Wu Gate Ch 27.3

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 27.3 of 87

This time, the meeting gift that Duan Yu gave Qing Qiao was an icy cold prison cell.

It was absolutely cold, absolutely icy, but it was definitely not absolutely empty.

In this gloomy confinement, there was only a bed that couldn't be any smaller. There was a sparse layer of straw covering the bed. At the head of the bed, there was a black quilt. From somewhere, a cold wind came into the cell and blew past her.

*sfx of wind blowing*

Qing Qiao stiffly stood in place for a long time. She didn't know what to do.

"Straw... Straw mattress... Black.... Black quilt..." Flabbergasted, she stared at the "furniture" in front of her.

She seemed to be seeing countless cockroaches and small mites happily rolling about on the bed and freely running in all directions. She could even imagine their mutual greetings.

Little mite was saying flattering words, "Hey, older brother cockroach, are you well? You're a famous celebrity in our insect world!"

Cockroach sighed and replied in a deep tone, "Ai, I'm so busy! I’ve recently been swamped everyday going to the Weekly Star Show just to make a living. Brother, I won't hide this from you. Being an insect is difficult. Being a famous insect that does showbiz is difficulty piled on with more difficulty!"

Please read from the original source at fuyuneko.org. It's very discouraging to see people reading from aggregator sites after I spent hours translating.

Oh, no. Not like this! Can't be like this! Previously, she had been pampered since childhood. How could she have seen this type of situation before? With a vexed expression, she started wailing on the spot, "Author, you abnormal creature! Do you really have to abuse me like this?”

As soon as these words were said, a thunderclap was suddenly thrown down from the sky!

Scared, she shivered, then she quickly jumped onto the stone bed and crouched down. She looked up and seemingly absent-mindedly acted incomparably pleased. "Ah, I'm so fortunate! Not only was I able to transmigrate here and meet countless beautiful men, I'm also able to visit the imperial prison from thousands of years ago for free! My life has already reached such a beautiful point. Alas, what else can I ask for?!"

Then, she quickly picked up a stone and in a trembling scrawl, she wrote on the wall, "Uncompromisingly learning from Ye Ting's spirit. Swearing to firmly sit in prison!"

(T/N: Ye Ting was a communist leader. “Swearing to firmly sit in prison” was a line from He Jing Ping's poem that he wrote while imprisoned. This poem is meant to express the pride of the revolutionary martyrs and his determination to fight the enemy to the end.)

The thunder in the sky hummed for a few moments before finally stopping.

Thank goodness, she passed the danger point. She secretly sighed and wiped her sweat away.
Suddenly, she heard the sound of quiet footsteps in the prison. She quickly jumped down from the bed and neatly stood at the door.

Two people came over. One was an old man with white eyebrows. The other person was a younger man wearing splendid robes.

As soon as the old man entered the cell, he stared at her and asked in a stern voice, "Du Chun Jiao, do you admit your crime?" He seemed as if he hated that he couldn't hack her into mincemeat.

Same words again. So annoying. Why did people keep asking her these words when they saw her? Qing Qiao rolled her eyes. In a bad mood, she said, "Admit what?! What crime do you want to judge me guilty of? Failing to protect the crown prince? Kidnapping a child to sell? Or, stealing a national treasure and running away?"

The white eyebrows old man didn't expect that she would be so audacious. He was so angry that even his beard was shaking. Each word was said louder than the last as he said, "You.... You demoness! You actually dared to betray the imperial court by colluding with the Mo Sect! That day on the mountain, the soldiers were tightly deployed and you were still able steal the crown prince away! Speak! What witchcraft did you use? What evil intentions are you harboring?"

Ah, "demoness"? Such a magnificent and splendid appellation! In wuxia novels, generally only super beautiful women were qualified to be called by this title by other people. Qing Qiao was slightly drunk with euphoria. As a result, she very cooperatively elegantly tossed her hair and flirtatiously said, "Aiyo, don't you know? People in my profession naturally have professional ethics. As the saying goes, once you start in a certain industry, you should love it and keep at it. How can I easily leak top secrets related to my profession to outsiders?"

The white eyebrows old man's body shook and he clutched his chest. It was estimated that he was so angry that he would soon spit out blood.

In an exceptionally calm tone, the beautiful man in the splendid robes suddenly spoke, “Prime minister, go outside. I want to privately speak with this young lady.”

Terrified, the white eyebrows old man said, "Your Highness! This... This isn't proper! This demoness is probably a spy sent by Mo Sect. If she knows witchcraft..."

The younger man waved his hand. He looked slightly impatient.

The white eyebrows old man embarrassedly stopped speaking and turned around to leave.

"Prime minister!" Qing Qiao was afraid that this old man would forget her status after he left. She hurriedly affectionately called out, "As a demoness, I'll solemnly predict something for you. In the future, your family will produce an unrivaled hero! He'll have white eyebrows like you. He'll also have absolutely brilliant and romantic skills. When people mention him, they'll all praised him. What kind of knife will he have? A knife with golden rings! What kind of sword will he have? A moon white sword! What kind of skill will he have..."

(T/N: She’s describing the main character from a 1994 Chinese drama called “White-eyebrows Hero”. Below is the picture of the main character with the weapons mentioned above. You can sort of see his white eyebrows. See picture at fuyuneko dot org)

Wu Gate - Ch 27 - white eyebrows hero.png

However, the white eyebrows old man still left without looking at her even once.

Qing Qiao sulkily sat down on the bed. She pouted and didn't say another word.

The prison sunk into silence.

"Little Qiao." The splendidly dressed man crouched down to look at her. His smiling expression was like a spring breeze, "Are you mad at me?"

"How would I dare to be mad?" Qing Qiao lifted her head to look at him. She gritted her teeth and said the following words as if she was throwing them to the ground, "Prince. Duan. Yu!"

"As expected, you're mad." Duan Yu had a gentle expression that showed everything was as he anticipated. "Little Qiao, it's for your own good that I pretended to not know you today..."

"Fine." Qing Qiao waved her hands and generously said, "I know that you didn't want to expose my identify in front of the crown prince. You have to consider other people's feelings... It's okay. Just hurry with finding a way to let me go."

".... I'm afraid that I can't." Duan Yu took a step back. He looked at her and gently shook his head.

"Duan, what do you mean?" Qing Qiao jumped up. Her intuition told her that something really had changed.

"... You once told me that there were five dots on your arm that made up an image of a plum blossom that was only seen once in a hundred years."

He stared at her arm and lightly said, "Things have already reached this point. Do you still think that it's an ordinary birthmark?"

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