Wu Gate Ch 5

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 05 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

Golden jujube soup. Jasper pear paste.

“This is so delicious.” She raised her face and brightly laughed, “I didn’t know that commoner snacks during the Lantern Festival would be so delicious. Bring me here again next year!”

Duan Yu slightly smiled without commenting. Of course, she didn’t know that these snacks were made in his first-class kitchen. And then quickly sent here as fast as possible. When she went outside to buy snacks, she had met his servants pretending to be stall-keepers. The food she bought would naturally be very good.

He was used to guarding himself against other people. He didn’t eat food made by strangers, and he didn’t want her to eat it either.

“Did you know?” QingQiao took a bite from a flaky, chrysanthemum pastry. Her cheeks bulging like a chipmunk, “If I had not met you, I would have become a nun.”

“Oh?” He raised his eyebrow. His eyes showed some degree of evil charm. “So, little QingQiao has become that infatuated with me. You’re only willing to marry me.”

QingQiao, “Bah! Don’t be too pleased with yourself. I was just plotting a method to avoid marriage. Could you think of a better way to avoid marriage than becoming a nun?”

“What is this logic?” He shook his head. He couldn’t understand her thought process. “Why is it okay to marry me?”

“… You’re the best candidate.” QingQiao put down her chopstick. She smiled at him with a distant look. “Because I won’t fall in love with you. You won’t fall in love with me. You’re a person that will only love yourself.” Her checks were pink. Her eyes were brilliant and quick-witted, like a black pearl that couldn’t be bought with a thousand gold.

“Love, what kind of thing is it? He laughed with her. His smiling face was gentle.

Sighing, Gu QingQiao patted her face. She persuaded herself to not be offended by him. “Love is when you like someone very, very much. When she is happy, you will be happy. When she is sad, you will be sad with her. Half of your world belongs to her. Her happiness is your greatest happiness. Do you understand my words?”

Duan Yu’s face showed disapproval. “My world has always been controlled by me. How can it be manipulated by someone else’s happiness, anger, joy, and sorrow?

She knew that this guy would say this. QingQiao silently cursed. Sooner or later, this selfish guy will face Heaven’s judgment.

“Prince, I happen to know a noble with a name similar to yours.” Beneath the candlelight, her smile was like honey. “He also didn’t understand love until he met a girl as beautiful as an angel. He fell in love with that girl. He called her immortal fairy sister and held her in the palm of his hand. He suffered many hardships for her. But, this beauty had someone else in her heart. She scorned him and didn’t bother glancing at him more than once. If you were him, what would you do?”

“What’s the name of this immortal fairy sister?” Duan Yu suspiciously looked at her, “Does she really look like an angel? How come I haven’t heard of her?”

Gnashing her teeth, she forced out, “The beauty’s name is Wang YuYan. She’s from an insignificant family. Of course, the prince has not heard of her.”

(T/N: Wang YuYan is a character from the drama ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’. She’s described as someone who is flawlessly beautiful. She initially has a crush on her cousin, but eventually falls in love with the guy that suffers and does many things to help her.)

Duan Yu snorted. He lightly said, “Since I can’t keep her by my side, then I’ll let her disappear. If I can’t see her, it’ll be cleaner.”

When he said those words, he was very calm. But QingQiao suddenly felt a terrifying coldness from the soles of her feet that slowly climbed up her spine.

“How can that be your response? You should say that girl’s happiness is your happiness. As long as she’s happy, you will be happy.” QingQiao dazedly sat there while quietly muttering.

“Silly girl.” Duan Yu tilted his head to look at her. “When I want something, there’s nothing that I can’t obtain.” Seeing her small face pale, he added the words, “Did you fall in love with someone else?”

“Ah?” QingQiao was in a daze for a moment before hurriedly waiving her hands. “Here? No way. I’m too young.”

Duan Yu softly, “En” (Interjection indicating approval, appreciation, or agreement) He slowly leaned back in the chair. The unseen pride in his eyes quietly disappeared.

After eating the last dessert, Dong Xi considerately came to announce, “Miss, it’s late. It’s time to go home.”

QingQiao shyly nodded. Her apricot eyes secretly glanced at Duan Yu. She hoped he would say something in reply.

Duan Yu acted as if he hadn’t heard. He leisurely drank tea. His eyes were distant and invested at looking at the window. No one knew what he was thinking. His guards were silent. Their heads were down, and they didn’t dare move.

She suddenly detected that perhaps this prince’s appearance of a refined character wasn’t real. He faintly emitted an oppressive aura. Perhaps, he was a dangerous person.

“Let’s stay here a little longer. Tonight’s moonlight is beautiful. Its not something that can be seen every night.” After a long time, Duan Yu replied. His face was tranquil and calm.

The moon in the sky burst into tears. Despicable fellow, you finally noticed me.

QingQiao twitched her mouth, a little unwilling, “Going home too late is against etiquette and customs. If father knew, he would scold me. Also, traveling at night is unsafe.”

“You also know etiquette and customs?” Duan Yu turned to look at her. His phoenix eyes smiled. “I thought you only knew how to eat.”

QingQiao knew he was deliberately ridiculing her. She could only keep her pink cheeks smiling to keep the silence. Under the moonlight, her jade neck straightened She was unspeakably innocent and lovely and arousing affection.

Duan Yu’s voice softened, “… Your father won’t rebuke you. You also don’t have to worry about traveling at night. When you’re with me, you won’t face any danger.” After he finished talking, he looked at the nearby guard. “Show Miss Gu your ability.”

After the guard received his order, he quickly moved. QingQiao felt a passing breeze. Before she could blink, the guard had returned to his original place. His hands held a bundle of fresh, locust flowers.

QingQiao recognized that those flowers were from the locust tree outside. It was at least fifty steps away. She couldn’t help make a sound of surprise.

The guard gently placed the locust flowers on a carved stool. Only a crashing sound was heard. The carved stool had been broken into four pieces, but the locust flowers were unharmed.

QingQiao stood up.

“Hero, what’s your name?” She quickly sprinted to the front of the guard. Her eyes had stars that sparkled with adoration.

“This insignificant one is called Qiao Feng.” The guard cupped his hands in greeting. His attitude was respectful.

“Qiao Feng?” She screamed as soon as she heard. The guard’s clothes were firmly grasped by QiaoQing. She wasn’t willing to let go even in death. “You’re really Qiao Feng? Heavens, I really met Qiao Feng! How could this world have Duan Yu? I didn’t expect there would also be a Qiao Feng. Hero Qiao, did you come from the beggars’ union? Where is your younger brother? Also, I would like to meet A’Zhu. Arrange a meeting for me.” (Qiao Feng is another character from the drama ‘Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils’)

Before she could finish speaking, her mouth had been blocked by someone’s sleeve. She was gently led back to the table.

“So little Qiao knows this prince’s subordinate.” Duan Yu took back his hand. His tone of voice didn’t change.

The guard’s entire body felt cold. Sweat dripped down from his head.

QingQiao’s hands were stopped. She twisted her body and loudly shouted, “If you strip off his clothes, I’ll know if I recognize him. On his chest, there should be a wolf’s head…” (T/N: QingQiao, is this just an excuse to see him naked? She could have asked if he had a tattoo.)

The guard felt like every hope was turned to dust.

“Xing Si, obey Miss’s words. Take off his clothes to see if there’s a tattoo.” Duan Yu expressionlessly ordered. A cold and dark light flashed through his eyes.

Only a single sound was heard. The guard’s robe was cut into two pieces, revealing a strong and robust chest.

“Reporting to the prince, Qiao Feng’s body doesn’t have any tattoos.” Another guard came up to report. His voice was trembling with fear.

QingQiao was very disappointed. She deeply sighed.

“So it was only a person who shared the same name.” She hit her head and sulkily talked to herself, “ I’m so stupid. How could I think I had time traveled to marital arts world?”

Duan Yu only heard the first half. Seeing her so distracted, he held her small face and gently asked, “Who is Qiao Feng to you? Is he important to you?”

“… He is very important.” QingQiao looked at the stiff man standing in the corner. She closed her eyes. “He is a legendary cooking master. He is especially good at boiled pork with garlic sauce. I’ve been wanting to eat his food for a long time.”

Duan Yu gently, “oh.” He loosened his hold on her hand. He took the opportunity to hold her in his arms. “So there is a such master of cooking. I haven’t heard of him. But, it doesn’t matter. I will immediately send people to look for him. You don’t need to be this sad.”

QingQiao dispiritedly nodded. It could be considered as acquiescence.

After ordering people to send Gu QingQiao back to Gu Estate, Duan Yu silently sat in a forgotten chamber. He was playing with a beautiful piece of jade.

“Xing Si.” He suddenly raised his head and indifferently ordered the nearby guard, “Order the request of a wanted fugitive by the government. Examine the entire country’s young men’s chest for a wolf head tattoo. If their last name is Qiao, kill without mercy.”

Xing Si accepted the order and immediately retreated.

Duan Yu watched him leave. He inadvertently glimpsed the moon through the window.

He casually said, “Tonight’s moon is so ugly. It should be cut down and remade.”

This year’s Lantern Festival, the moon’s heart broke into pieces. Even after trying, it couldn’t be put back together. The moon and that man named Qiao Feng were scared. They had an unprecedented fear.

A gust of wind blew by. It came by and also trembled. It was so cold.


(T/N: I love Duan Yu and QingQiao’s conversations. If this story were only about them, I would still happily read 100 chapters. Too bad this story is only 87 chapters and there are two other male leads. Each following chapter does get longer. At some point between chapter 19 and 30, the chapter length will become double this current chapter’s. 

I like how QingQiao still thinks about the modern world. Other people’s reactions to her words are hilarious, and I like how she hasn’t forgotten the world she came from. Sometimes when I read a transmigration story, there doesn’t seem any difference between that modern person and a historical person.)

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