ChongFei Manual Ch 111.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 111.2 out of 171

After they came out of Ba Bao Xuan, Liang Yu Rong went back with Wei Luo to Duke Ying's residence.

Seeing that Liang Yu Rong didn't intend to go home, Wei Luo felt confused and asked, "Didn't you say you wanted to go home?"

Carrying two bags of candied fruit, Liang Yu Rong pursed her lips and awkwardly laughed. With an expression as if her actions were completely normal, she said, "I bought candied fruit for older brother Wei Chang Ying. I'll go home after I deliver them to him."

Why was she delivering candied fruit to him? Didn't she only recently send him pastries? When would she stop? Would this be never ending? Wei Luo felt endless regret. She shouldn't have softened her heart and agreed to deliver those bags of pastries and candy. Great, now that their fate had started, it wouldn't be easy to break them apart.

Wei Luo asked her, "Why do you want to give presents to older cousin Chang Yin?"

She said, "When we recently met in the courtyard, I said that I was going to Ba Bao Xuan to buy candied fruit and asked in the passing if he liked them too. He said that he liked them, so I wanted to buy some for him too…”

Wei Luo had a headache. She really didn't know what she should say to Liang Yu Rong. She stretched her hand out and made an effort by saying, "I'll deliver this to older cousin for you."

Liang Yu Rong immediately hid the bags of candy behind her and shook her head like a rattle-drum. "I still have words I want to say to older brother Chang Yin."

Wei Luo looked at her and was silent for a long time.

She couldn't let them continue like this. The situation had already escaped her control and was slowly heading towards the ending in her previous life. Wei Luo didn't want Liang Yu Rong to experience that pain again. After considering for while, she decided to have a honest conversation with her. Wei Luo had Chang Hong return to his room first, then she pulled Liang Yu Rong towards a quiet corner that was hidden behind a large rock. Completely serious, she asked, "Yu Rong, do you like my older cousin?"

Liang Yu Rong froze for a moment. She didn't expect that Wei Luo would be so blunt about asking her this question. Her white jade-like face quickly turned red. "I..."

She stammered for a long time. Without any confidence, she refuted, "It’s not like that.”

But, who would believe her? A discerning person would be able to see the truth in a single glance.

If she didn't like him, why would she do her best to treat Wei Chang Yin well? Why did she think about him even when she was buying candied fruit?

Wei Luo suddenly felt anxious. This foolish girl had truly failed to live up to expectations! She had given away her heart after only interacting with Wei Chang Yin a few times. Did she not think about her future? In a moment of desperation, Wei Luo blurted out, "Yu Rong, you can't like my older cousin."

Liang Yu Rong froze for a moment and subconsciously asked, "Why not?"

Wei Luo looked at her and in serious tone, she said, "Do you really not know why? My older cousin's leg is injured. He won't be able to walk for the rest of his life. If you marry him, you'll have to care of him for the rest of his life. Even if this does not trouble you, will your parents agree? Will the two of you have a happy ending?"

Wei Luo's words were slightly harsh, but she was only worried about her. She only said these words for her sake. Just as she expected, Liang Yu Rong's eyes became red. The normally carefree young girl was actually feeling helpless. A long time later, she finally opened her mouth to say, "I don't think older brother Chang Yin is troublesome. I can take care of him for a lifetime..." She pressed her lips together. With a confused expression in her eyes, she continued, "Ah Luo, I don't know if I like him. Every time I see older brother Chang Yin, my heart hurts. He's such an elegant and refined person. He should be living a happier life. Do you remember how older brother Chang Yin looked when he was going through his recurring leg pain last time? I felt bad for him just looking at him, but he was actually able to smile." Then, she lowered her head and repeated, "I feel so sorry for him."

So, it was because of this reason…

Wei Luo face-palmed. She hadn't expected that she would shoot herself in the foot. Originally, she had wanted to Liang Yu Rong to take a step back after seeing that difficult scene Instead, it had only made Liang Yu Rong feel sympathetic.

This was probably predestined fate. No matter what Wei Luo did, what was meant to happen would still happen.

Wei Luo thought for a moment, then she said, "But your parents won't agree."

Marquis Ping Yuan and his wife cherished Liang Yu Rong. No one would be willing to marry their daughter to a cripple. Liang Yu Rong also understood this point. She opened her mouth and tried to mumble something. In the end, she didn't say anything. She raised her head and beseechingly looked at Wei Luo, "Then, at least, let me see older brother Chang Yin one last time. Let me give him this bag of candied fruit. Okay?"

Remembering Liang Yu Rong's tragic ending in her past life, Wei Luo couldn't bear to say no. She nodded her head and said, "Okay, just see him one last time."

Previously, Wei Luo had felt defensive towards Liang Yu Rong. She was afraid that Liang Yu Rong would fall for Wei Chang Yin. Now, she could no longer stop this. Since she already liked him, Wei Luo could only think of ways to help them. She couldn't let them make the same mistake in this lifetime. If she could find a way for them to marry, that would be the best.

But, did Wei Chang Yin like Liang Yu Rong? In her previous life, he didn't see Liang Yu Rong even at the very end. What type of feelings did he have towards her?

Wei Luo still had to carefully consider this matter.


(T/N: Does anyone understand why it’s such a big deal that Wei Chang Yin has a leg injury? One, it’s not a hereditary disease. Second, they’re not a warrior society so as long as he does well on the imperial examinations, he can still bring honor and wealth to his family. Third, even if he’s not capable of earning money, as the only son of the main branch, he will eventually inherit Duke Ying’s estate. His family is super wealthy and they easily afford having servants to take care of him.)

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