In which the System Torments the Protagonists: My Wife is My Life! - Ch 3

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Title: In which the System Torments the Protagonists: My Wife is My Life!
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 3

-- "Sorry, this request can't be fulfilled. In your original world, you're already dead. If you go back, you would just be cremated ash. But, I can solve your current problem related to the 20 million yuan debt."

Okay, she could settle for the next best thing.

"How this problem be solved?”

-- "As long as you marry Lu Lixing, you'll get his entire inheritance after he dies."

Was this system that powerful? She could marry whoever she wanted?

"How much is his inheritance?"

-- "Oh, it's probably only 100 billion."



Ji Qingqing managed to assent, "... Okay then." This world was too crazy.

"What should I do?"

-- "Open the door."

There was a knock at the door.

Looking out from the peephole, Ji Qingqing saw a man that was dressed in a suit. When she opened the door to look, she saw that there were several men dressed in suits standing outside. 

Ji Qingqing took a step back. Where these people from the mafia? 

The leader of the group asked, "Miss Ji?"

Ji Qingqing nervously answered, "That's me."

"Our family's older master has something to discuss with you. Could you please come with us?"

This didn't sound like a request from the tone of his voice.

This man was wearing a suit and sunglasses, so she couldn't clearly see his face or tell what exactly was going on. His attitude was very impersonal as if he was just doing normal business, and Ji Qingqing truly felt apprehensive.

-- "Go with him! Hurry up, go with him!"

"Wait a moment." Ji Qingqing returned inside and changed her clothes before following the group in going downstairs.

The night wind was strong. In this upscale neighborhood, the area was deserted.

The sight of the four black luxury cars parked in the underground garage dazzled the eyes. The leader of the group opened a car door and gestured for her to get in.

Ji Qingqing sat down in the backseat. She appeared calm, but she was actually panicking as she scrutinized the unsmiling man in the passenger seat. "Where are we going?"


"Who's your family's old master?"

"Old Master Lu."

Ji Qingqing fell silent. She recollected the sparse information that she knew about Lu Lixing.

Lu Lixing. He was 30-years-old and 189 cm tall. He had a master's degree from a prestigious graduate school. He had a car accident a month ago, and his condition wasn't good. So far, he hadn't woken up yet. He wasn't known to be close to women, but there were rumors that he liked to torment people, was very controlling, and had a volatile temperament. He had a private basement, and the servants frequently heard wretched screaming coming from the basement.

The novel had very few descriptions of Lu Lixing. Most of it was just passing comments or fleeting references. He would only appear in desperate situation to turn the situation around. The more one tried to hide, the more mysterious one seemed.

The most important thing was that he was Ji Qingqing's ex-boyfriend's older brother.

"Why is Old Master Lu looking for me?"

"I'm not sure. Miss Ji, you'll find this out once you arrive at the hospital."

Ji Qingqing looked at the scenery outside the window that they were passing by in a blur and forced herself to calm down.


Two hours ago.

In the hallway of the hospital's quiet patient ward, hurried footsteps broke the peacefulness.

"Senior Lu, your grandson's condition isn't hopeful. His major organs are starting to fail. We'll do our best to save him, but please sign this notice that informs you of his critical condition."

The greyish-white hair old man took the notice from the doctor. It felt as if the pen in his hand weighed 500 kilograms as he signed his name.

"I'll have to trouble you, doctor."

Life and death was decided by fate. Having lived for many years, the old man had seen many things regarding life and death. Birth and old age, sickness and death, such is human nature. It was beyond his ability to interfere in this. But, he couldn't accept a white-haired person sending off a black-haired person. This was his grandson that he had painstakingly educated and raised.

With the help of someone next to him, the old man, who's legs felt weak, sat down on one of the seats in the corridor. His back, which had been ramrod straight his entire life, was now stooped over. He looked as if he had aged a lot.

The sound of another set of hurried footsteps came over, and a man approached the old man and whispered something into his ear.

"Ji Qingqing? Great Master Wen said that?"

"Yes, Great Master Wen said that as long as young master marries the woman named Ji Qingqing, his medical danger will be averted. This is Ji Qingqing's information. Please look it over.

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