Wu Gate Ch 28.2

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 28.2 of 87

Duan Yu slowly looked at her. His eyes were filled with a devouring darkness. "Very good. Tell this girl the relationship between imperial Mu Family and our country."

Put into a difficult position, the young monk braced himself and said, "During the founding of this country, most of the small, surrounding countries surrendered and acknowledged allegiance by voluntarily becoming vassal states. Only Xi Yu's King Mu bravely said he would rather die than obey... The founding emperor was furious and sent two thousand elite soldiers to wipe them out. In the end... In the end..."

"What happened in the end?" Duan Yu's voice was as icy cold as if he didn't have any emotions.

"... In the end, the imperial Mu family was completely wiped out. There wasn't even one lucky person that escaped. As a result, the Mu tribes' strength and vitality was destroyed and they were pushed to edges of Xi Yu. They no longer assembled together to form a country.”

The young monk's voice seemed to floating over to her from a great distance. Qing Qiao felt as if her body had fallen into an ice cave. Her body froze inch by inch

What was this? What kind of joke was this?

What imperial family? What plum blossom mark? Heavens, did I transmigrated here to be branded with a plum blossom mark?! A baby that had been substituted, the appearance of a plum blossom mark, and a bizarre origin revealed. Everything about this was so astonishingly contrived and melodramatic.

Uhh, and there was that Jing Tao. He had acted out the role of Knight Hao Zhen. The leader of the roaring scenes will always be identified as the leader for the rest of his life. It seemed that I couldn’t break away from him even after I transmigrated!

(T/N: Hao Zhen was the main character in a drama with the same name, who finds a switched princess. At the beginning of that drama, an imperial concubine switched out her daughter with someone else's son, so that she could pretend she had given birth to a boy. To find her daughter in the future, she branded her daughter with a plum blossom mark on her shoulder. At the beginning of his acting career, Ma Jing Tao became famous for his overdramatic roaring scenes.)

She wanted to laugh at herself, but she could only twitch her mouth.

"... Even if I'm an orphan from the imperial Mu family, why does that matter?" Her face was deathly pale. She gritted her teeth and said, "I absolutely don't remember the things that happened a hundred years ago. Besides, even if I had known, what can I do to you as a weak woman?”

"You tell me." Duan Yu faintly smiled and moved his face closer to her. "You seized the crown prince and stole Mo Sect's sacred item. Tell me, what were you thinking about doing?"

"I... I didn't steal it! And, it's not related to Mo Sect!" Qing Qiao was extremely frightened and hurriedly covered the bracelet on her wrist. "I haven't harmed the crown prince. I've always treated him very well. I've fed him lots and lots of food. You.. You can ask him..." The more she spoke, the more incoherent her speech became. She knew that her state of mind had already been thrown into disorder.

Duan Yu moved even closer to her and whispered into her ear, "Really? If this isn't related to the nine surd bells, why did you put so much effort into finding those magical items? Don't tell me that you don't know what will happen after you gathered these four magical items!" Without saying another words, he stepped back. His spine was straight as his eyes emitted a gorgeous scarlet radiance. "Little monk, say what will happen!"

The young monk bowed with his hands held in the front. With a painful expression, he said, "E mi tuo fu. When the four items, "sky, earth, person, and tool" are gathered together, there's nothing they can't do. They have the power to grant any wish and can even change the will of the heavens. Whoever obtains all four items can be made into one who reigns over all.”

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Duan Yu lifted his head and heartily laughed. His expression was fierce as he asked, "How do you want to respond? Do you still want to deny when things have reached this point? Don't tell me that you goal wasn’t to change heaven's will and regain your country!"

Fearing his ruthless gaze, she stared at him and didn't say a word.

A long time later, she finally returned to her senses. With a panicked expression, she said, “Little monk, where’s your abbot? Where’s Great Master Kong Kong? This isn’t what he told me back then! He…”

The young monk faced her and bowed deeply, "The abbot has already been wandering for over a month. Right now, his location is unknown."

"Then... Quickly send people to look for him!" Qing Qiao became increasingly anxious. "He can prove my innocence. I didn't know my real identity back then. I don't have any intentions of going against heaven's will by recovering a country. Please, I’m begging you. Help me find him!"

The young monk looked at her and gently shook his head with an apologetic expression.

"Please, I'm begging you..." As she said this, she suddenly thought of something. She turned her head and blankly looked at Duan Yu, "Oh, that's right! Where's my father? Does he know about the plum blossom mark? Will you be doing something to him because of it?"

Duan Yu's complexion had returned to normal. He stared at her and said in a lofty tone, "... We're still investigating. This is why I didn't admit to knowing you on the hillside. After all, the only people in the palace who know your true identity is only me and Mister Qi. In the future, if we find out that your father was ignorant about this matter, then the only person executed will be a common girl name Du Chun Jiao. If your father is aware of the fact..." He paused for a moment, furrowed his eyebrows, and said, "Then, the entire family will be executed unto the third generations for being guilty by association. Not even a single life can be allowed to live."


Qing Qiao's body fell down onto the hard, stone floor.

Her teeth couldn't stop chattering in fear. Translucent tears slipped out from the corners of her eyes and transformed into mist. Everything had fallen apart.
After leaving the prison cell, Duan Yu immediately saw a black-robed man that was waiting at the edge of a wall. "You're quite speedy." Duan Yu looked at him and raised the corner of his lip. "Why aren't you going inside to see her?"

"Little Nine!" The man called out in an anxious tone and looked at him with a bitter expression, "Why must you act so unfeeling?"

"Oh, was this unfeeling?" He thoughtfully looked at the man in front of him. "I thought I was already treating her very well."

"Why must you believe the words of an ordinary young monk?" The black-robed man interrupted him. There was an irritable expression on his entire face. "He’s an insignificant person. What if he has malicious intent?!”

"Wu Kong is Great Master Kong Kong's succeeding disciple." His gaze swept past the other person as light as a feather. He methodically said, "In addition, I personally saw the plum blossom mark on Gu Qing Qiao. It definitely wasn't fake."

"Even... Even if she's an orphan from the imperial Mu family, you don't need to take her life!" The black-robed man's voice started to tremble. "She's been pampered and spoiled since childhood by Gu Shang Shu. Her life had always been comfortable and easy. Why would she have the aspiration to reestablish a country?"

"Well, how do you know for sure that she doesn't?" Duan Yu scoffed and looked at him with a sidelong glance that expressed disapproval. His tone was light as he said, "It would be fine if she was just an orphan, but she's obsessed over those four items. Tell me, don't you find that suspicious?"

"... Little Nine! Human life is beyond value! You can't act before carefully thinking things through!" The black-robed man knew that Duan Yu had already made up his mind and his face paled. "No matter what, you personally selected her as your fiancée. Don’t you have any feelings for her?!"

Unperturbed, Duan Yu raised an eyebrow and scoffed, "Feelings? It's a completely unnecessary thing. I don't have any special requirements about life. As long as everything follows the established conventional path, then I'll continue my relaxed state of mind." He raised a hand and stroked the jade pendant that was hanging on his waist with an affection expression. "But... If people attempt to disrupt this trajectory, then the only choice is to pull them out by the roots, so that there's no possibility for them to recover."

With a slight rustling sound, he looked up and smilingly said, "Better to kill a hundred innocent people than to free one guilty person. Mister Qi, you should understand this logic."

The person across from him became completely silent.

A long time later, Mister Qi quietly said to him, “I’m just worried that you’ll regret this.”

"Regret?" Duan Yu faintly smiled. His eyes were full of ridicule as he said, "I'm eagerly looking forward to experiencing this type of feeling." After saying these words, he turned around and abruptly left.

"Little Nine, I hope that you won't be like the me back then..." Mister Qi looked at Duan Yu's departing figure with eyes full of bleakness. "... When you experienced that feeling, it'll be too late."

Too late. Far too late.

By the time you feel regret, even if you're powerful enough to cover the sky, you still won't be able to change your past decisions.


(T/N: I wonder when Duan Yu started being suspicious of Qing Qiao. Was the the final nail in the coffin in chapter 18 when Qing Qiao agreed to Mister Qi’s request to take care of Shao Yi? Did he think she knew Shao Yi’s actual identity and was using this as a chance to kidnap the crown prince? The question that Duan Yu asked her at the time, “Are you sure that you won’t regret this later?” in chapter 18, feels so ominous in hindsight and all of his previous responses to her strange behavior.)

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