Wu Gate Ch 24.1

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 24.1 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

Sigh — —

Qing Qiao was sitting inside a wobbly carriage. This was her one hundred twenty-third sigh. 

"Darling younger sister, why aren't you happy?" A ruffian face came over to survey her. He smiled at her in a currying favor manner.

Qing Qiao turned around and saw a tied up crown prince that looked like a meat dumpling. He was using a vicious glare to send silent attacks at her.

When she looked up further, she saw the yellow flag with the incomparably massive word "Dang" written in black on top of the carriage. It was truly more majestic than the photoshopped tiger in southern China.

In the end, she lowered her head and looked at the bright sword that was touching her neck. It was the genuine item and cold as ice. An ordinary movie prop couldn't compare to it.

Sigh — —

She finally sighed number one hundred and twenty-four sigh.

"What? Do you not like it?" Dang Dang pointed at the "Dang" word and had a proud expression on his face. "I had this done just for you. I was worried that you wouldn't remember me when we met again, so I ordered people to make a hundred and forty-eight banners and deliver it here overnight."

Qing Qiao dispiritedly groaned, "... There's actually one hundred and forty-eight of them?"

Older brother Dang Dang faintly smiled and mysteriously said, "This isn't much, darling younger sister! Older brother has also prepared a special gift for you. It's guaranteed to make you happy!"

Then, he waved his hand, opened the carriage's curtain, and shouted, "Bring the banners!"

She only heard a momentary chaotic rustling sound, then suddenly a group of puffing people came down the mountain. They were carrying a new style of banner. These banners were completely pink with a border of silvery white flowers. It couldn't be more festive.

Stunned, Qing Qiao looked at them. There was an identical word on all of these banmers. "Ding"!

Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding

Looking at the pink "Ding" that was everywhere, Qing Qiao couldn't resist covering her face with her sleeve and silently crying.  

"Do they look good?" Older brother Dang Dang's peach-shaped eyes sparkled, "I think these banners really match your style."

Qing Qiao wiped away the tears at the corner of her eyes. Her breath was weak when she said, "Really good. Really matches my heart."

Older brother Dang Dang clapped his hands, "I just knew that younger sister Ding Ding would like it."

“Her name isn’t Ding Ding.” A person suddenly coldly interrupted his euphoria.

In the corner, Shao Yi slowly smiled, "Chun Jiao, why weren't you willing to tell his hero your real name?"

Choked by Shao Yi's words, Qing Qiao could only laugh in vain and look at the ruffian, "... Older brother Dang Dang..."

The ruffian closed his eyes and smiled. His expression showed that he didn't care at all. "So younger sister also has another name. Chun Jiao? No matter. Older brother also has another name, Lu Si Kong. In the future, you can also call me older brother Si Kong. Haha."

(T/N: Lu has a lot of different meanings. Si Kong means pondering empty thoughts.)

Shao Yi pointed his nose up and turned his face away from them.

Qing Qiao smiled in embarrassment. She carefully avoided the sword near her neck, "Older brother... Si Kong, could you have your subordinates put down their weapons, then we can have a good talk?

Lu Si Kong faintly smiled, "They can put down their weapons at your side. The ones on his side can't be put down." He used his chin to point at Shao Yi, "That boy has some small skill. If I release him, there might be big trouble."

Qing Qiao didn't know whether to laugh or cry. You kidnapped the crown prince. There isn't anything that's more troublesome than this.

Seeing that she looked as if she was mourning for her deceased mother at a funeral, Lu Si Kong couldn't resist reaching out and pinching her wrinkled nose. "Don't worry. You won't die anytime soon." While he affectionately stroked the silver bracelet on her wrist, he said in a sympathetic one, "There's a spell on this item. If you die, it'll automatically turn into dust. For now, I'm still reluctant to part with you."

"... Older brother Si Kong, how about you let him go..." Qing Qiao sighed and accepted her fate. She felt that she had dragged Shao Yi into this mess. "The person that you want to catch was me. Don't hurt him."

The ruffian looked at Shao Yi and showed a strange smile. "Why should I let him go? His subordinates have injured a lot of my men. I caught him to vent my anger." As he said this, he stretched his hand to touch Shao Yi's face and clicked his tongue in admiration or perhaps disgust. "Although this fellow is thin, he still looks acceptable.”

Shao Yi became agitated and angry. He viciously spat at him. "Evildoer, remove your paw!"

A light flashed through Lu Si Kong's eyes. He didn't move his face away and only smilingly said, "Hey, your temper is so violent. Do you really think you’re a young master? “Although he was smiling, the smile clearly didn't reach his eyes.

In the end, Shao Yi was still young. The raging inferno in his eyes wanted to curse him soundly. At once, Qing Qiao rushed over there, grabbed him, and pleadingly said coaxing words, "Sir, calm down. Sir, you must calm down." As she said this, she meaningfully looked at him.

Seeing them making eyes at each other, Lu Si Kong coldly smiled, flung his sleeve, and left the carriage.

"Lowly servant, did you cause them to come here?!" Shao Yi said into Qing Qiao's ear as he gritted his teeth.

"Wu wu (sound of crying), I didn't want this to happen either..." Qing Qiao waved her sleeve with all of her strength and shook her head. She shook her head so hard that tears came out. "How could have I known that he would easily catch me? I used to be followed by a large group of guards. Normal people wouldn't even be able to come close!"

The more she talked, the sadder she became. This was so unfortunate. She couldn't stop her tears as she silently complained. Little Duan, do you not want me anymore? Why did you take away all of your crow men without saying anything? You caused this miss to fall into this plight today. This is committing evil!

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