Wu Gate Ch 28.1

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 28.1 of 87

Following his gaze, Qing Qiao slowly raised her left arm. Her sleeve quietly slid down to reveal skin that was a smooth as white jade. At the place where the sleeve stopped, there were five small dots that resembled a crimson flower.

Three years ago, Great Master Kong Kong had told her, "This is a plum blossom mark."

At that time, she had recently transmigrated here. She didn't know what course to follow. She felt as if she was dreaming. She could only tell other people that she had lost her memory. And that as a result, the stimulation and shock was too much. It would take a long time for her to recover from her depression.

Gu Shang Shu was worried about his daughter's condition, so he brought her to Shang Temple to ask for blessings. This was how she met Great Master Kong Kong.

On that day, Great Master Kong Kong saw her blankly crouching underneath a tree, so he took the initiative to greet her. "Little shizhu, where did you come from?"

(T/N: Shizhu is how monks address other people. It means alms giver)

Because Qing Qiao was currently depressed about her loli body, she rolled her eyes when she saw him and responded, "Where did this fat monk come from?"

But, Great Master Kong Kong wasn't annoyed. He only laughed and said, "Shizhu, did you come from another world?"

After dumbly looking at him for three seconds, Qing Qiao abruptly stood up, hugged the monk's thigh, and wailed, "I finally found someone from the same organization!”

After looking and finding a secluded place, she told Great Master Kong Kong the details of her transmigration and repeatedly stressed that no matter what, she wanted to return home.

Great Master Kong Kong carefully looked at her, then he gently shook his head and said, "Shizhu, why must you obsess over returning? If the gods were willing to bring you here, then they must have their reason for doing so."

Utter rubbish! One of them was probably napping and grabbed the wrong person. While Qing Qiao had these thoughts in her mind, her mouth said words that showed she wasn't willing to listen to excuses, "There's no basis for your words. Great Master, how can you know that this was correct and intended plan?”

Great Master Kong Kong faintly smiled. "Young lady, do you have any special marks on your body?"

"... I do have a birthmark." Qing Qiao pulled up her sleeve to obediently let him see her left arm.

Great Master Kong Kong froze for a moment. Then, he immediately put his palms together in prayer, closed his eyes, and sighed. "E mi tuo fo, it really is the will of the gods."

"What's so special about this birthmark?" Qing Qiao didn't understand his reaction.

"... This is a plum blossom mark that only appears once in a hundred years." The monk let out a long sigh, "As expected, you're a rare marvel that's only seen once in a hundred years."

"So what if I'm a marvel? A marvel still has to go home!" Qing Qiao pursed her lips and seemed like she was about to cry. "I have the right to choose the trajectory for my life!"

"If shizhu truly wants to return, there is a way..." The monk softly comforted her, "I won't hide the truth from you. As long as you can collect the four items "heaven, earth, person, and tool", you'll be able to safely return home."

"Really?" Qing Qiao tightly grabbed his sleeve. Her eyes shone with the green light of longing, "You're not lying to me, right?"

"Monks do not lie." The monk lowered his gaze and slowly turned the Buddhist beads in his hand.

Qing Qiao's voice had already started to tremble, "Great Master, please tell me. What are these four items called? What do I have to do to obtain them?"

"The tool is called the nine surd bells." Great Master Kong Kong patted her head and gently said, "Shizhu, you'll definitely meet it if that’s your destiny. When that happens, come see me again. I'll tell you the names of the other three items." Then, he turned around to leave.

"Wait a moment, Great Master!" Qing Qiao hurriedly called out to stop him. "Things remain the same, but people change. If it takes me many years to find the nine surd bells, how will we able to identity each other in the future?"

"That's true." The monk turned around, bowed with both hands in front of him, and said, "Shizhu, how about you think of a secret signal?"

Qing Qiao gritted her teeth and firmly said, "Great Master, you have to carefully remember this! I can guarantee that in this world, there isn't a secret signal that's similar to this. Heavenly King covers the earth tiger. Pagoda township demon. Treat monks as warmly as spring. Treat pigs as cruel and unfeeling as winter!"
Qing Qiao returned from reminiscing about past memories, lifted her head up to look at Duan Yu with a confused expression, "... Could it be that this isn't an ordinary birthmark?"

There was a flicker of emotion in Duan Yu's eyes before it quickly disappeared. "Why do you insist on continuing to pretend? Little Qiao, you should already know about your past!"

"... What past?" Qing Qiao looked at him with dumbstruck eyes. "Aren't I Gu Shang Shu's biological daughter?"

"Do you really not know?" Duan Yu lightly coughed. His eyes looked at her, "Okay, then let me ask you. Gu Shang Shu's daughter was raised in a boudoir. Outside of family members, the number of men she met isn't more than ten. How would she have heard about a man with a wolf mark on his chest?"

"I... I naturally heard about it." Qing Qiao bit her bottom lip. She was slightly nervous and flustered.

"You heard? Who told you?" Duan Yu raised an eyebrow. There was a trace of a mocking smile on his face. "Did you hear this from your father? Or, do you hear this from the servant girls in Gu Shang Shu's residence?"

"I... I don't remember." Qing Qiao frowned and dropped her head. Ai, Your Highness, can I tell you that Jin Yong said this? Even if I say that, you don't know him!

(T/N: In one of Jin Yong's novels, there was a person with a wolf tattoo on his chest.)

"Oh?" Duan Yu showed a fake smile and lifted his chin. "That's fine. This prince will ask you another question. Why do you like Zuo Qing so much? Why did you feel like old friends at first sight?”

"Because... Because his appearance is relatively good..." Seeing that Duan Yu's expression was looking darker and darker, Qing Qiao stuttered even more. "His... His butt is comparatively perky... His tail... His tail is quite long..."

Strange, Prince Duan Yu was clearly standing within reach of her hand. But, he felt as if he was as far away as the ends of the earth from her. There was nihilist bleakness as if he was a ray of chilly, clear moonlight

(T/N: Just in case it was too long ago, Zuo Qing was a tribute from the Western Region.)

"Oh, so it's like that. Then, where did Gu Shang Shu's daughter learn those bizarre songs? Why do you have strange ideas that women from the current dynasty would never have?!" Duan Yu walked one step forward and sharply looked at her. Wherever his eyes looked, there were overflowing sparks that changed into smoke that saturated the air.Please read from the original source at fuyuneko dot org. It's very discouraging to see people reading from aggregator sites after I spent hours translating.

Eh? Ehhh? Ehhh?! Qing Qiao was completely, utterly, 100% dumfounded.

What? Little Duan, is this why you're suspicious of me? That's not right. Although I'm slightly different from most people, you still shouldn't question me like this, right? Besides, this was too different from the plot in transmigration novels! In those novels, there were would be a female lead that would stand out from the crowd and that world's most flirtatious and handsome man would fall in love with her the way a moth falls in love with fire. As a result, he would fall into an abyss that was beyond redemption...

Drops of bean-sized sweat trickled down from her head, eventually entered her collar, and disappeared with a swoosh.

Seeing that she was speechless, Duan Yu coldly smiled, turned around, clapped his hands, and said, "Bring Wu Kong inside!"

Wu… Wu Kong?

Qing Qiao was feeling so 囧 that her chin almost fell down. What scene were they performing now? It couldn’t be that Wu Cheng En had also transmigrated here?

(T/N: Sun Wu Kong is the main character from Wu Cheng En's Journey to the West.)

The prison cell's door opened. The person that walked inside truly shocked her.

It was the young monk that she had met at Shang Temple a few months ago.

"Monk Wu Kong, tell this girl what the plum blossom on her body represents." Duan Yu had been smiling this entire time. His gaze swept over as light as feather.

After the young monk glanced at Qing Qiao, he put his hands together in greeting and calmly said, "It's said that the plum blossom mark is only possessed by Xi Yu's (Western Region) imperial Mu family. If the imperial family's heir is a woman, she will have a five petal plum blossom mark on her arm. If the imperial family's heir is a man, his chest will have the mark of a wolf head with green teeth."

Qing Qiao clearly heard the sound of her chin dropping to the ground.

Dear little disciple Wu Kong, don't casually say these words. I haven't done anything to hurt you!

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