ChongFei Manual Ch 72

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Title: ChongFei Manual
Chapter: 072 out of 171

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Zhao Jie must have already heard their voices. The hand that was holding her became rigid.

Wei Luo's entire body wasn't good. She raised her small hand to push at Zhao Jie's chest and reminded him, "Older brother Prince Jing, let me up..."

His tall body was pressing her against the floor and his legs were intertwined with hers... This position was dubious no matter how one looked at it.

Although Wei Luo had lived two lives, she had never been affection with another person, much less have her body so dubiously close to a man. He was right above her. If she looked up, she would see his inherent strength and power that was related to his status. He didn't even have to do anything to take away her escape path.

Instead of letting her go, Zhao Jie leaned over and tightened his hold on her. With their cheeks close to each other, he hoarsely whispered, "Ah Luo, listen.”

He wanted her to listen. As for what he wanted her to hear... the answer was self-evident.

Wei Luo tilted her head to hide from his touch. Her cheeks and ears were red. Without even thinking about it, she refused, "I don't want to listen."

Although she said these words, the voices from the other private room still intermittently traveled over here...

From the other side of the wall, remembering that she was in a public place, the female suppressed her voice when she whimpered, "Heir, this isn't good... other people will hear us."

The man that had been called "Heir" quietly harrumphed. There was something in his mouth, so his voice was unclear when he said, "What's there to be afraid of? Would they dare to come in to look?"

Immediately after, he repeatedly bit her until she tearfully cried out delicately. But, there was also a sense of excitement that was difficult to suppress.

Although the voices behind them had stopped, they could guess what was happening without even thinking. In addition, from time to time, the female would complain, "Brother-in-law... slow down… too fierce..."

Although Wei Luo wasn't easily embarrassed, she couldn't avoid blushing this time. Her usually pink cheeks were thoroughly red. Her long eyelashes trembled before going down and blocking the sight of his bright and vivid eyes, "Let me up..."

Zhao Jie's chest was burning hot. He propped himself up to look at her. He only saw her biting her pink lips. She seemed as if she was going to fly into a rage from the humiliation. He knew that she felt embarrassed. He also knew that there was a time to stop while he was ahead, so he didn't continue pressing her down. He got up, then he helped her up from the ground. With effort, he pressed down the fire in his heart and appeared nonchalant as he dusted off the dust on her body. He held her hand as he brought her closer to him, "Are you hurt from falling?"

Wei Luo took back her hand. She wouldn't allow him to touch her, "Doesn't hurt."

After saying this, she looked in the direction of the door. The door was tightly closed. Zhao Liuli and Yang Zhen still hadn't returned. Why did it take them so long to eat jellied tofu? Her eyebrows were furrowed. She really didn't want to be alone with Zhao Jie.

Zhao Jie's hand stopped in mid-air. Soon after, his lips curved into a smile. Originally, he hadn't wanted to say this so early. But, her display of avoiding him was too obvious and his heart felt very unhappy. Did he stop being her big brother just because she knew that he liked her? This time, he didn't let her evade. He grasped her small hand that had been hanging at her side. He wouldn't tolerate her rejecting him. He shackled her movement by pulling her forward until her legs were between his legs and placing his other hand on her back. He lifted his head to look at her almond eyes, "Ah Luo, do you dislike big brother now?"

The young girl's body was petite. There was more than enough space for her. In addition, she wasn't tall. When he was sitting and she was standing, she was only half a head taller than him. Currently, his forehead was pressed against her. They were so close that their breaths were intertwined together. She only felt that her nose was itchy and felt slightly uncomfortable.

Wei Luo pursed her pink lips. After thinking for a while, she slowly said, "... I don't."

She didn't dislike or hate him. It was only that the like that she had for him wasn't the same as the like that he had for her. She regarded him as an older brother that deserved her respect and didn't have other types of feelings. But the person that she had regarded as a big brother had secretly kissed her and tightly hugged her. These were intimate things that should only be done between a man and woman in a relationship.

Wei Luo's heart was in chaos.

Zhao Jie's lips were lifted up into a smile. He let go of her hand, embraced her waist with both of his hands, and brought her closer to him.

While Wei Luo was whole-heartedly thinking about his words, he had decreased the distance between them without her awareness. She didn't know how intimate their current positions were.

She was standing between his legs and his arms were around her waist. Their cheeks were close together.

Like a big wolf that was trying to deceive a little girl, Zhao Jie slowly and hoarsely whispered in a warm and gentle tone, "Then why are you avoiding me?"

Wei Luo thought of something and the tips of her ears turned red. She turned her head away to avoid his gaze and didn't say anything.

He chuckled, "That day at Qian Temple, you were awake, right?"

He had even guessed this correctly... After she thought about it, his guess was reasonable. After that day, she was always avoiding him. He was so clever. Of course, he would realize this.

Wei Luo still didn't say anything in reply.

If she didn't want to speak, he naturally had a way to get her to speak.

Zhao Jie looked at her small, delicate, fair face. His thin lips went forward and he kissed her forehead, "When did you wake up? Was it when I kissed you like this?"

Incredulous by his actions, Wei Luo's body stiffened and she turned her head.

There was a smile on his face as he looked at her mouth that was slightly opened from surprise. He asked, "Or, was it when I kissed you like this..."

After saying this, he softly bit her bottom lip.


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