Wu Gate Ch 24.2

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 24.2 of 87

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Shao Yi fiercely glared at her. "Why was that evildoer looking for you?"

Qing Qiao's eyes were gleaming with tears as she said, "He said there’s an item on my body that he wants."

"What item does he want? Even if it’s a rare treasure, wouldn't it be fine if I transfer the item to him from the national treasury?!"

“… I don’t know.”

"Humph!" Shao Yi's face was livid. "You fool. Your head is completely filled with pig food! I see that I can't count on you with escaping!"

Qing Qiao closed her eyes and lowered her head. Her face was an appropriate blushing red for the situation.

"Darling younger sister, are you hungry?" A moment later, Lu Si Kong opened the curtain and came inside the carriage with a smiling face. He was holding a kraft bag in his hand.

When he opened the bag, the carriage was filled with the delicious smell of roasted duck.

Gulp. Qing Qiao swallowed her saliva.

Just as she was about to reach out, next to her, Shao Yi suddenly coughed. The sound was loud enough to shake the earth.

She embarrassedly retracted her half-stretched out hand.

"What? Are you afraid that it has poison?" Lu Si Kong faintly smiled. He directly broke off a piece of duck thigh and ate a bite. "This is so delicious, but you're not treasuring it. Ai, I've already said that I can’t bear to see younger sister die. Why don't you believe me?" As he said these words, he glanced at Qing Qiao. She looked extremely conflicted and seemed very distressed.

After a long internal struggle, the young woman slapped her thigh and made a gesture as if she was prepared to die for righteous cause, "— — The author won’t let me die from eating a roasted duck!"

Then, she immediately rushed over, tore off a wing, and prepared to gorge.

Suddenly, she froze, turned around to look at Shao Yi, and with a fawning smile, she asked, "Sir, do you want to try some?"

"Go away!" Shao Yi wished that he could kick her into the sky. "You gluttonous pig. If you want to kill yourself, fine. Don’t harm me along with yourself!"

Qing Qiao smiled and didn't continue speaking. She quietly ate the food.


In the evening, Lu Si Kong's group stopped at a mountain temple to rest.

Shao Yi was already dizzy from not eating any rice or drinking any water or tonic the entire day.

Suddenly, a shadow appeared in front of him. With great effort, he was able to open his eyes and he saw a quick-witted smile.

"Sir, please get up and eat something." So, it was Du Chun Jiao. Her left hand was holding a bowl of water and her right hand was holding a paper bag. She looked very comical.

"I won't eat!" Shao Yi's hands were tied up and he couldn't move. He could only fiercely glare at her, "Go away!"

"Don't worry. This doesn't have any poison." Chun Jiao didn't become the slightest bit angry. With a smile, she said words to quell his anger, "This was from a mountain spring. I personally scooped the water out. I ate part of this roasted duck during the day and secretly hid half of it in my clothes. Look, I haven't shown any symptoms of being poisoning even now. This is why I'm at ease with bring this food for you to eat.”

Shao Yi feigned by turning his face away and saying, "... This prince won't eat something that was eaten by someone else."

Chun Jiao warmly and affably smiled, "Yes yes yes, Chun Jiao knows. But, the current situation is special. Sir, please make an exception." Then, she opened the paper bag, took out a piece of roasted duck, tore off a thin strip, then brought the rest in front of him, "Look, I tore off the part that I bit and touched. There definitely won't be anyone's saliva.  Please just eat a little bit. Otherwise, how will you have the energy to escape later?"

Shao Yi harrumphed, considered for a while, and finally opened his mouth to eat.  

"Sir, wait. Drink some water." Du Chun Jiao was overjoyed. She tore off more strips of roasted duck. Piece-by-piece, she smilingly put them into Shao Yi's mouth.

This was the first time that the crown prince ate roasted duck that carried the warmth of another person.

Tonight’s night sky was clear and the moon was bright.


In the blink of an eye, it was the next morning. Lu Si Kong continuing the hurried journey.

"... Older brother Si Kong, where are we going?" Qing Qiao couldn't resist asking.

"We're going to meet your in-laws." Lu Si Kong charmingly looked at her with his peach-shaped eyes that could forcibly entice a person's soul.

*Sound of escaping laughter* ~~

Hearing these words, Shao Yi started transmitting a malicious, shock wave at her again

Qing Qiao wiped away her cold sweat and stammered, "Chun Jiao... Chun Jiao hasn't married yet. How can I have in-laws?"

"Aiya, it seems that younger sister doesn't have a good memory." Lu Si Kong laughed loudly, then said, "Darling younger sister, did you forget what you told me at Shang Temple? You said that Man Tuo's Sect Master fell in love with you and wanted to kidnap you to become his wife!" His eyes turned and he leaned closer, "Older brother is bringing you there to get married.”

Qing Qiao's eyes rolled back. Her four limbs lost all of their energy. She finally realized she was heading straight for the enemy's headquarters!


Creak. Creak. The carriage had been traveling for a long time.

Qing Qiao had been leaning on the carriage window the entire time. Her spirit hadn’t recovered yet.

"What's younger sister looking at?" A ruffian face suddenly popped up in front of her and startled her.

"Ah, nothing much... I'm looking at that person's hairstyle." Qing Qiao casually pointed at a passerby. She dispiritedly said, "It looks quite good. Really creative."

Hearing this, Lu Si Kong immediately leaned out of the window and carefully examined.

He turned around and said in surmise, "... There's nothing special. It's only that his hair is short.”

"Short hair is better. I like short hair, hehe." Qing Qiao's expression was lax. There was a lifeless look in her eyes.

"... So, younger sister likes men with short hair?" A gleam of light quickly swept past Lu Si Kong's eyes. "Then, how short do you want the hair to be?"

"The shorter, the better. Hehe." Qing Qiao foolishly laughed. Her soul had already been scared to a distant edge.

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