ChongFei Manual Ch 94.2

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 094.2 out of 171

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Standing underneath the banyan tree, Song Hui looked at Wei Luo's room and didn't move for a long time.

Was she sick? She had looked fine during the day. Why did she suddenly become sick in the evening? Was it serious? Had a doctor come over to look at her? Song Hui clearly didn't want to think about her anymore, but he couldn't help being concerned. His heart couldn't resist softening as soon as he thought of her beautiful, little face looking sick and pitiful while saying, "I don't feel well."

In the end, he couldn't give up on her. He had already become used to worrying about her over the past several years. Giving up on her was like trying to separate his flesh and blood; he couldn’t do it, much less in a short period of time.

He didn't see Yin Lou returning after waiting for fifteen minutes. After hesitating for a while, he still walked towards Wei Luo's room in the end.

The lights from the eight-sided lanterns hanging in the verandah weren’t very bright. A gust of cool wind blew by and his shadow swayed along with the lanterns. He stood directly in front of her door and started to raise his hand to knock on the door.

When his hand was half-raised, he abruptly became clear-headed and stopped.

What was he doing? This was her bedroom. How could he enter it in the middle of the night? Was he trying to damage her reputation?

If he was worried about her condition, wouldn't it be fine if he came back tomorrow morning?

In addition, everything had already been clearly said during the day. Since they would no longer get married, then what reason did he have to be worried for her? Even if he went inside, it wasn't like their relationship could be recovered. She had someone that she liked. Right now, she probably didn't want to see him. He shouldn't put her in a difficult position.

He stood in front of her door and didn't move for a long time.

So much time passed that his hand had become numb. He put his hand down, turned around, and started to walk away.

Wei Luo said that she only though of him as an older brother. What kind of brother would enter her bedroom in the middle of the night? Since they weren't fated to be together, he should give up on his hopes. It would better to have a clean break from now on.

Could he still be concerned about her in the future? When he thought about this question, his feet stopped. Soon, he faintly smiled and continued walking away. He could only secretly care about her in his heart. He no longer had the right and privilege to care about her.


After Song Hui left, Jin Tai Courtyard sunk into quietness again.

Not much time later, a person came out from behind a banyan tree.

A deep black robe with a treasure pattern was wrapped around his handsome and tall figure. The moonlight above his head illuminated his elegant and exquisite face. Underneath the white light, the small birthmark at the corner of his eye increased his seductive beauty. His sword-like eyebrows looked valiant. His bright and piercing star-like eyes looked honest. When he looked at people, his eyebrows would be slightly raised. He gave off the feeling of unrulyness and unable to be untamed. It was Li Song.

Li Song had been standing in the shadows and hadn't been discovered by anyone.

Previously, he had been leaning against a wall and had heard the conversation between Song Hui and a servant girl. He found out that Wei Luo was sick.

He looked at the dark room that wasn’t far away. After pondering for a long time, he still walked forward in the end.

There were many things he wanted to ask her. For example, was her engagement with Song Hui really canceled? Was she in a relationship with Zhao Jie? How far have they progressed? Have they shared a bed together? The more he thought, the harder it was to repress the anger and shock in his chest. Clearly, he was the person that had the least right to ask these questions. After all, the two of them would feel annoyed just looking at the other person. Regardless of who she had a relationship with, it wasn't any of his business. But, he couldn't help himself. Even though they were at a state of mutual hostility as soon as they saw each other, he still wanted to see her and talk with her.

He clenched his hand tighter around a golden emerald hairpin as step by step, he walked to Wei Luo's room. He decided to return this item to her tonight. After he returned it to her, he wouldn't continue to be bothered and concerned about her. If he didn't constantly look at this thing, he wouldn't keep thinking about her and his thoughts of wanting her wouldn't become more intense.

He stood in front of her door and knocked on it. There wasn't any response.

Was she asleep?

After hesitating for a moment, he pushed open her door and walked into her room.

The inside of the room was dark. A sweet fragrance entered his nose. There wasn't even a servant girl inside the absolutely silent room. Didn't she say Wei Luo was sick? Why wasn't there anyone here to take care of her? Li Song furrowed his eyebrows. In a few steps, he reached her inner room and went past the divider screen with a landscape painting. He was barely able to see her bed using the bright moonlight that passed through the window,

There was a person lying on the bed with loose hair. Her small back was facing him and she seemed especially frail. It made him immediately halt.

At this moment, she looked really obedient without any of the icy ruthlessness and disgust that she usually showed when looking at him. Her child-like fragility made his heart tremble.

The person on the bed was covered in a thin green blanket decorated with birds. She seemed to have awakened from the sound of his steps. Thinking that he was a servant girl, she coughed, groaned, and quietly muttered, "Water.... Water."

This was the first time that Li Song had burst into a girl's bedroom. He really didn't have any experience. At first, he had been somewhat nervous, but he calmed down after hearing her words. Although this soft voice sounded nice, it was still different from Wei Luo's voice. Wei Luo's voice was even softer. It was so soft that it could enter a person's bones. It wasn’t like this meticulous voice. Just as Li Song wanted to continue thinking, the person on the bed coughed again and said more urgently, "Jin Lu, bring me water..."

Li Song knew that Wei Luo had a servant girl called Jin Lu.

Her voice had probably changed because she was sick.

He didn't immediately leave. For a long time, he looked at the figure on the bed before unexpectedly walking to a round table, pouring a cup of water, bringing the cup of water to the bed, holding her up from the bed, and bringing the water to her lips, "Drink."

He thought that his illness was quite serious. Wasn’t he only planning on returning her hairpin? Why was he staying to take care of her?

Why was it any of his business if she was thirsty or not?

Thinking of this, his eyebrows furrowed. Just as he was about to push her away and leave, the soft body clung to him without any warning. Her arms were around his waist. She wouldn't let him leave.

She wasn't wearing much, only a thin robe. The robe was so thin that Li Song could clearly feel the curves in the teenage girl's dainty and delicate body. It was the same feeling that he felt when he had pressed her against the wall during Spring Lantern Festival.

The young girl tightly hugged him. She even rubbed her cheek against his chest. Sounding pitiful, in a cutely spoiled manner, she said, "I'm so cold..."

Li Song's body stiffened. He felt like there was a fire rapidly rising from his stomach. His entire body felt hot.

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