Fortunate Wife - Ch 0172

Title: Fortunate Wife
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 172 – Giving her a hard time (1)

Li Mo looked at Li Yan in disapprovingly. "Second brother, don't say that. Man-er can teach."

Man-er? Li Yan was startled. "Oldest brother, when did you get so close to that girl?"

"You're not allowed to say nonsense either." Embarrassed, Li Mo looked at Li Man in panic. She was thin-skinned. He was worried that she wouldn't be able to take second brother teasing her.

However, Li Man was determined to make Li Yan feel angry too. "Oldest brother, it's okay." Li Yan's words went in one ear and went out the other. She wouldn't let herself be bothered with him.

Why was she so gentle and considerate towards oldest brother? Sure enough, Li Yan's gaze became colder. He coldly looked at Li Man and said, "Yes, Man-er does sounds much more pleasant to hear than that girl."

Li Man didn't look at him. He could say whatever sarcastic words he wanted. With Li Mo present, he wouldn't dare to anything bad to her.

As expected, Li Mo's expression sunk. He felt unhappy with Li Yan's strange behavior. "Second brother, it's not like you to speak like this."

If that girl treated him the same way that she treated oldest brother, then of course he would treat her better. "Oh, oldest brother, you know that I have a stupid mouth that doesn't know how to say the right words. Teacher Man-er, how about you spend some more time teaching me?"

Li Man ignored him. Instead, she focused on writing and drawing in the sand tray.

Li Mo helplessly looked at Li Yan. If second brother was considered to have a stupid mouth, then no else in their family knew how to speak.

"Oldest brother, why are you looking at me like that?" Li Yan was still pretending to be muddle-headed. He looked in Li Man's direction again. Seeing that she was focused on writing something in the sand tray, he curiously lowered his head to get a clearer look. By chance, she had put down the stick at this time. There was a wretched-looking pig head drawn on the sand, and the name 'Li Yan' was written next to the pig.

Ouch. Li Yan's face flushed red in anger.

Unfortunately, at this time, Little Five, who had watching her for a while, asked in confusion, "Older sister, is that second brother's name?" He had stared at those two characters for a while and figured out it was Li Yan's name.

Li Man shrugged. She didn't admit or deny.

Li Mo quickly looked at the sand tray. When he saw the pig head, the corners of his eyes twitched. He somewhat sympathetically glanced at Li Yan.

Li Yan coldly smiled at Li Man. Grinding his teeth, "What are you thinking?"

Li Man expressionlessly snorted. "Oh, I remember that I forgot to feed the piglets this morning. No wonder they're being so loud right now."

After saying this, she left behind the stick and ran off.

Li Yan fiercely watched as her back figured disappeared past the doorway. That girl actually dared to call him pigheaded?

Li Mo couldn't resist breaking out into laugher. He pointed at the pig head drawn in the sand tray and said, "Second brother, Man-er is amazing. Not only does she know how to write, she also knows how to draw. Look at tha pig head, compared to the piglets..."

Strange, how could his oldest brother say such words? Li Yan glared at Li Mo. "Oldest brother, I have work to do. I'll be leaving first."

"Oh." Before Li Mo had time to give him advice, Li Yan had already angrily stormed out of the hut, so Li Mo quickly ordered Little Five, "Quickly, go over there to look." He was worried that Li Yan went outside to settle the score with Li Man.

"We can see from here." Little Five pushed open the small wooden window shutters to look at the backyard. He saw that Li Man had brought over a bucket of slop to the pigpen. She leaned over, poured the slop into the trough, and even reached out and stirred it up a bit. "Don't snatch the food from Little Flower. Little Black, if you dare to do that again, I'll lock you up and won't let you out until Little Flower is finished eating, then you'll only have leftovers to eat."

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