In which the System Torments the Protagonists: My Wife is My Life! - Ch 4

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Title: In which the System Torments the Protagonists: My Wife is My Life!
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 4 - What else could she do? Might as well make her situation better by marrying for money (4)

The old man read it again and said in powerful and resonating voice, "Go find her!"

The man felt doubtful. "How can you be sure that Great Master Wen's words are true?"

The old man closed his eyes. Bead by bead, his fingers turned the Buddhist prayer beads in his hand. He wasn't the type to believe in the supernatural, but when people grew older, they would look for ways to set their heart at ease.

"It was Great Master Wen's advice that led to Lu Beichuan waking up from his one year long coma. He advised the Lu family to marry Ye family's daughter to Lu Beichuan. Sure enough, one month after they got married, Lu Beichuan woke up. It's better to believe that these mysterious things exists."

The man nodded and left.

After Old Master Lu had turned the Buddhist prayer beads in his hand countless times, there was the sound of orderly footsteps in the hallway. The old man stopped counting the Buddhist prayer beads and opened his eyes. He looked at the young woman standing in front of him.

"You're Ji Qingqing?" The old man's eyes looked as if they were torches. He was a man that had experienced and weathered through hardships.

"That's me."

Old Master Lu pointed at the intensive care unit. "My grandson is lying inside there. He's called Lu Lixing. A month ago, he was seriously injured from a car accident. He's been unconscious since then. Great Master Wen said that as long as you marry him, he'll be brought out of danger. Miss Ji, is my meaning clear to you?"

Ji Qingqing nodded. Old Master Lu was saying that he wanted to bring good luck to his grandson by way of a marriage.

The old man was at the end of his rope and was seeking a way to set his mind at ease.

"I understand."

"I have a clear understanding of your profile and background. I asked you to come here today because I want to ask you if you're willing to marry my grandson."

Ji Qingqing furrowed her brow.

-- "Agree! Quickly, agree! If you waste any time by hesitating, Lu Lixing is going to die! Think about your debt of 20 million yuan. If you marry a man with 100 billion yuan, you won't have to worry about money anymore! Besides, he's going to die soon. It's not like you'll have to go to bed with him. You won't be losing out by getting his 100 billion yuan in return for changing your identity to Mrs. Lu! Marry him, and you'll be able to sideways like a crab, you won't have to advance or retreat. This is such a great opportunity! It's not a loss for you at all!"

"If you marry my grandson, I can settle your lawsuit for you."

Old Master Lu had seen countless people in his time. Their eyes always told the truth about their character. This Ji Qingqing's eyes were bright and crystal clear, and her attitude was modest. Her online reputation seem inaccurate.

Ji Qingqing's heart palpitated.

What had she always felt apprehensive about?

That lawsuit!

If she couldn't take out 20 million yuan, she would have to go to jail. The original Ji Qingqing had gotten the 20 million yuan by becoming a rich man's plaything. 

The old man's words were too tempting. Right now, she was carrying the original Ji Qingqing's debt of 20 million yuan, and she also had the male lead and female lead as her opponents. If she wanted to reverse her fortunes, it would be extremely difficult.

Moreover, was the entertainment industry a place that a person without a strong background or backers could stay?

Thinking of the original Ji Qingqing's miserable ending, Ji Qingqing closed her eyes and made up her mind. The situation had already gotten to this point. What else could she do? If she couldn't marry for love, then she might as well make her situation better by marrying for money.

Besides, it was exactly as Little A had said, it wouldn't be a loss for her to stay a widow for the rest of her life in return for 100 billion inheritance!

"I know that marriage is a serious matter and can't be taken lightly, so take your time to consider it."

The hallway was very quiet. Ji Qingqing felt as if she could hear her own heart beating and urging her to make this decision.

-- "Once, rich marriage had been placed in front of me, but I didn't cherish it. It was only when I lost that chance that I deeply regretted it. Losing out on that opportunity was the most painful thing. If god could give me another chance to that 100 billion yuan, I would say..."

"I'm willing."

Someone handed her a pen. There was a line for a signature at the bottom of the document.

Ji Qingqing had to force herself to keep her breathing even and her hands from shaking.

"Once you sign here, you'll be my granddaughter-in-law!"

Ji Qingqing took a deep breath, raised the pen, and wrote out her name.

-- "Bingo! Mission accomplished! Hope you have a son soon!"


Translator Ramblings: Lol, what a deceitful system.

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