Wu Gate Ch 25.3

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Title: The Crazy Adventures of Wu Gate
Chapter: 25.3 of 87

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

At noon, they were traveling though a long and narrow valley. Suddenly, they heard a rumbling sound from the top. Qing Qiao lifted up her head to look and saw many boulders rolling down from the mountainside.

Someone took the imitative to call out, "Bad news! Ambush!" Panicking, the steamed buns started to flee in both directions.

But, this terrain was very vile. Before they could escape, the boulders directly struck down many people. For a time, the valley was reeking with the scent of overflowing blood and wretched crying.

"They could be counted to have arrived timely." Shao Yi was sitting inside the carriage and proudly smiling. "Although, it was later than I expected."

Qing Qiao was frightened and apprehensive and couldn't resist glowering at him. Your Highness, are you and your subordinates lunatics? No one can avoid gravity. What if the boulders hit them? It couldn't be that you wanted them to bring back two large, flattened meat pastries home?

Just as she was about to open her mouth to curse, the carriage curtain was lifted from the outside. Lu Zi Zheng jumped inside. 

"Darling young sister, evil people are here." He had returned to Lu Si Kong's ruffian face. His smiling expression was relaxed and bright. "Hurry and leave with older brother."

Then he grabbed Qing Qiao’s wrist and they fled from the carriage

"Chun Jiao" Shao Yi couldn't move and could only loudly shout from behind them, "Chun Jiao. Du Chun Jiao, don't follow him!"

Hearing his voice, Qing Qiao looked back. She didn't know why there was a huge change in the cute, young boy's expression. His face was full of fear and panic.

"... Bring him too." She was caught in Lu Zi Zheng embrace and could only pull on the front part of his robe, "I have a use for this child. Don't let him be hurt by the boulders."

Lu Zi Zheng cast a sidelong glance at her with his eyebrows slightly raised, "Don't forget this. You asked me to help you."

This Lu Zi Zheng was really a character. While carrying them, he flew out of the valley in a few steps. He was calm and leisurely as they reached the ground without even the slightest injury.

"Just like that... we escaped?" Qing Qiao blankly looked at him. She couldn't believe it had been that easy.

"Yes, we escaped." Lu Zi Zheng faintly smiled, "If that gang of fools want to catch up to us, it would probably take them several hours."

"Then... you don't care about your sect?" Qing Qiao's eyes open wider. She felt trepidation after the recent trauma.

"Why would I care?" Lu Zi Zheng's face was the same as usual. There wasn't the slightest trace of worry. "I was worried about not knowing how to send them away! It's good now. They've all been killed by this young master's subordinates. Now, I won't be inconvenienced."

Qing Qiao felt that his reaction was too terrifying. She was so scared that she started stuttering. "... There... There'll be spies that will go back to report this!"

"Even if there are spies that go back to report, they could only report that Man Tuo Sect's army of three hundred forty-three warriors have been destroyed. Or perhaps..." He suddenly held Qing Qiao's hand and teasingly said, "Or perhaps, they'll say Envoy Lu and the hostage have fallen in love with each other and they ran away together to elope!"

"You!" Qing Qiao was extremely embarrassed. Her face was bright red and she viciously flung away his hand, but this only made him laugh loudly.

After he finished laughing, he gently jumped onto a fishing boat that was in a river. "Seriously though, we have to leave here as soon as possible. Come here, that young master's has something on his body. We can only travel by water, otherwise we'll leave a trail." Lu Zi Zheng's hands were behind his back and facing the wind. His face was full of the shimmering brilliance from the water below.

Rowing a boat for a period, who is willing to leisurely travel with me?

Qing Qiao hesitated for a while, then she finally carefully boarded the boat.

"Do you want to bring him with us?" Lu Zi Zheng smiled in satisfaction and pointed at the teenage boy on the riverside. He turned his head and whispered, "I know that originally he didn't treat you well. You can use this opportunity to vent your anger..."

Qing Qiao looked at the formerly insufferably arrogant crown prince, who was now suffering. Even though he kept trying to move his body, he couldn't make the slightest sound. His acupuncture point for his voice had been blocked at some point on the way here, 

After thinking about it, she nodded. Her expression was resolute.

And so, Lu Zi Zheng flew back onto land and carried Shao Yi onto the boat.

"It's really bothersome carrying him back and forth!" He frowned, "I might as well untie him.”

Then, his fingers lightly move and the rope was cut away. Fast as lightening, his fingers pressed Shao Yi's acupuncture points.

"Little young master, you can speak and move, but you can't use your martial art skills." He looked Shao Yi, blinked, and laughed as if there was another meaning."

Then, he turned his head to look at Qing Qiao and ordered, "I'm tired. The two of you will have to row the boat yourselves so that I can rest for a bit."

Then, he walked to the prow of the boat and lied down. He really wasn't showing any concern.

Qing Qiao was already used to his strangeness. She could only accept her fate. She grabbed the oar and started to row. But, she wasn't strong and didn't have any skill. After she tried rowing for a while, the boat had only circled in the original place.

She was slightly anxious. She looked up and saw that Shao Yi hadn't moved at all. She gestured with her eyes for him to start rowing too.

However, Shao Yi only quietly sat there with an ashen face.

She sighed and could only try to persuade him in an incomparably gentle tone, "Sir, come here. Let's raise the oars together."

Shao Yi stared at her. There was an unfathomable dense blackness in his eyes. After a while, he finally said, "Why follow him?"

Qing Qiao froze after hearing this question.

Err... This... Your Highness... How do you want me to reply? Do you want me to honestly say I'm only being this heartless because I want to feed you until you get fatter? If you go back to Qi residence, you'll stop eating and go back to torturing me. In the past few days, there's finally been a change. I can't let my previous efforts go to waste. If I didn't bring you along now, wouldn't I have to wait for an opportunity that will never come?

She hesitated for a while, then she finally bashfully smiled at him and said, "... Because following him, there will be meat to eat."


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