Wu Gate Ch 25.2

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 25.2 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

"Sheng Li Spell." Lu Zi Zheng proudly smiled, but his expression was strange. "If the owner exists, then the bracelet also exists. If the owner perishes, the bracelet will also perish. It's Nanjiang’s highest-level spell. In this lifetime, other than the person who cast the spell, no one else can remove it."

Surreal. Too surreal! Hearing these words, Qing Qiao's brain became a confused, tangled mess. She could only mechanically say, "Ah, so high-level, really too high-level..."

"Isn't it?" Lu Zi Zheng felt very proud from her flattering words. He turned his head to look at the face mask in his hand. "As for this face, it's only a fake identify I have when I'm outside. You know that the pugilistic world is dangerous. It wouldn't be good to reveal my real face."

Qing Qiao took a deep breath to calm herself, then she asked, "In the end, is Lu Si Kong a real person?

"He is." Lu Zi Zheng calmly smiled. His graceful bearing was outstanding. "Si Kong is my name. Zi Zheng is my childhood nickname."

His face glowed like a joyful lotus flower and he extended his hand towards her. "Other than my parents, no one else in the world has called me Zi Zheng. See, don't I treat you very well?"

"Well your head!" Qing Qiao took a large step back. Her eyebrows were slanted down in anger. "How are you related to Man Tuo Sect? Also, did you intentionally spread the news that I had the nine surd bells?"

Lu Zi Zheng's eyes flashed and he clicked his tongue in admiration, "Little Qiao, you've actually become smart."

"Smart your mom!" Qing Qiao raged, "I'm not a fool! Tell me, did you deliberately give me the bracelet and use me to distract Man Tuo Sect's attention?! After all, you can take this bracelet back whenever you want. So, you're using me to save yourself. Yes or no?!"

On the side, Lu Zi Zheng was quietly standing there with smile that was absolutely graceful.

"If this old mother doesn't fly into rage, you treat me like I'm Hello Kitty!" Qing Qiao was really angry. She couldn't find a better weapon after looking left and right, so she gritted her teeth, rushed over to Lu Zi Zheng's side, and went all out even at the risk of her own life!

"Look at my “Fat Dragon in the Sky”!" I'll crush you to death ~~~~

However, Lu Zi Zheng spryly moved back and firmly caught her in his arms.

He chuckled, hugged her waist, and ambiguously muttered into her ear, "This technique is pretty good. I'm enjoying it very much."

"But, I don't like the name. Perhaps, you can call it, Legendary Fatty."

"Nonsense, my body is the standard loli* figure!" Qing Qiao puffed out her cheeks and fiercely stared at him, "This old woman isn't luoba*."

* (T/N: Loli means young, cute girl in Japanese. In Chinese, loli is written using the characters for lo (蘿) from radish and li (莉) from lily. Luoba is a Cantonese slang word used to describe women with large butts. Luo (籮) is from basket and ba (霸) is from tyrant. I'm putting this as a note because Zi Zheng wouldn't understand what these words mean.)

Lu Zi Zheng continued to smile mischievously. She felt warm breath on her face, as he said, “Okay okay, don’t fuss anymore. You should go back and rest. We'll be traveling quickly tomorrow."

"You bought so many people from Man Tou Sect. Where are you taking us?” Qing Qiao wasn't willing to listen to excuses. Her face showed her worries.

Lu Zi Zheng put her down. He faintly smiled and started walking away. Before leaving the riverside, he flung down these words, "Man Tuo Sect's leader ordered Lu Si Kong to catch House Gu's daughter and bring her to Nanjiang."

This short sentence explained everything clearly.  


The next day, the carriage was still creaking as it continued to move. The people inside the carriage were still.

Qing Qiao was nesting by the window. She was in low spirits and drowsy.

"... Chun Jiao. Du Chun Jiao!" She vaguely heard someone calling her.

"Ah. Sir, do you want to eat again?" She lazily opened her eyes, yawned, and asked, "Tell me, what do you want to eat?”

Shao Yi's face became slightly red, "... I want you to come over here to talk with me. I'm really bored..."

Qing Qiao sighed and climbed over to his side. "Sir, what do you want to hear? Do you want this servant to tell you a story?" 

"Tell me." Shao Yi curiously looked at her.

Qing Qiao took a deep breath, mulled over what she would say, and her lips started to move up and down, "Actually, the world isn't flat. It's a sphere and revolves around the sun. Thunder isn't from Lei Gong* flying into a rage. It's from two electrical charges colliding in two cumulus clouds. Stars don't disappear because someone is about to die. It's because the stars themselves have died. The moon doesn't change because a heavenly dog is eating it. It's because the moon has been blocked by earth's shadow..."

* (T/N: Lei Gong is the god of thunder in Chinese mythology.)

Just as her mouth that could glibly talk forever was about to mention oil, Shao Yi finally couldn't resist opening his mouth to say, "Chun Jiao, are you suffering from shock?"


Qing Qiao plaintively looked at him and obediently closed her mouth. Popularizing science was really a heavy burden and arduous task!

Shao Yi couldn't bear to see her desolate expression. He leaned over and whispered into her ear, "Actually, you don't have to despair. Let me tell you. People will be coming to save us soon."

Qing Qiao was extremely surprised. She turned her head and stared at him, "How do you know? You've been tied up like this and you can still contact outside people?"

"Humph! Do you think I can't do anything just because my hands and feet have been tied up? Shao Yi chuckled and there was a trace of coldness in his yes. "If I don't even have this ability, how can I unify everything under the sky in the future?

When he said these words, there was a glimmer in his eyes as if he was an arrogant ruler that was overlooking the world.

The Young Emperor. Qing Qiao suddenly thought of these words. On second thought, aiya, that was wrong. This cute, young boy was much better looking than Deng Chao.

(T/N: Deng Chao is a Chinese actor that became famous after his lead role in the "The Young Emperor", a 2003 historical television series.)

"At latest, it'll be tomorrow. At earliest, it'll be today." Shao Yi brightly smiled at her. "They'll be here very soon."


(T/N: I wonder if ZI Zheng thinks she’s saying her body looks like a radish and lily. Or, what he's thinking when she's using modern day words.)

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