Wu Gate Ch 32.1

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 32.1 of 87

The carriage stopped. It was noisy outside for a moment before it gradually became quiet.

“Open the curtain to look!” Qing Qiao pressed the golden hairpin against the corner of Duan Yu's eye. She didn't dare to relax for even a moment.

Duan Yu lazily raised the corner of his mouth, "They really have all left. You don't have to worry. Wu Yi will always follow my orders exactly."

Qing Qing expressed her contempt. The tip of the hairpin lightly moved forward and there was a red mark next to Duan Yu's eyes.

"If you don't want to be disfigured, then open the curtains quickly!" She harshly threatened him.

Duan Yu obediently opened the curtain. Qing Qiao stretched her head to look. It was completely dark outside. There wasn't a single person in her field of view.

She heaved a sigh in relief, then she turned her head and ordered Duan Yu, "... Go outside and drive the carriage in the direction that I say!"

But Duan Yu only quietly looked at her with a strange smile before asking, "What exactly were you poisoned with?”

Qing Qiao blankly looked at him. How could this fellow be in the mood to study this?

"As if you don't know?!" She fiercely glared at him, "Weren't you the one that poisoned me?"

"Little Qiao, you're probably clearer about who poisoned you than me." Duan Yu slowly and deliberately said, "I'm just curious. Who would rather endanger you by poison than let you stay here?"

The bright light of shrewdness appeared on his face. His eyes brightened and darkened as if a thousand fresh flowers had bloomed, then withered.

"Stop saying nonsense!" Qing Qiao wasn't willing to be pestered by him. "Hurry up and drive the carriage! If you don't go now, I'll stab you with my hairpin!"

"... Feel free to stab." Duan Yu faintly smiled. He was perfectly composed.

Eh? Qing Qiao would have never imagined that his attitude would change so quickly. Why was he suddenly acting so indifferent?

"Aren't...you afraid?"

"Not afraid." Duan Yu nonchalantly fell backwards. He looked as if he waiting to be taken advantage of, "Go on, stab me. I'm waiting."

Qing Qiao hesitated with the hand that was holding the hairpin. Although her mouth could be vicious, she had never actually harmed someone before. Her heart inevitably palpitated at this moment.

In the moment that she was hesitating, a severe hand suddenly struck downwards.

That action had been as fleeting as the light of lightening. By the time she had returned to her senses, the hairpin in her hand had already fallen into Duan Yu's hand.

"Soft-hearted!" Duan Yu stroked the hairpin in his hand and sneered, "You clearly had an opportunity."

Qing Qiao suddenly felt as if her vision had turned black.

"You guessed that I would be afraid of becoming a disfigured cripple?" The corners of his mouth bent into a curve. His eyes flashed like a shooting star, "Little Qiao, you really think too little of me!"

"...W-what are you planning on doing?" Qing Qiao was both angry and anxious. As her heart panicked, she couldn't help spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"What am I planning?" Duan Yu leaned over and slowly wiped away the blood on her lips. He expressionlessly said, "What do you think I want to do?”

"... Stop causing trouble." He sighed. His eyes actually showed helplessness. "You have to go to palace sooner or later. Your crime has to be acknowledged. The poison in your body... will be cured too. So stop thinking about escaping. You won't be able to escape."

Qing Qiao looked upwards and heartily laughed. In an indignant tone, she said, "How ridiculous! Why wouldn't I escape? Do you expect me to foolishly stay here until you sentence me to death on a baseless crime?"

She spewed a mouthful of blood at Duan Yu and said through her teeth, "I've never thought about recovering a country. Why should I admit to that crime? Why?!"

Duan Yu didn't speak. His eyes showed a thick and detailed unpredictability and turmoil.

“This is beyond your control.” He finally spoke. His tone was chilly enough to penetrate her bones.

Right after he said these words, his hand reached out from his sleeve towards her at lightening speed. Qing Qiao immediately felt her entire body stiffening.

"You pervert! You actually pressed my pressure points! I curse you with impotence! And deficient kidneys! And to die horribly!" Her eyes were full of tears as she soundly cursed at him. She wished that she could skin him, pull out his tendons, eat his flesh, and drink his blood.

"Oh? You understand again?" He wasn't angry. He only vacantly glanced at her without the slightest regard before turning around and lifting the carriage's front curtain.

Qing Qiao had goose bumps after he looked at her, so she couldn't help asking, "W-where are you going?"

"Naturally, I'm following your words and driving the carriage." He was outside of the curtain. His voice calmly traveled through the damp darkness.

"... But I'll be deciding on the route we're taking."

Just as Qing Qiao was about to swear at him, she heard a sound and the front curtain suddenly opened. An agile piece of white silk struck down like it was lightning that had descended from the heavens. It surrounded her and quickly retreated while wrapped around her like it was a legendary dragon that could control rain.

Duan Yu's gaze was apprehensive. He turned his hand to grab Qing Qiao. Unfortunately, the white silk's speed in retreating was truly strange. Even though his movement was quick, he was only able to grab onto the edge of her skirt.

The edge of the skirt abruptly ripped apart from the rest of the skirt. The sound was exceptionally clear in the quiet night.

Everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

"Ah? Oh?!" Qing Qiao's pressure points had been completely sealed, so she couldn't move. She could only watch and trust the white silk that she wrapped in as she flew into the night sky. Wind quickly swept past her face. One by one, fireflies flew past her. she couldn't help feeling excited.

Ah? She was flying! This was the feeling of soaring that was described in legends!

The cold wind whistled in her ears. She lowered her eyes to look at Duan Yu and discovered that he was motionlessly standing in place and looking at her from far away.

All of the stars in the sky had fallen into his eyes and converged into an endless stream of light. The surface was calm, but there was a surging undercurrent.

"Sayonara!" This word fluttered out from her mouth as light as a feather. She didn't care if he understood this word or not, as long as she left in an awesome style.

The fireworks flew in all directions. In the haze, something rumbled before exploding.

And just like that, she disappeared into the night breeze.


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