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T/N: Umm… I lost interest in reading Meow Meow Meow. I’m sorry. I should have read the entire novel before I started to translate to make sure I liked every story arc to the very end. I thought not knowing the future chapters would be the best incentive to translate. I won’t pick up another completed novel again without reading the entire story first.

The remaining chapters aren’t bad. It just feels like a really long epilogue focused on showing every other character’s happy ending instead of the story being about a silly cat learning how to be human. I think by chapter 149 the past and the present, Miao Miao has shown that she understands enough about being human and she has her happy ending.

Anyways, feel free to pick up this story to translate. Don’t need to wait three months. I also posted this in the pick up section of Novel Updates Forum.

Title: Meow Meow Meow
Chapter: 159 of 216 – Who is the culprit?

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

“I don’t want to ask. What if I hurt his self-esteem?!” I tenaciously held onto the doorframe. Yin Zi wasn’t able to drag me off. After a few seconds, he was already wheezing.

However, Xiang Qing opened his door and asked in confusion, “What are you two doing?”

“You’re just in time.” Yin Zi tilted his head and looked at me, “Are you coming? If you don’t, I’ll ask him myself.”

I immediately rushed into the room and looked at Xiang Qing. I was afraid to speak.

The oil lamp was on verge of extinguishing and only a few pages of the book had been flipped over.

Xiang Qing closed the door. He looked at Yin Zi’s chest for a moment. At the moment, Yin Zi wasn’t dressed as girl. He was wearing an ordinary white robe and his clavicle was exposed. When Xiang Qing looked down, he could easily see that Yin Zi was a man.

Yin Zi saw that Xiang Qing was looking at him and froze for a moment. Then, he confessed, “I’m a man and I’ve also been Miao Miao’s friend for a long time. But, don’t think of anything strange. Our relationship is a very pure friendship. I cross-dressed as a woman because I was worried that this stupid cat would get herself in trouble. I stayed nearby her in order to more conveniently watch over her.”

“I can understand.” Xiang Qing’s expression didn’t change. It seemed as if he accepted this easily. He picked up the teapot on the table and flipped over a few teacups, and then poured the tea. “The tea has cooled. Hope you don’t mind.”

I asked in curiosity, “Why aren’t you surprised?”

Xiang Qing shook his head helplessly, “Strange things will definitely occur after following you. I’ve already trained and steeled my heart to accept this. This type of small matter would no longer scare me.”

Oh, so the heart was like the body. It could become stronger through training.

“Okay, then this topic will be stopped here. We’ll directly go to the next topic.” Yin Zi picked up the teacup on the table, drained the tea in the cup in one gulp, and went straight to the point, “Today, we came here primarily to discuss why you wouldn’t eat this stupid cat!”

Xiang Qing asked somewhat awkwardly, “Why would you ask this question?”

“Tell me honestly. Are you unable to do the deed? Unable to eat this cat?”

Xiang Qing sprayed out the tea in his mouth after hearing Yin Zi’s words. I hurriedly went forward to help wipe the tea away. After Xiang Qing stuttered for a long time, he embarrassedly defended himself, “Who told you this?”

“Don’t hide this from us if this is true. Your illness has to be treated as soon as possible!” Yin Zi firmly said. Yin Zi attempted all tasks at once by quickly stretched out his hand to grasp Xiang Qing’s wrist. “You don’t seem to have a kidney disease.”

(T/N: Kidney disease sometimes causes impotence.)

Xiang Qing quickly took back his hand. His face had become redder than cooked shrimp that had just come out of being steamed. He hurriedly and loudly said, “How could this be true? Who told you this?!”

Yin Zi looked at me in askance again. I saw that the turn of events wasn’t good, so I explained in detail what had happened. Then, I sincerely apologized, “I was worried that you were unable. Because I couldn’t figure out what to do, I did that stupid thing. And, then I was scared to ask…”

“Foolish! Too willful and nonsensical!” Xiang Qing was seething with anger. His earlier calmness had completely disappeared. He stood up, slapped the table, and said, “I have a reason for not eating you right now. It’s definitely not because I’m unable!”

“What’s the reason?” Yin Zi and I asked in unison.

“This…” Xiang Qing hesitated. He walked around the table a few times before making the decision to say, “Miao Miao, it’s not that I don’t want you. But, we can’t do this now. This family and house had just become completed. We haven’t been together for a long time. How could I let myself die so soon? So, I have to restrain myself. I can’t eat you.”

I became more confused after hearing this, “Why would you die if you eat me?”

Yin Zi also opened his curious eyes wider.

“Isn’t it true that if a human married a demon and did that thing, the human’s energy and spirit would gradually be sucked away and the human would eventually die?” Xiang Qing saw that we were confused and also became confused.

“I haven’t heard of such a thing.” I scratched my head from nervousness, “I think there have been demons marrying humans before and their days were all very happy and nice. I haven’t met anyone who died from doing that.”

After Yin Zi thought about it, he asked, “How did you find this out?”

Xiang Qing was somewhat surprised, “Xiao Mao told me this. He said that he didn’t want to lose his dad so early and wanted me to act prudently. I saw his pitiful crying face. It didn’t seem like he was lying.”

“He was lying!” Yin Zi and I shouted in unison again.

“That bastard Xiao Mao!” I was so angry that I couldn’t control myself, “He dared to lie to his father! And caused so much trouble! This time, I definitely have to go back to sort him out!”

Yin Zi also angrily echoed, “So he was the originator of everything! No wonder, he was so proud of himself when he came back yesterday. I mistakenly believed that he had been praised by his teacher for studying, so I didn’t take notice of him.”

“Spare the rod, spoil the child. The behavior of lying is extremely bad and should be promptly corrected.” Xiang Qing faintly said. He was clearly in favor of conducting domestic violence today.

The three people with their towering rage decided to go Hua residence together to drag that damn brat out, hang him up, and fiercely beat him. And so, they hurriedly traveled that very night. They passed Ying Mountain and a forest.

I kicked opened Hua Residence’s front door and fiercely rushed to Xiao Mao’s room. But, I couldn’t find his shadow. And so, I furiously shouted, “Where is Xiao Mao? Come out here right now!

Jian Nan was wearing his nightgown as he hastily came out of his room. Seeing that we had all come here, he anxiously asked, “What happened??

I grasped his clothes with one hand and asked, “Where is Xiao Mao?”

Jian Nan yawned and said, “He played a bit too much yesterday. Isn’t he in his room sleeping?”

His room? There wasn’t anyone in there.

I turned around and ran back. The room was full of his scent.

Yin Zi took out a letter from beneath the pillow and held it out, “This letter looks like its for you and Xiang Qing.”

Xiang Qing took the letter and opened it. After he read it for a while, he suddenly laughed reluctantly. I hurriedly snatched the letter to read.

The letter said: Beloved mother and not so beloved father, I know that sooner or later you will come looking for me. So, I went back to Heavenly Realm’s school in advance. I’ll fall behind in school if I don’t start studying and doing my homework properly. So, I won’t be coming home anytime soon. I’ll wait until you’re not angry anymore before coming back.

Aiya, I know you’re very angry. Don’t be angry. It doesn’t look good. But, Xiao Mao promises you. This will be the last time I play a prank.

Father, you can be at ease with eating mother’s tofu in the future. But, you’re not allowed to eat her tofu in front of me! Otherwise, I’ll be angry enough to fight with you!

I was both humored and angered. That damn brat had calculated correctly that I didn’t have the courage to go to Blue Feather Goddess’s territory and act out domestic violence on him. So, he had hastily slipped away to find shelter. The ink on this letter had just dried and the handwriting showed that it was written in haste. Perhaps, he had written this letter in the moment when I had rushed into his room before. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have been so agitated and missed catching him.

Yin Zi had also taken the letter to read. He somewhat gloomily said, “Are we going to let him off like this?

“Don’t tell me you’re going to demon school to grab him?” I didn’t have an alternative option

“Never mind, Blue Feather Goddess’s protection over her students is too strong. If we forcefully go there to grab him and beat him, she would definitely get angry. I’ll wait until he comes back to deal with him.” Yin Zi didn’t have a way either.

“Let’s go back then.” Xiang Qing grabbed my hand and put it on his chest. It seemed as if he let out a big breath.

On the way home, he quietly asked me, “Today… Can I eat you?”

Miao wu (T/N: sound of cat crying/whimpering)

If he was able, then his self-esteem wasn’t damaged. Then there was no reason for me to continue worrying. If that was the case, then why did I have to foolishly let him eat me? I really disliked turtles.

Therefore, let’s still sleep separately at night.

(T/N: Here’s what I translated for chapter 160’s preview.)

Preview of Chapter: 160 of 216 – Opening a teahouse

 Yin Zi enlightened the gloomy Xiang Qing, “You’ve already missed the best time to eat that cat. How about following the rules of animals? When two strong creatures encounter each other, the stronger one will directly subdue and the push the other one down to eat.”

“That’s absurd. Such a shameless thing… How… How could that be done?! That’s rape!” Xiang Qing stammered.

I came out from behind the house and said seriously, “For felines, it’s always the female that selects her mate. A male must display his strength. Mating only occurs after we fight and the male overpower the female! So you’ll have to work hard.”

“But… We’re not animals right now.” Xiang Qing strived to defend his viewpoint.

“You used to press me down to do that! You even bit my neck!” I rubbed the back of my neck and somewhat despondently said, “Having my neck bitten as a human hurts a lot more than as a cat…”

“Wouldn’t it be fine if you just didn’t resist?” Xiang Qing was thinking about a way to solve this problem.

“But…” I lowered my head and explained in embarrassment, ” I can’t help but want to resist… I can’t control my actions.”

Yin Zi explained, “The problem is that this is instinctive for a cat. It’s very hard for her to control.”

“What nonsense!” Xiang Qing criticized, “Before, you clearly said you wouldn’t bite me.”

“Yes, I won’t bite you. But, I’ll still struggle…” I saw his displeased look and thought of a method to satisfy the both of us, “How about I eat you? If you’re below, you should be able to control yourself from resisting, right?

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