The Villain's Mother - Ch 001

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Title: The Villain’s Mother
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 1

Ruan Xia walked into the bathroom. Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn't quite return to her senses.

As a single person, she was used to admiring the beauty of others. But now, she had become the target for admiration.

This is what had happened. A week ago, taking advantage of being off from work for a week because of the national holiday, the single Ruan Xia found several webnovels to read. She planned on staying up all night to read them, then sleeping all day. When she woke up, she would get takeout. Wouldn't that be a lovely way to spend her vacation? Her friend group had gone abroad to go to all sorts of places for their vacations. But, she didn't envy them at all. Who cares who went out during this holiday week? Home was the most comfortable place.

She had been reading a webnovel. It had as much as one million Chinese characters. In her opinion, although a lot of the content and descriptions for the characters' moods had been empty filler, this hadn't affected her enthusiasm for the webovel. Thus, it was clear the author, Dada, was very amazing at setting up the plot.

By the time her spirits were enlivened from reading, it was already the next day's 5AM. Just as she was going to get up to go to the bathroom, hypoglycemia occurred. Her vision went black, and she fell to the ground.

When she woke up again, she had transmigrated into this novel and became the supporting female character that had the same name as her.

Ruan Xia had been living with her paternal grandparents since she was a child, so she didn't have a strong relationship with her parents. Later, her grandparents had passed away one after another. Her parents brought her back to the city. At that time, she had already started high school. At that age, it was difficult for her to become closer with her parents. 

Sometimes, she would even think; just because fate had brought people together as close relatives, it didn't mean they would become involve themselves with each others' lives. For example, her and her parents.

Although she and her parents had tried hard to mend their relationship, reality had proved that they were more suitable for an estranged relationship.

It was probably because of this that Ruan Xia wouldn't feel too worried about her parents if she couldn't return to her original world.

Her parents had pensions, and she wasn't their only child. She also had a younger brother. Since she had started college, she rarely lived at home. At this time, Ruan Xia was glad that her parents had gone against the one child policy by having a second child, her younger brother. Her parents probably wouldn't be able to accept that she was gone. There weren’t many parents that could easily accept their children dying before them.

With her younger brother around, even though her parents would feel sad for a long time, they wouldn't feel crushed by bereavement.

In the moment that she woke up, she had gained all of the memories of the original owner of this body.

If she had to use one phrase to describe this person, femme fatale would probably be the most suitable descriptor.

The original Ruan Xia was truly stunning beautiful. At the very least, Ruan Xia had never seen anyone more beautiful than her. Without even trying, she had graceful, flirtatious bearing. She looked fresh and pure while still looking sexy.

Generally speaking, a woman that had this goddess-level beauty would have a wonderfully brilliant life.

The original Ruan Xia was the archetypal poor beauty. She was born into a family that had trouble affording food. Her father didn't have full time employment. He would frequently go to construction sites and work as an unskilled laborer to earn his living. As for her mother, because her mother was beautiful, her father didn't want her to go out to work. He was worried that she would catch other people's attention. And so, after her mother had married her father, she hadn't done a single day’s work.

Although the mother didn't go out to work, she didn't do housework either. The traditional role of housewife was taken by her father. Cooking? The original Ruan Xia's father did that. Housework? The original Ruan Xia's father was responsible for that too. The original Ruan Xia's mother's only responsibility was being beauitful.

The original Ruan Xia's mother spent her days playing mahjong and cards and dressing up while her husband worked hard at construction sites as an unskilled laborer. Her days were very comfortably and easy. It had to be said, that to a certain extent, the original Ruan Xia's father was a good husband and man.


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Table of Contents