ChongFei Manual Ch 111.1

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 111.1 out of 171

On the road back to the capital, the black-lacquered flat-roofed carriage wasn't hindered. It entered the capital after it was driven past the outside moat.

It was still early in the day, so Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong didn't directly head back to their homes. They decided to stroll around the capital and take the opportunity to buy a few things.

Liang Yu Rong had recently heard about a candied fruit store in the southern part of the city called Ba Bao Xuan. The store also had specialty fruit candy. Not only did they have apricots, plums, and melon, they also had the rarely seen olives, begonias, and pears. These flavors were sweet and sour with a rich fruit taste. Liang Yu Rong had eaten the candy from here a few days ago and had been frequently thinking about it since then. Today, she finally had free time. No matter what, she had to bring Wei Luo along and go buy some of the candy to bring home.

Wei Luo agreed to go with her since she wasn't busy either.

The carriage brought the three people to Ba Bao Xuan. As expected, it was a place with many customers. There was a long line of people waiting outside that extended to the other side of the street. Most of the people buying the candied fruit were young women. The young ladies from noble houses didn't need to show to their faces. They had their servant girls waiting in line for them.

Seeing so many people, Wei Luo's enthusiasm faded. Troubled, she furrowed her eyebrows and said, "How long will we have to wait..."

Liang Yu Rong held her hand and wasn't the slightest bit worried. In high spirits, she led her away from the crowd and walked towards the store's entrance. "This store is owned by my older sister-in-law's family. If you come here to buy candy with me, there’s no reason for you to wait in line."

Liang Yu Rong's sister-in-law was Marquis Lu Yang's second daughter, Wei Shuang.

Wei Shuang was seventeen years old this years. She was sensible with a gentle and agreeable temperament. She was the perfect match for Liang Yu. After they were married, they were a lovey-dovey couple that seemed to be stuck together by glue.Wei Shuang was already two months pregnant.

Wei Shuang's family had owned stores in the capital for over ten years. Ba Bao Xuan was one of them. So whenever Liang Yu Rong came to this place, she received treatment that couldn’t be enjoyed by others.

The two of them entered the store and saw a girl selecting things at the front table. She was wearing a robe decorated with a light pink rose pattern.

Seeing Liang Yu Rong, the storekeeper hurriedly gestured for a shop assistant to help that girl while he personally came forward and said, "Miss, you came. What type of candied fruit would you like to try this visit?"

Liang Yu Rong looked around. There were various types of candied fruit displayed in the decoratively carved cedar cabinets. Each one looked very delicious. She had a difficult time deciding, so she pointed at every variety. In total, she pointed at eight varieties of candied fruit. "Wrap up two portions of those types... And that winter melon, wrap up two portions of that too."

Candied winter melon was the store's best selling item. As soon as one batch was finished, it would be swept away into the bags of customers. It was probably because not only was it sweet and sour, it also had a delicious crispness. It was sweet without being greasy. And the most important thing was that it wasn't fattening. It would also help with constipation and improve one's appearance by nourishing the skin. It was extremely popular with girls.

The storekeeper showed a slightly distressed expression. He looked at the girl next to them and said, "There were only two portions of candied winter melon left. That girl has already requested it..."

Hearing this, Liang Yu Rong and Wei Luo looked at that girl.

When their gazes landed on that girl's body, the atmosphere immediately cooled.

This person was Wei Zheng!

In only a month, she had lost so much weight that she didn't look presentable. There were dark circles around her sunken eyes and her complexion looked horrible. Her eyes were muddy and Her lips were pale. If Wei Luo hadn't grown up with her, she wouldn't be able to recognize her. In the past, she had the appearance of a lovely, cute girl. Now, she looked more like a ghost than a human... No wonder she didn't go to the palace banquet. If she had gone like this, who knows how many people she would have scared?

Wei Zheng had also seen them. She hurriedly turned her head away to avoid their line of sight.

Liang Yu Rong opened and closed her mouth. She seemed to have been frightened by Wei Zheng's appearance. A long time later, she said, "Then, we don't want it. Give..."

Give it to her.

Her appearance was too frightening. Liang Yu Rong wasn't able to continue speaking the rest of her sentence.

Wei Zheng suddenly turned around to fiercely glare at her for a moment. Then, without even taking the candied fruit she had recently ordered, she turned around and left the store.

Her servant girl picked up the candied fruit they had already brought and hurriedly followed after her.

Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong looked at each other in dismay. Liang Yu Rong incredulously asked, "How did Wei Zheng become like that? Did someone make a voodoo doll and curse her?"

Wei Luo blinked to indicate that she didn't know the answer either.


Outside Ba Bao Xuan, there was a gorgeously decorated carriage parked at the entrance.

Jiang Miao Lang was sitting inside the carriage and looking at the figure that had left. She didn't let go of the dark green window curtain embroidered with golden peonies until that person was far away. She lowered her eyes and didn’t say a word.

That girl had looked very similar to Du-shi. She looked like she was about the same age as Wei Luo. The carriage she was riding in also had Duke Ying's residence's symbol. She was probably a young lady from Duke Ying's residence.

Wei Kun... Did he marry Du Yue Ying in the end? Was that girl the daughter he had with Du Yue Ying?

Jiang Miao Lan thought about what had happened back then. Her eyes gradually dimmed and revealed the chilliness of autumn. Very quickly, she curved her lips into a self-depreciating smile. She had already been gone for so long and had changed so much herself. What right did she have to expect that Wei Kun would remain the same? Besides, when she had left that year, didn't she already know what had happened between him and Du Yue Ying?

Wei Kun's marriage to Du Yue Ying was within her expectations.

Seeing that her expression didn't look right, the servant girl next to her called out in Wu Rong's language, "Madam?"

Jiang Miao Lang suddenly returned to her senses. She pursed her lips, faintly smiled, and asked, "What's wrong?"

The servant girl pointed at Ba Bao Xuan, "Did you want to buy something from there? Do you want this servant to leave the carriage and wait in line?" From the servant girl's perspective, she had rushed her from Ci Temple without even pausing to worship Buddha and stopped in front of this candied fruit store. She should probably really want to buy something from here. But, she had continued to sit in the carriage without moving. Her actions were very hard to comprehend.

Jiang Miao Lan tilted her head. From a small crack between the window and the curtain, she saw that Wei Luo and Liang Yu Rong had walked out of the store. She considered for a moment, then she said, "No, follow the carriage in front of us."


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