Wu Gate Ch 7

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 07 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

Recently, Dong Xi discovered that her family’s miss was behaving strangely. Oh. No, that’s not right. She was strange before, but now she was stranger than strange. Miss was a noble lady. She was accustomed to countless treasures. Why did she spend every day looking at a silver bell bracelet and giggling? Still, it was one thing for her to laugh. But after she laughed, she would also sigh. Her face would become endlessly dejected.

She copied Miss’s humming, “You’re so strange. You’re so strange. You’re so strange, strange, strange, strange, strange.”

Today was the ninth day of May. Miss was sitting at the window in a daze. Her hands kept fiddling with her bracelet.

Jingle. Jingle. The silver bells sounded like colored glass. The sound was very nice. Miss was gazing absentmindedly again. Dong Xi sighed. She placed the tomorrow’s clothes on a wooden frame, and then quietly retreated.

People were sleeping sweetly. Suddenly, there was panic screaming, “Miss is being attacked by an assassin! Guards come here!” It was noisy and chaotic outside her room. She sat up quivering. Her body felt ice-cold, but her face was covered in sweat.

“Chun Xiang! Chun Xiang! Where did that girl go?” She vaguely heard the housekeeper’s scolding. “… Did everyone die? Why aren’t you all hurrying to bring the doctor here?!”

Doctor? She finally recovered from her scare. She quickly left her bed, and then staggered along to outside. She finally reached the room and let out a deep breath in relief. Miss was wrapped in a silk robe while sitting on her bed. Other than her face looking pale, there were no other injuries. The old Master held Miss’s hands and said warm words of comfort. Miss lightly nodded.

But Dong Xi clearly saw that Miss’s eyes showed heavy melancholy instead of the previous days’ liveliness. She hesitated for a moment. Just when she wanted to open her mouth to ask if Miss was okay, she heard crying. Servant girl Chun Xiang had stepped forward first.

She dropped to the ground while bawling, “Why is Miss’s life so bitter? How can there be people willing to hurt Miss? Who has no eyes that they would hurt even a single strand of Miss’s hair? Even if it takes Chun Xiang’s life, she will get revenge for Miss.”

What wonderful acting. Dong Xi felt nauseous at the pretense.

“I’m okay. You can all leave.” Miss frowned, and then casually waived her hand, “Dong Xi stay here.”

Chun Xiang hesitated before leaving. She forgot to wipe off her tears due to the fierce stares.

She deserved it. Dong Xi grimaced in her heart.

“… I said leave. Do you not understand my words?” Miss turned to look at the strange group of black robed men. Her tone of voice had risen, “All of you go back to the prince’s estate!”

A person came forward to humbly reply, “To report to Miss, the prince has ordered us to personally guard Miss Gu. Without the prince’s command, we cannot leave.”

“… Then how long will you stay in my room?” Miss tapped her forehead with a vexed expression.

“The prince has been informed. He’ll be here soon to visit Miss Gu.” The black robed man bowed deeply, “During this time, we must ensure Miss Gu’s safety. Otherwise, heads will roll. Please be understanding, Miss Gu.”

Miss sighed. She slumped into Shangshu’s chest. She didn’t speak another word.

This translation belongs to fuyuneko. Mew.

Dong Xi thought the atmosphere felt weird. She didn’t dare to heavily breath. She could only obediently stay in the corner and occasionally look at Miss. She saw that Miss was preoccupied with looking at the bracelet on her wrist. The silver bracelet had a simple pattern linked with nine small bells. It looked common. Reluctantly, one could describe the bracelet as delicate. But when Miss looked at the bracelet, she looked so absorbed and yearned as if she were a drowning person looking at a lifesaving rope.

After the time it would take for half an incense stick to burn, a noise came from the sandalwood door. A tall and slender figure stood there for a long time.

“We pay respect to the prince!” The black robed men orderly kneeled on one knee.

The man turned a deaf ear. His face was cold as he went straight to the bed. His movement brought a gust of simple and elegant breeze.

“Little Qiao, how are you? Were you hurt?” Duan Yu ran to the bed. As if he were unable to deal with QingQiao still being in ShuangShu’s arms, with one hand, he grabbed QingQiao away. He closely, carefully looked at the beauty. Underneath the candlelight, his face was pale, his breathing was uneven, his eyes were dark with anxiety, but he still had a breathtaking handsomeness.

Gu ShangShu sourly let go. His heart was filled with thoughts about the bitterness of life vicissitudes. ‘A married daughter was like water that was poured out.’

He was so handsome. Even when he was anxious, he was still so handsome. He was handsome to the point of being divine. Dong Xi thoughts were like a starry-eyed infatuated, love-struck idiot.

“Stop, don’t hold me! Don’t act so unbearable!” QingQiao struggled in the prince’s arms. Bursting with 120,000 points of impatience, she said, “You came here just in time. Take away those black coals! How can people rest with a group of fierce men staying inside a girl’s bedroom in the dead of night?”

Faced with these unexpected words, Duan Yu’s caring words were stuck in his throat. He was speechless.

“Aiya, I hurt my butt,” QingQiao twisted her body and a made a threatening gesture at them. “Dong Xi is going to apply medicine. Why are you still standing there so stupidly? Quickly walk away. You shouldn’t look!”

Duan Yu lost his concerned expression. His face was quickly infected with a layer of gloom.

Gu ShangShu’s heart thudded in sympathy. He silently beat his chest and stamped his feet in frustration. Ouch, what was wrong this girl’s eyes? Wasn’t this time for her to show a lovely and pitiful appearance? Shouldn’t she tightly grab the prince while crying to show admiration? Alas, she didn’t obtain any of her mother’s handed-down techniques!

Dong Xi was already totally jaded by Miss. She could only secretly look at the prince with a very sympathetic expression. He was a one in a generation beautiful person… to fall into Miss’s tiger mouth… he was going to enter a period of merciless tribulations… so pitiful. Dong Xi came to her senses, but her heart had unbounded regret.

But Duan Yu was after all a clever person. His tighten face loosened. He tightly settled QingQiao. His voice became gentler, “Was little Qiao scared silly? This prince came here in the middle of the night to see you. Yet you want to drive me away? En?”

This brief “en” sound twisted and turned like a falling jade. It was sonorous and resounding. Hearing his voice, the room’s occupants seemed spellbound.

But, QingQiao had goose bumps. His eyes were so black. They were like a dark night inside the sewers without any lanterns. His hands were so cold. They were like a supermarket’s frozen pigs legs that had been frozen for at least six months. Wu wu (crying/whining sound). So horrifying.

QingQiao suddenly buried her face in Duan Yu’s embrace. Her mind repeated the thought ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

Duan Yu was startled. His mouth slowly had a hint of laughter.

“Aiya, my family’s QingQiao is shy. A ha, a ha, ah haha.” Gu ShangShu saw that the opportunity was just right. He immediately tried to smooth things over while wiping away cold sweat.

Dong Xi scoffed. If Miss can be bashful, then sows can do gymnastics.

Duan Yu was in a good mood. He curved his eyebrows and gently stroked QingQiao’s hair. Stroke. Stroke.

“Little Qiao, did you see who attacked you tonight?”

QingQiao seemingly absently-mindedly, but evasively responded, “It was too dark. I didn’t see. I was too scared. Sorry.” QingQiao didn’t dare to raise her head. Her voice became lower and lower.

“This isn’t your fault. Those thieves probably took advantage of the fire.” Duan Yu patted her shoulder. His face was solemn, “They’re so despicable!”

Dong Xi really wanted to split her side laughing.

This translation belongs to fuyuneko. Mew.

Duan Yu looked at the beauty in his arms. He patiently and systematically guided, “Oh, by the way, at that time, did you notice any unusual thing about them, such as their smell or weapon?

“I just remember it was very black. Everything was black. A sheet of black.” QingQiao strived to remember while crying a bit. “I didn’t see anything before your guards surrounded me. And then I heard clanging and banging. It was very scary.”

“En, its all their fault. Although they were able to protect you, they should have blocked your line of sight so you wouldn’t be startled. Duan Yu’s voice became even more pampering as if he were caring for a five year old, “This prince will punish them. You don’t have to think about this anymore. Be good.”

There was absolute silence in the room. There was a long period of silence. Absolute silence. Silence was pointing to the future’s beacon. (T/N: Really convoluted way of saying everyone has been stunned to silence and won’t be talking in near future.)

After the group of people were sent away, Dong Xi finally applied medicine on Miss. There were only two people left inside the huge room. Inevitably, it felt a bit empty.

Dong Xi was silent for a while before she couldn’t help saying, “Miss… this servant sees that the injury on your butt doesn’t look like it came from a weapon?” It was a large bruise that was a full pear-shape.

While lazily lying on the bed, Miss straightforwardly said, “Oh, when I was avoiding from the assassin, I accidentally bumped into father’s jade carving.”

“… Miss is really lucky. Other than one bruise due to not being careful, you still avoid injuries by a hairsbreadth,” Dong Xi turned around.

“Hey, did you think the assassin wanted my life?” Miss raised the corners of her mouth. She had an expression of being very pleased with herself. “They wanted… forget it. Since it’s in my hands, then naturally I won’t let it go.” Her fist was clenched as if she was protecting something.

Dong Xi, who was clever, naturally didn’t ask about the content of her unfinished words.

Without changing her expression, Dong Xi changed the topic, “Prince Duan Yu treats Miss so well. He holds you in the palm of his hand.”

(T/N: Her second sentence might sound very controlling, but that wording is used to describe when someone acts very caring and doting of another person.)

What a joke. He was a person that lived in the martial arts world. He must have ability and be cunning in order to survive.

Dong Xi’s ability to change the topic was first-class, “Miss has the best fortune. The entire country’s women will be jealous.”

“I have good luck?” QingQiao couldn’t help laughing, “Do you think that its fortunate to be held in the palm of someone’s hand?”

This time Dong Xi was a bit confused. She didn’t understand why Miss was laughing. To be cherished by an outstanding man like the prince, isn’t that something every woman craved?

Miss looked at her with a smile. Then, she left her bed to pick up grapes. She gently pinched a grape with her fingers.

Miss sweetly smiled while bringing her right hand in front of Dong Xi, “Look, am I not holding this in the palm of my hand?” With her slender fingers and snowy white skin, Miss silently held a sparkling and translucent grape in the hollow of her palm. It was an indescribable sight of fresh beauty.

Dong Xi nodded. She didn’t know what medicine Miss had bought. (T/N: She means the QingQiao’s behavior is very strange as if she taken the wrong medicine.)

“Look.” Miss’s voice became exceedingly soft like a cluster of clouds.

Squished! Dong Xi saw Miss’s hands were clasped together. The dark green grape was ruthlessly turned into juice. The liquid slowly dripped down her fingers.

“Miss…” Dong Xi gaped.

“Dong Xi, you have to remember. Whether you’re a human or an animal, don’t let someone place you in the palm of his hand. Its very dangerous to be placed in the palm of someone’s hands.”

Dong Xi foolishly asked, “Miss… what do you want to do?”

“Me?” Miss revealed a strange smile, “Naturally, I have to firmly grasp my future in my hands.” 


(T/N: QingQiao’s thoughts are so funny. How could she compare Duan Yu’s hands to frozen pig legs? It felt so serious until that sentence.

It must be so pitiful to be Duan Yu’s guards after Duan Yu met QingQiao. I imagine them and Dong Xi having nightly commiseration session and thoughts of finding a new employer.)      

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