Meow Meow Meow Ch 157

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Title: Meow Meow Meow
Chapter: 157 of 216 – Not taking responsibility

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

I moved the bookshelf back to its original place and put the books that had fallen out onto the bookshelf. Then, I cleaned the floor. But, Xiang Qing still hadn’t returned.

The water jar in the kitchen was empty. It seemed as if he had used up all of the water during his bath. And so, I picked up the pole and two buckets to go to the river to get more water.

The two buckets of water were about as light as two cups of tea. It was only that the distance was a bit far. I lively hummed the entire way and ran as fast as flying. In my mind, I only though of what to do after Xiang Qing ate the aphrodisiac drug. I silently prayed. Please don’t let be unable. Because with my memory, it would take a long time to remember all of those forbidden words.

After I returned home, I poured the water I brought back into the jar. Then, I discovered there was movement inside the kitchen.

Could it be Xiang Qing? I rushed inside to give him a big hug. Unexpectedly, it was Yin Zi. He was standing next to the stove and happily eating something.

My line of sight slowly went down from his mouth to… slowly… slowly… it was what I had prepared for Xiang Qing! He had eaten the drug! There was only one piece left on the plate!

“It’s pretty sweet” Yin Zi gave me a glittering smile. He continued putting the last piece into his mouth.

I wanted to cry and pointed at him, “You… you…”

“Oh, I returned early.” In a moment, Yin Zi’s good mood disappeared. He started complaining, “Your son actually suddenly ran back. He was acting up and causing so much trouble. He bothered me so much that I couldn’t sleep. So, I threw him to Jian Nan to deal with and came back myself.”

“This… this pear… I prepared it for Xiang Qing… how could you eat it all?” I inconsolably and indignantly complained about Yin Zi’s action of stealing food.

Yin Zi indifferently said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s only a pear. I’ll get two of them for you later.”

“This was the last one!” There isn’t anymore!” I tearfully looked at Yin Zi.

I didn’t how to fix Xiang Qing’s problem now. It can’t be to make Yin Zi take responsibility?!

“Then I’ll buy more…” When Yin Zi had said his sentence halfway, he suddenly had a strange expression and his face slowly turned red. Soon after, he bent down at his waist as if he was suffering extreme pain.

The drug is taking effect? The question of whether or not Yin Zi was able probably didn’t have anything to do with me… Seeing him in pain, I suddenly felt somewhat nervous and flustered. I looked left and right to look for someone to help, but I discovered that Xiao Cha was the only one home.

With great difficulty, Yin Zi uttered a few words, “What… what… did you do… to that pear?”

“I put aphrodisiac…”

Before I finished speaking, Yin Zi turned around and ran off to the courtyard’s entrance. It seemed as if he was in so much pain that he couldn’t continue going forward. He hesitated for a moment before a fierce expression appeared on his face. This was the expression that he usually showed when extorting people for their gemstones. He quickly turned around. He held the wall as he slowly walked to Xiao Cha’s room. He resolutely opened her door and rushed inside.

Xiao Cha’s joyful shout came from inside the room, “Elder sister Yin Zi, you’re back! I missed you so much!”

Soon after, there was the sound of struggling, screaming, and tearing clothing.

I stood at her door to listen to chaos inside. I felt conflicted. I didn’t know if I should go inside or not.

“Yin Zi, you’re actually a man!” This was Xiao Cha’s voice. I didn’t know if her voice sounded surprise or joyful.

“Shut up!” This was Yin Zi’s annoyed and pained sound.

“Don’t be like this… I haven’t mentally prepared yet!”

“If I don’t do this, what else could I do?! Go and find me another woman! And I’ll leave you alone!”

“You have to at least give me time to develop feelings! Ah ah ah!”

“Shut up!”

Ai… Yin ZI had already completely lost reason. This matter was definitely very serious. Xiao Cha’s voice also sounded very pitiful. Should I break down the door to go save her? … If I save her, Yin Zi will be in pain. What will if I do if he gets angry and won’t talk to me in the future?

Save… Or don’t save. I couldn’t decide between these conflicting views. I stayed in front of the door, pluck a small flower, and started rip each petal.

Go inside… don’t go inside… go inside… don’t go inside… go inside… don’t go inside… go inside…

Aiya, its to go inside. But when Yin Zi’s loses his temper, he’s very scary… to weigh their importance, he’s comparatively heavier since he’s the person that I’ve known longer, h. But, Xiao Cha is really pitiful. Let’s try to pluck one more flower to decide.

Finally, after nearly two hours, I had picked all the nearby flowers. There were a hundred seventy-five to go in and a hundred sixty-three to not go in. This gave me a firm resolution.  Full of courage, I prepared to inside the room to save Xiao Cha.

Before I could kick the door down, the door was opened. Yin Zi’s hair and clothing were messy and his face was ashen. He stared at me fiercely. All of the courage that I had mustered up was scared away in a moment.

“En… The weather is nice today.” I randomly said, then I stuck my head inside the room to look around, “Is Xiao Chao okay?”

Yin Zi suddenly raised his hand to grab my ear and forcefully pulled me towards the main room. As he walked, he coldly said, “I need an explanation.”

“Ouch… It hurts …” I suffered dreadful pain, but my heart felt weak and I didn’t dare disobey his order, so I followed him to the main room.

Yin Zi straightened his clothing, and then heavily slapped the table. It scared me to standup straight and wait for his admonishment.

“Why was there aphrodisiac drug in the pear? Speak!” Yin ZI looked so ferocious.

I could only honestly confess, “Because Xiang Qing wasn’t willing to eat me, I was worried that he couldn’t. So, I asked Jin Wei for the aphrodisiac drug. The drug was for him to eat.”

“Bastard!” Yin Zi continued to scold, “Is this something that can be casually used? And you left it in the kitchen. Didn’t you worry that someone else might eat it?”

At the mention of this, I felt so wronged. “There was only Xiao Cha and I. I already warned her to go inside the kitchen. How could I have know that you would come back early… There was only a little bit of that drug. You ate it all. I don’t know what else I could give to Xiang Qing to eat.”

“What do want me to do now? What should be done with Xiao Cha?” Yin Zi was so angry that his entire body trembled.

“Don’t…. don’t scold elder sister Miao Miao,” Xiao Cha had extended her head inside. Her clothes had already been neatly put back on, but there was a red mark on her neck and her face didn’t look that good. With a trembling voice, she said, “This is my fault… I… I encouraged her to drug Xiang Qing.”

Yin Zi looked at her harshly and scolded the both of us, “Do the two of you have brains? Are your heads filled with soybean dregs?”

“Yes… Miao Miao’s brain is made of soybean dregs.” I hurriedly lowered my head and acknowledge my mistake in order to avoid him becoming angrier.

“It’s already become like this! Will an apology fix anything? You two are morons! Pig heads! Fools! Idiots!” Yin Zi’s scold became more and more fierce as he continued.

Maybe Xiao Cha wasn’t use to being scolded by Yin Zi, so her mental resistance was rather poor. She actually started crying and stammered out every detail that had happened during the past two days.

Yin Zi had long become accustomed to his blessed and happy life on the mountain. He couldn’t tolerant the slightest grievance. At this time, hearing her words, he became angrier and lost his temper completely. He ruthlessly knocked her head, “Don’t cry after producing such a terrible idea. I haven’t even cried yet! Shut up! You’re not allowed to make a fuss!”

“I… I’m not good… I made a mistake.” Xiao Cha bowed without stopping. She held her head as she cried and apologized, “I shouldn’t have told elder sister Miao Miao to use that drug… I… I’ll reap what I sowed… I… I’ll take responsibility for you… No. I won’t ask you to take responsibility for me… Please forgive me. I won’t dare to do this again.”

Yin Zi was stunned for a moment, and then he heartlessly turned his head to look away from her. Xiao Cha couldn’t conceal her sadness. She turned around and ran to her room. She closed her door and wouldn’t come out again.

I couldn’t bear to see her so sad, so I persuaded him without delay, “Don’t be so mean to her. I was the one who asked her to help me think of ideas.”

Before I could finish speaking, my head was repeatedly hit. Of course, this amount of strength didn’t hurt or itch. But, I knew that this time he was truly angry. Perhaps, he was angrier now than the time I shattered one of his gemstones. This time, I didn’t have any reason or principle I could say, so I didn’t dare to argue. I only looked at Yin Zi grievously and waited for him to calmed down.

“Desist! You’re not allowed to hit Miao Miao!” Xiang Qing’s voice was heard. I turned my head to see him rushing over to me.

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