Wu Gate Ch 6

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 06 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

A few days after the Lantern Festival, Gu QingQiao hadn’t met Duan Yu again. Thinking about it, that prince must be really busy. Every day, he had to deal with a pile of nation affairs, and also received governmental officers. (T/N: Governmental officers report and bring their problems to him.)

QingQiao had completely forgotten about Hero Qiao Feng. She indulged in A’Da’s increasingly exquisite cooking. She was as happy as an immortal fairy until today. When she was in the capital’s best embroidery store, she met the prime minister’s daughter, Duo RuoYun.

“I say, how beautiful could Gu ShangShu’s daughter be? Who knew she would be so mediocre?” The beauty in front of QingQiao coldly spoke.

Hey, this Miss. Although you’re more beautiful than the average person, it’s only by a little bit. Don’t be so blind! Gu QingQiao sighed in her heart. She wasn’t boasting. When she first time traveled here, she was stunned by this body’s appearance. After all, even at twelve years old, her body was exquisitely made. In the future, she might not be peerlessly elegant, but would at least be attractive.

“Yes yes.” She laughed at Du RuoYun. Her face was currying favor, “QingQiao isn’t as pretty as Miss Du.”

Du RuoYun bared her teeth. Her ears heard someone lightly laugh.

“You… hrumph. Don’t think that just because big brother Duan likes you. He’s only temporarily lost his mind!” Du RuoYun was like all small-minded female characters. She had the typical fiercely gnashing her teeth POSE. “There’s no one in the world that could match big brother. I want to see how long you’ll be able to be proud.”

(T/N: Pose was written in English and capitalized in the Chinese raws.)

There’s no one in the world that could match? Even monks have nuns to match. Is Duan Yu a beast? QingQiao had a good temperament. Her face didn’t change color and she continued to smile. “Yes yes, Miss Du is wise. Miss’s words are right. QingQiao had the same thought. QingQiao also thinks she won’t be able to climb up to Prince Duan Yu’s level. Miss Du, please bring your family’s ‘big brother Duan’ home.”

“You…” Du RuoYun had been pampered and spoiled since childhood. At this time, she could only stamp her feet in anger. “How did big brother Duan find such a freak?

Freak? QingQiao thought for a moment. She had inexplicably time traveled to someone else’s body. She is indeed a freak. Therefore, she sincerely looked at Du RuoYun, “Miss Du spoke well, so insightful! You can perceive my essence. QingQiao is in awe! My reverence of you is like an overflowing river. Its endless…”

Du RuoYun was angered to the point of spouting smoke. Du RuoYun glared at her. Then, she indignantly flung her sleeves and left.

QingQiao exhaled and was about to turn around to look at the embroidery, but she suddenly saw bright, peach-like eyes.

An overflowing smile.

Oh no, she distractedly slapped her forehead. The great god has come.

“What? Do you feel an unexpected mishap from seeing me?” Lu ZiZheng saw her hesitating to come over. He impatiently raised his voice. “You don’t want to recognize me?” After his words were spoken, QingQiao firmly stood in front of him.

With a trying to please him face, she said, “Lu daye is joking. Hehe…” (daye = it could be a term of respect for older man depending on tone)

Disgusted, Lu ZiZheng raised an eyebrow, “It’s only been a few days. How did you become more ugly? You don’t even look as good as the girl you just cursed away.”

Little Qiao silently counted to three. “Ah, the world is so beautiful. Ah, the air is so fresh.” Her face didn’t change color and she continued to sweetly smile. “Yes yes, little Qiao doesn’t have Noble Lu’s countenance of a flower and face like the moon.”

Lu ZiZheng’s face slightly changed. He was very unwilling to hear those words. He easily lifted QingQiao out through the window.

Hu hu (sound of wind)

In the sky, clouds floated around. On the ground, sheep whizzingly ran.

Gu QingQiao kept her face still, but she wanted to shout abuse. This jerk. Who says that flying is mankind’s ultimate dream? If you dared, you should try flying by being clipped between someone’s armpit for half an hour. This old lady will see how comfortable you are!

“What? Are you exhausted?” From the top of her head, a faint voice was heard. “Should I throw you down?”

“No need!” QingQiao’s face immediately changed. Across her whole face, she pretended to have an overwhelming joy and euphoric look. “I’m very comfortable.”

After “flying” for a long time, Lu ZiZheng finally stopped. He placed her next to a stone door.

QingQiao sized up the surrounding area with rapt attention. She discovered that it was indeed the cave entrance where they would meet on the ninth day of each month. She couldn’t help gasping.

“Ah? Did you already finish eating your necks?!” Then she turned around to look at him. Her face looked uncomfortable. “… You haven’t suddenly changed your appetite today and wanted to try human necks?” As she talked, she touched her neck. Her raised body hair showed that she was appalled and terrified.

Lu ZiZheng only quietly looked at her. He had an unfathomable smile.

“Have mercy. Don’t eat me!” She was so scared that her legs softened and ended up kneeling on the ground. Her entire body shivered. “Little one isn’t tasty. Not only that, my neck isn’t long enough.”

The man in front of her was silent. She didn’t dare to breath. She could only numbly kneel there and slowly cried.

After a long time past, Lu ZiZheng faintly sighed, “After three years, you still don’t trust me.”

QingQiao was surprised. After she understood, she hurriedly wiped off her tears. “Who knows if you’ll keep your original promise?”

“Silly girl.” Lu ZiZheng walked closer to her and crouched down. His expression showed a rare softness. “Since I promised to leave you your life, I will definitely keep it. Why do you always not believe me?”

QingQiao bit her lips and pitifully muttered, “…. Because you usually enjoy torturing me.”

“I only promised to keep your life. I didn’t say I wouldn’t tease you!” Lu ZiZheng’s eyes had a strange light and his smile was sinister. “Besides, your reaction is so interesting. It’s different from other people’s.”

Pervert! QingQiao cursed in her heart. She huffily said, “I don’t know what kind of eccentric people you found, who could actually keep enduring your abuse.”

“… There wasn’t anyone who kept enduring. None of them could make me happy, so I went through many people. Lu ZiZheng fixed his gaze on her eyes. He looked somewhat confused. “Why were they so stupid? They couldn’t coax me into being happy.”

Too much of a peacock! An unequalled peacock!

(T/N: Calling someone a peacock means that person is narcissistic and love to show off)

QingQiao thought she was going to spit blood from anger.

“… oh, that’s right. Silly girl, I heard that you’re getting married.”

QingQiao had begun to relax, but caught off guard by Lu ZiZheng’s question, her body stiffened again.

“It wasn’t something I wanted.” She choked those words from her throat.

Lu ZiZheng coldly raised his eyebrow. His eyes clearly showed the words ‘I don’t believe you.’

“Really. Why would I lie?” QingQiao raised her hand to solemnly vow, “To be honest, that prince Duan Yu’s ultimate goal was to eat A’Da cooking. His marriage proposal was a smoke screen to hide the truth. In his heart, I’m less than a bowl of braised pork!”

“Oh?” Lu ZiZheng held his handsome face to say, “hrumph”. His insincere voice left her flustered.

QingQiao sighed, then earnestly smiled, “ZiZheng, I won’t forget what I previously said.”

Although the person in front of her stayed silent, his expression gradually simmered down.

“That prince really doesn’t like me." Her words were sincere and earnest, “Besides, I don’t like him. I only promised to marry him in order to find a safe haven.”

Lu ZiZheng hesitated for a moment before he nodded his head.

QingQiao secretly let out a long breath in her heart.

“By the way, why did you leave the mountain?” She looked at him with a concerned face, “Is your injury almost healed?”

“… It’s healed.” He lazily said, “But I have to travel to the southern border. I left the mountain this time to say goodbye. ”

“Eh?” In her excitement, QingQiao grabbed his arm. “You’re okay? Then I don’t need to bring you anymore necks?!”

Lu ZiZheng glanced at her. His smile was enigmatic, “If you’re willing to chase after me, I don’t mind eating it.”

“Bah!” QingQiao’s other hand looked like it was going to hit him, but he grabbed it while it was still in the air.

“Why do you still behave like a wild cat?” Lu ZiZheng tightly held her wrist. He revealed an eerie white smile. “This makes me unable to part from you.” His voice lowered. His mouth captured QingQiao’s slender jade fingers.

Piercing pain came. QingQiao couldn’t resist screaming. Lu ZiZheng wouldn’t let her go. He kept biting until his mouth tasted a trace of bitterness.

“While I’m not here, remember to behave,” he finally raised his head and smiled nonchalantly.

QingQiao had already passed the point of trembling in anger. Her eyes had tears of anger.

“… Be good. First, look at the item around your wrist.” Lu ZiZheng gently wiped away the blood on his mouth. His posture was elegant.

She listened to him by lowering her head. She saw that there was a string of shining, silver bells on her wrist. A breeze blew by. The bells jingled. She counted. There were nine bells.

Lu ZiZheng leaned over to say in her ear, “With this, you won’t have to worry about your life no matter where you go. Alas, you got this item in return for one bite. That’s a really cheap price.”

QingQiao seemed as if she didn’t understand his meaning. She continued to dazedly look at the silver bells. Even her hand’s pain was forgotten.

Their first encounter was on a remote mountain. Even then she had known that he was a beast that could use his claws to tear apart other people. But, she still saved him. She hid him in a cave to take care of him.

During these three years, he had determined that she was weak and harmless. He bullied her for entertainment and never tired of it. But he didn’t know that her ability wasn’t bad. She had caught the hunter of wild beasts.

After a long time, she turned to look at him. Her expression was unprecedentedly sincere and honest, “… many thanks.”

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