Wu Gate Ch 25.1

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 25.1 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

"You you you you you..." Qing Qiao's opened her eyes wider and stared the man who was only half-dressed. She couldn't even say a single orderly word.

"What about me?"

Lu Zi Zheng stood up with his hands behind his back, walked over, and became closer and closer to her as he leaned over. His peach-shaped eyes were half-closed as he mysteriously smiled.

"I I I I I ..." Qing Qiao felt that her tongue and mouth were dry. Her face was completely red. The blood in her entire body started to accelerate. He was too close. Older brother, you're too close! Look, your sex appeal is 100%. You're a living embodiment of beauty! Who can block the seven emotions and six desires? Although I'm not a girl infatuated with good-looking guys, I'm not Liu Xia Hui! I can’t remain calm if there's a beautiful person in my lap!

Lu Zi Zheng continued to silently come closer. His eyes were speckles of gold and his lips were like a half-moon. A misty glimmer flashed through his eyes that were as bright and clear as water.

"Ha!" Qing Qiao suddenly shouted and spat out poisonous gas. She successfully avoided their noses colliding by having Lu Zi Zheng twist his face to the side.

"... I ate garlic leeks during dinner." She embarrassedly twisted her clothes.

Lu Zi Zheng looked at her for a while, then he faintly smiled.

This really was a smile that could cause the collapse of a country.

Qing Qiao buried her head and as quiet as a mosquito, she mumbled, "Why... Why is it you?"

Don't misunderstand. She was feeling ashamed for herself. That recent action had been too disgusting. It was so disgusting that she made the decision to avoid eating garlic leeks for the next three years.

Lu Zi Zheng looked composed, "But, it is me."

Qing Qiao lifted her head to look at him directly with shining eyes, "... Has it been you the entire time?"

Lu Zi Zheng casually replied, "It's been me the entire time."

Qing Qiao was stumped for words for a while. She finally understood that she had been played with.

Her blood pressure rushed up and she suddenly jumped up, picked up a tree branch, and tried to viciously stab him, " This old mother will stab you to death!"

Not even the slightest bit anxious or angry, Lu Zi Zheng stood in place. With his chest unguarded, he acted as if he was peacefully greeting someone.

At the moment when the tree branch touched his chest, in a soft voice, he actually mischievously said, "Poof ~~"  

Qing Qiao’s body suddenly collapsed.

"You're a dead peacock! An old deviant! You played me!" She slumped into the ground. Her eyes were filled with an extremely thin layer of mist, "Is it fun to play me? You've already played three years and you're still haven't played enough?

As she talked, her eyes and nose became giant patches of red.

"What's wrong?" Lu Zi Zheng crouched down and looked at her curiously, "You used to never be this upset no matter how I messed with you."

"Mess your mom!" Oil was once again poured into the fire on Qing Qiao's head. She simply picked up nearby stones and started hurling them at him in an endless steam. "Sadist! Lunatic! Go back to your mental hospital!"

However, Lu Zi Zheng only gently shook his sleeve and all of those stones were flung out into outer space for a free interstellar tour.

“You…” Qing Qiao was extremely angry, but she didn't know how to deal with him. She could only sit back down, wipe her tears, and blow her nose.

After staring at her for a while, Lu Zi Zheng suddenly smiled at her. His clear and benevolent eyes were dazzling as he said, "Little Qiao, do you still believe me?"

"Don’t! Believe!" Qing Qiao turned her head to glare at him. She fumed with rage as she said, "Beat! Me! To! Death! And! I! Still! Won't! Believe!"

"... Then there's nothing for me to say."

With his hands spread out, Lu Zi Zheng smiled, then stood up and started to walk away.

However, he was stopped by a person clinging to his leg.

"... Noble Hero! Noble Hero, please stay!" Qing Qiao tenaciously hugged Lu Zi Zheng's thigh. Her face was full of tears of humiliation.

Author, why do you always arrange a minion's role for me?!

"Why? Has little Qiao thought of something?" Occupying the higher ground, Lu Zi Zheng turned around. His face showed that he was proud of himself for succeeding in his calculation.

"... You should at least give me an explanation..." Qing Qiao looked extremely wronged, "For example, who is Lu Si Kong? Why are you pretending to be him? When did you start pretending?"

"And..." She paused. Her face looked slightly pale as she stuttered, "Were you trying to kill me at Shang Temple? Did you... want to take back the nine surd bells?"

Instead of replying, Lu Zi Zheng began to carefully study her expression.

Just like this, these two people stared at each other for a long time. Lu Zi Zheng suddenly burst out in laugher.

"As expected..." He stroked Qing Qiao's hair. The corner of his eyes were slightly raised as he thoughtfully said, "As expected, only you know how to make me happy..."

His gaze drifted towards a distant horizon. Who knows at what spot it landed?

Qing Qiao endured the humiliation as part of an important mission and accepted being patted like a pet. As long as the noble hero was willing to answer her questions, she wouldn’t even have any problems with barking and pretending to wag her tail.

"Stand up first." A smile floated across Lu Zi Zheng's face. The reason behind the smile was unclear. "I'm not used to hanging my head down to speak with other people."

In a flurry, Qing Qiao hastily got up, dropped her sleeves, and acted servilely.

"Foolish girl, " Li Zi Zheng's bent his fingers and lightly knocked her head, "I've already said I won't kill you. You don't have to be so careful."

Qing Qiao patted her body to remove the dirt and looking extremely wronged, she said, "Then, why did you grab me when we met at Shang Temple?"

"Stupid girl" Lu Zi Zheng glanced at her and icyly said, "Would it be enough if I didn't kill you? Let me tell you. Right now, Man Tou Sect will spare no effort in seeking you out. A month ago, the sect master announced to the entire sect to seize you, dead or alive. Last time, if I didn't cast a spell for you during the chaos, right now, only your skeleton would remain.” 

Qing Qiao remembered being surrounded by Nine Yin White Claws’ tremendously painful darkness and couldn't resist trembling, "What... What kind of spell is that powerful?"


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