, she decided to work on removing the rubbish from the courtyard. When she raised her eyes, she happened to see three women entering the courtyard.

One of them looked older than the other two women. She looked to be in her forties and was wearing mostly new clothing that was bluish green. Her hair was meticulously combed, and her eyes were sharp. She looked like a forceful and briskly efficient person.

Behind her, there were two women in their twenties. One woman was dressed in moon-white clothing, and her appearance was soft and beautiful. Her skin was fair and clear. The other woman was wearing a yellowish apricot-colored clothing. Her figure was wide with long arms and legs, and her skin was very tanned. She was clearly a very capable peasant woman.

Li Man dropped the broom and approached the women to greet them. "Are you looking for someone?"

When the three women saw Li Man, they were somewhat taken aback. A moment later, they carefully looked her over with different gazes.

"You're the woman that Li Mo purchased?" The oldest woman was the first one to raise a question. When she finished looking over Li Man, her lips curled in disdain. She quietly said to the fair-skinned woman next to her, "I knew this would happened. A piece of useless goods that's only good for looking."

"Older sister." The fair-skinned woman lightly looked at the oldest woman in askance, then she went over to Li Man and held her hand as she softly asked, "Is Little Five home? I'm his little aunt on his father's side. She's his big aunt."

Little aunt? Big aunt? This was the first time that Li Man had heard of them. She quickly answered, "Oldest brother and Little Five are both inside. Please follow me."

After saying this, she led the way for them.

It seemed that the people inside had already heard them. Little Five ran out of the hut. As soon as he saw the people that had come, he excitedly rushed over. He called out, "Little aunt," but rushed into big aunt's arms.

The older woman's expression immediately softened a lot. Holding Little Five's face, she smiled and said, "Aiyo, let big aunt look at you. It looks like our Little Five has gained weight. You look taller too. Xiangcao, what do you think?"

"Yes, he does look taller." Smiling, the fair-skinned woman went over and affectionately ruffled Little Five's hair.

Li Man was standing at the side and watching. At first, she felt a bit nervous when she saw these unfamiliar people. But, seeing how loving these two aunts were towards Little Five, her heart felt a corresponding happiness. She politely said, "Big aunt, little aunt, please come inside to sit."

Big aunt's expression changed. She coldly harrumphed in response to Li Man's words.

Li Man paused. Did she say something wrong?

Little aunt quickly came over and held Li Man's hand again. "Come on, we should all head inside. Did Li Mo not go out today to work?" It was rare that Li Mo would be home at this time of the day.

"He's staying at home to rest," Li Man evasively answered.

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