Wu Gate Ch 24.3

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 24.3 of 87

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Suddenly, at the side, Shao Yi impatiently shouted, "Chun Jiao! Du Chun Jiao!"

"What? What's wrong?" Qing Qiao quickly returned to her sense and rushed over to Shao Yi.

"... I'm hungry. I want to eat something." Shao Yi stared at her. There was a thin layer of pink on his honey-colored face.

"Okay!" Qing Qiao was overjoyed. She immediately took out a pastry from a box, broke it into pieces, and fed each piece to Shao Yi.

"Is it yummy?" Qing Qiao looked at Shao Yi as she fed him. Her eyes were full of gentleness and sweetness.

Eat. Quickly eat. Cute young boy, you have to eat lot. Once I fatten you up, this great aunt will be able to get the Emperor's Sprit from Mister Qi.

Shao Yi didn't reply. He turned his face away and slowly chewed.

After looking at them for a while, Lu Si Kong suddenly quietly laughed, "This young master is living quite well! You even have someone feeding you bite by bite."

"Shut up evildoer!" Shao Yi lifted his head and viciously glared at him, "If you have any courage, release my hands and feet. Let’s fight!"

But, Lu Si Kong only faintly smiled and flippantly left the carriage.

That night, Qing Qiao was sitting at a riverside and washing her feet. The river reflected the gleaming moonlight onto her sad face.

Ai, she was currently kidnapped. Mister Qi still hadn't appeared. When would they be able to escape? And that Prince Duan, even if you really have abandoned me, you have to care about your nephew! Your crow men were usually so powerful. Why can’t they even hear the sound of a fart, right now?

She shook her head and thought of Lu Si Kong's words, "Older brother is bringing you there to get married"

She had a splitting headache. Would that fellow really give her to that Man Tou Sect Leader? As soon as she thought of that group of expressionless, white-robed men, her entire body immediately felt weak. She envisioned spending the rest of her life in a pile of piping hot, white steamed buns.

(T/N: Just in case it was too long ago, in chapter 12, instead of being impressed by the group of white-robed men from Man Tou Sect, Qing Qiao thought they resembled white steamed buns.)

While she was feeling heart-broken, a fluffy thing ran over to her, circled around her and sniffed her, then licked her.

Ah, so cute!

She could resist lifting up the small thing onto her knees. So, it was a small, chubby dog. Its chubbiness was lovable.

She wrinkled her nose and called out to small dog, "Woof woof!" Then, she quietly asked, "Pitiful little one, where's your owner?"

The small dog licked her with its pink tongue.

"Does no one want you?" She giggled, "If no one wants you, then follow me. Coincidentally, no one wants me either."

Behind her, a person suddenly said, "Do you bring back home everything that you see, regardless of what it is?

She turned her head. Lu Si Kong was leaning against a tree and silently looking at her. Underneath the moonlight, his figure was tall and slim.

"I'm a person that's overflowing with compassion." Qing Qiao waved her hand and faintly smiled, "Is this your dog? It's so cute. What's its name?"

"Meow Meow, it's called Meow Meow."

Qing Qiao burst out in laughter. How could a dog be called Meow Meow? Then, I'm raising a cat called Woof Woof!

However, she suddenly thought of something and her smiling expression froze.

Two years ago, soon after her first encounter with a demon, thirteen-year-old Qing Qiao was delivering necks to that demon on a mountain.

"So scary! I'm almost died!" After great difficulty and out of breath, Qing Qiao finally reached the cave entrance. "Just now, a bunch of mountain dogs were chasing after me."

The demon looked her over and discovered that edges of her skirt were ripped.

"What's so scary about dogs?" The demon's eyes turned, "Tomorrow, I’ll kill all of them and also get a few more necks to eat."

"Don't!" Qing Qiao hurriedly waved her hands. "I really like dogs! Don't hurt them!"

"If you like them, then why are you be so scared of them?" The demon sniggered, "You’re only pretending to like them."

"It's true. I really want to have a dog." Her tone became serious as she explained, "I've wanted to have a dog since I was young. Unfortunately, my mom... my mother* wouldn't let me."

* (T/N: Qing Qiao initially uses the modern word for mom, then she switches to archaic word for mom.)

"What's so difficult about having a dog?" The demon snorted disdainfully, "On another day, I'll give you one. What breed do you want?"

"The breed isn't important. But, it has to be small and chubby." Qing Qiao's face was full of sweet longing, "And I want to name it, Meow Meow!"

Yes, Meow Meow. She had already thought about this for a long time. The dogs in transmigration novels were either called Wang Cai (flourishing wealth), Zhao Fu (summoning good fortune), Xiao Bai (little white), or Da Huang (big yellow). Occasionally, there would be a slightly more special female lead that would directly call the dog, "Dog"! This was too straightforward! Even dogs have dignity!

If you have a child and name him "Human", see if he doesn't spit out blood in anger and seek you out to settle the score in the future. "Meow Meow" was a great name. For dogs, this was a truly foreign name. It couldn't be any more fashionable. And, if cats bully this dog, he can report, "I am Meow Meow”. Perhaps those wild cats will think he's an undercover agent in Internal Affairs and be super impressed!

Her recollection came to screeching end.

Qing Qiao's body trembled and she tenaciously stared at Lu Si Kong.

He lifted his mouth and the emotion in his eyes changed. Step by step, he walked closer to her.

She saw him crouching down. His large hand unhurriedly passed over his face and a thin layer of fake skin quietly fell onto his palm.

... And a devastatingly beautiful face was revealed.

He flirtatiously smiled at her and whispered, "Zi Zheng is also hungry. Is little Qiao willing to feed me?"

(T/N: Below is an audiobook cover that show the scene above. See other covers here.)

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(T/N: I love Qing Qiao's logic behind naming a dog "Meow Meow". Zi Zheng is so sweet for remembering something that Qing Qiao mentioned to him two years ago.)

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