The Villain's Mother - Ch 002

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Title: The Villain’s Mother
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 2

There were wins and losses. In short, the family of three was able to get by, but just barely. In the past, there had been occasional financial challenges, and they were able to get past them.

The original Ruan Xia was ten times more beautiful than her mother. Growing up in a household like this one and because of her excellent surface personality traits along with her beauty, everyone thought she was Ms. Perfect. Probably out of vanity, she actually passed herself off as Ms. Perfect.

She loathed her family's way of living, and she did her best to pressure her father.

Later on, she realized that she could use her beautiful face to get the life that she dreamed of.

By a random encounter, she met her current husband.

Her current husband's last name is Song. When the original Ruan Xia was 20 years old, the single Mr. Song was already 31 years old.

Mr. Song had started a company from scratch. In a few short years, his company was listed on the public stock market. He could be considered a highly eligible bachelor.

He caught the original Ruan Xia's interest. During her summer break, she got a job working at the reception desk at his company. At a company celebration, the original Ruan Xia contrived a way to spend a night alone with Mr. Song.

A month later, the original Ruan Xia found out that she was pregnant, that was how she ended up marrying Mr. Song.

In actuality, the original Ruan Xia and Mr. Song didn't have a good marital relationship. A character like Mr. Song, how could it be possible for him to not know that she had set him up. Although he took responsibility for her by marrying her and letting her become his wife, he didn't like her. In fact, he could even be considered to loathe her.

Of course, it was unlikely that the original Ruan Xia liked Mr. Song either.

For her, that man was just a dispenser of cash.

She didn't need Mr. Song to like her. Anyways, she was the wife of a rich man. As long as she could enjoy a wealthy person's lifestyle, it was enough for her. As for love, she didn't care about that at all. 

And so, although they had been married for almost four years, the relationship between the original Ruan Xia and Mr. Song could be described in a few words - icy civility.

After Ruan Xia finished enjoying the sight of the original Ruan Xia's top-level beauty, she came out of the bathroom. Using the original Ruan Xia's memory, she called her mother.

"Mom, I'm going to come over in a bit. Pack up Little Wang's clothes for me. I'm going to bring him back home today."

Mother Ruan froze in surprise. "Didn't you say that you won't pick him up until son-in-law is back from his work trip?"

"No, I'm coming today. I booked a ticket to go to City A tomorrow. His dad is on a business trip there, and he'll probably be there for a few more days. Our family hasn't travel yet together. This will be a good chance to do so."

Mother Ruan was overjoyed at the unexpected good news. "You've finally come around? Great, that's how things should be. It was the greatest fate that brought the two of you together as husband and wife. Look at me and your father. Even though you father has never earned much money, he treats me very well. You've been married to son-in-law for a few years, but the two of you are like strangers. I feel so anxious when I see this. If the relationship between a husband and wife is bad, it'll affect their child. Your past interactions with him, is it any different than those of a divorced couple's?"

Mother Ruan hadn't enjoyed taking care of daughter when she was growing up, but she was very fond of her grandson. Perhaps, it was because she was older now, or maybe it was because there was a one generation distance between them.

The original Ruan Xia was an egoistic person. Whether it was her parents or husband, she didn't have much affection for any of them. Towards the child she had given birth to, she also treated him with indifference.

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