Wu Gate Ch 32.2

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 32.2 of 87

“Why is it you?” This was the first question that Qing Qiao asked when they landed.

The person in front of her smiled, “Were you expecting someone else?”

“Why are you using such a feminine weapon?” Qing Qiao grasped the white silk around her body.

(T/N: Since Qing Qiao describes the white silk as a feminine weapon and this author loves Jin Yong’s novels, the white silk is probably the white sash that used by female warriors and hidden in their sleeves. The most famous character that uses this weapon is Xiaolongnü from Jin Yong’s novels. If you want to watch a fight scene where she uses this weapon, here’s a link https://youtu.be/tdvP11xW6xA?t=15.)

“I was temporarily overcome by anxiety and forced to by the situation, hehe.”

“You old bald donkey! Damnable fatty!” Qing Qiao wildly pelted him, “You almost cause this great aunt to die!”

Great Master Kong Kong took a step backwards to the left, then right. As he evaded being hit, he embarrassedly said, “Shizhu, let’s peacefully talk this out! Pay attention to appearances, ah! Appearances!”

(T/N: Shizhu is how monks address other people. It means alms giver.)

Hearing his words, Qing Qiao became even angrier. As furious as a raging fire, she shouted, “Appearances your mother! Tell me, why did you lie to me? How have I offended you?”

Great Master Kong Kong placed his palms together and politely bowed towards her. “Amitabha, may the lord Buddha preserve us. Shizhu, a monk never lies. When has this old one lie to you?”

Qing Qiao harrumphed, “You’re still not admitting the truth? Do you not know why I was imprisoned?” Qing Qiao wished she could use the white silk to strangle this smiling monk. “Then, tell me! What’s the purpose of the Four Divine Items? Where did the idea of overturning the heaven’s will come from? Am I really an orphan from the imperial Mu family? And, what’s with this plum blossom mark?”

Faced with her barrage of questions, Great Master Kong Kong only lightly smiled. “Shizhu, the truth is that the Four Divine Items really can help you return home.”

This one sentence was enough leverage to immediately stop Qing Qiao’s tirade.

“R-really?” She looked at Kong Kong. It felt as if her heart had gone through one climax after another. This fat monk was truly different from other people. At the very least, he knew her origins after just one glance and wasn't surprised. Should she believe in him one more time?

Shizhu, this old one really hasn’t lied to you. I just haven’t told you the complete truth yet.” Great Master Kong Kong’s expression was incomparably tranquil. “Legend says that the Four Divine Items are heavenly tools. The person that collects these items can wish for anything, including overturning heaven’s will. The entire world covets these items. In order to seize the Four Divine Items, there have been countless acts of carnage. Many heroes and heroines have died for the sake of obtaining these items.”

After talking to this point, Great Master Kong Kong couldn’t help feeling regretful. “Several hundred years ago, someone gathered together all Four Divine Items, which led to the instant destruction of a dynasty that was in its golden age…” He sighed and continued, “Their influence is really too excessive. At the time, this old one didn’t want to tell you more in consideration for safety. In addition… There’s probably no one else in the world that would believe you’re collecting these items just to go home.”

What? Qing Qiao’s limbs felt weak and she fell to the ground.

As it turned out, the market value of the Four Divine Items was that great. She felt as if she was a migrant worker that had returned to the countryside. Or, a better comparison would that she was on a ship that was breaking down because it was overloaded with crazy people and their desires.

Oh, no!!! She didn’t want to be Ruth! Jack, where are you? Hurry and save me from Titanic! I’m right next door to Mary!

“Are there that many people who want to collect the Four Divine Items?” She wailed. No wonder Duan Yu had been so anxious. It seemed that he had also been frightened by these rumors.

“… Back then, there had been a fierce battle because of the Four Divine Items. In the end, they were separated and held by different powerful authorities that hid their locations.” Great Master Kong Kong lightly smiled, “And so, there are very few people brave enough to try to collect these items now.”

“I understand,” Qing Qiao piteously cried. “I’m just a little ant that overestimated my capabilities.”

Shizhu, you don’t need to be so self-conscious.” Kong Kong crouched down to look at her. “Have you found the emperor’s spirit?”

“… I did find its whereabouts,” Qing Qiao gloomily groaned. “Isn’t it just the precious treasure that used to choose the next emperor?”

Shizhu, why didn’t you take it with you?” A light flashed through Kong Kong’s eyes.

“Do you think I’m a brain-dead person?” Qing Qiao glared at him as fiercely as a demon. “What kind of thing is the emperor’s spirit? If you’re not fated to be the emperor, then you don’t have the good fortune to take it! If you still insist on taking it, then you won’t be able to live past three months. I don’t have any intentions of dying young. I have to keep my energy in order to look for the other two treasures!”

Shizhu is a knowledgeable person…” Kong Kong smiled and lightly patted her head. “You know to use a long line to catch a big fish.*”

(T/N: Idiom that means planning long-term in order to get major results.)

Qing Qiao harrumphed and said, “I’m afraid that when the time comes, the bait might be eaten before the big fish is caught!” She rubbed her head. Having no alternative, she made a decision.

“Okay! Great Master, I’ll believe in you one more time! But first, you have to tell me something. How did you find me?”


(T/N: This chapter part starts at audiobook part 32 from 12:41 to audiobook part 33 until 02:45. The audiobook’s link is on the table of contents page.)

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