Meow Meow Meow Ch 156

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Title: Meow Meow Meow
Chapter: 156 – Aphrodisiac 

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

Just as I was about to succeed, Xiang Qing suddenly stopped struggling. He looked at me strangely and asked, “Miao Miao, why is there a shadow outside? Who’s visiting?”

I quickly turned my head to look. I didn’t expect that this was his delaying tactic. When I was temporarily distracted, Xiang Qing broke away from my hands, quickly fled the house by jumping through the window, and dashed away.

How hateful!

I’m doing this to treat your body!

Even if you can’t, you still can’t lie to cats!

Xiang Qing is a bastard!

I was both angry and anxious. I hurriedly followed his footsteps. I followed his scent to a river, but his scent stopped there without any traces.

With a melancholy heart, I walked home in low spirits. Xiao Cha stuck her head out from her room to wave at me.

Seeing that I was about to enter my room, she curiously asked, “Elder sister Miao Miao, it’s only been one hour, after including the time for foreplay… based on elder brother Xiang Qing’s body that usually practices martial arts, it shouldn’t be finished so quickly. And I saw that the both of you were very intense before…”

“Don’t mention it…” I dejectedly reported the recent results and the misgivings that had been in my heart.

Xiao Cha looked as if she were thinking. After a while, she said, “Could he really have a problem… for example, he’s unable?”

“What will happen if he’s unable” I hastily asked.

Xiao Cha said somewhat worriedly, “Men are very concerned about losing their face (reputation). If he’s unable at such a young age, it’s a serious blow to his self-esteem. In the future, he won’t be able to hold up his head.”

“Is… Is that serious?” I became scared and asked Xiao Cha what to do.

“You can only try a ruthless method!” Xiao Cha slapped the table and made up her mind, “Let’s try using an aphrodisiac drug!”

“Aphrodisiac drug?” I curiously asked.

“Yup,” Teacher Xiao Cha continued, “To speak simply, in numerous melodramatic novels, a beautiful girl or handsome guy will be drugged. After they succumbed to the effects of the drug, any honorably man will be lose his senses and have difficulty controlling himself. Afterwards, because of love or a ridiculous reason, a handsome guy or a beautiful girl will save them using their body. And then the good thing will be accomplished and the foundation for two of the becoming inseparable will be laid down.”

(T/N: Shakes head. This is what happens when Yin Zi takes a brief holiday.)

“So, it turns out that aphrodisiac drug is a such a good thing.” I was enlightened. After I thought about it for a bit, I asked, “What if… the aphrodisiac drug doesn’t work?”

Xiao Cha looked at me with pity, “Then, it’s really not possible. All hope is lost. You’ll have to be more careful when you talk in the future, so that you don’t hurt his self-esteem.”

“How should I be more careful?”

“For example, don’t say words like “thick”, “big”, “hard”, and “firm”. You have to be careful with your words and actions.” Xiao Cha patiently instructed a long list of things.

I quickly wrote down all the forbidden words that Xiao Cha said so that I wouldn’t accidentally say anything wrong. Xiao Cha said ordinary pharmacies probably didn’t have aphrodisiac drugs.

And so, I rode the hellhound to the Heavenly Realm once again. I arrived at Mo Lin’s residence. It was currently dawn. His home was decorated more exquisitely compared to before. It was probably because of Jin Wen.

Sui Yi opened the door for me with a stomach full of resentment towards me for disturbing her so early in the morning. She rubbed her sleepy eyes and told me that Mo Lin wasn’t home, but Jin Wen was. So, I told her to wake up Jin Wen.

I swung my tail back and forth and walked around the hall for several times before Jin Wen had woken up and was dressed neatly. She hurriedly walked out from the inner part of the residence.

She warmly pulled me to sit down and smiled as she said, “What wind brought you here? We haven’t seen you in so long. Is Shenjun (high god) well? Are you living well? I’ll personally cook a few dishes for you later and have Sui Yi brew you tea.”

“Jin Wen, you don’t need to do those things. I’m here because I need something.” I went straight to the point and asked, “Does Mo Lin have aphrodisiac drugs?”

*Sound of something shattering*

It was the sound of Sui Yi dropping the teacup she was bringing to me. Jin Wen looked at me dumbstruck and seemed as if she turned into stone. She came back to her senses after I called her name several times.

She stammered, “You…you… you… why are you going to do with aphrodisiac drugs?”

“To use on Xiang Qing!” I boldly replied with confidence that I was doing the right thing.

“Why are you using this on him” Jin Wen composed her self and continued her questioning.

I sighed and sadly said, “Xiang Qing might not be able to…”

This time even Jin Wen dropped a cup and hurriedly looked at me. She drove out the currently eavesdropping Sui Yi, and then she quietly asked me, “Even if Shenjun had become a mortal, his body is still good. How could he be unable?”

I hesitated for a moment, and then I told Jin Wen everything that happened yesterday and then requested her to help me get aphrodisiac drugs for me to test on Xiang Qing.

“That is a bit strange,” Jin Wen’s slender and beautiful hands knocked on the table without reason. After she thought for a long time, she said, “With his personality, there’s no reason for him to not swallow something after its been brought to his mouth. If he was against premarital sex, didn’t he eat you before you two were married? Shenjun isn’t a person that cares that much about proprieties. Something strange must have happened between that time and now.”

“Then can you give me aphrodisiac drugs?” I pleaded again.

Jin Wen suddenly smiled wickedly and said, “But, my Mo Lin doesn’t have something like this.”

“What? What kind of doctor is he? He doesn’t have even aphrodisiac drugs! He’s definitely a charlatan!” I jumped up indignantly. I held my fist and turned it left and right.

Jin Wei looked at me and laughed. After a long time, she pointed at her nose and said, “He doesn’t have it, but I do.”

“Elder sister Jin Wei” I immediately went over to flatter her and called her best sister without stopping.

After Jin Wei was done playing with this cat, she slowly stood up and led me to back of the residence. When arrived at a small study, she pushed back a mahogany bookshelf to reveal a hidden space. There were random things inside.

Jin Wen turned things over to look for something. She found a very small white paper packet and handed it over to me. She instructed, “In the past, I cultivated seduction skills, so I got some aphrodisiac drugs to research with. But, after I married Mo Lin, I gave up on cultivating seduction skills. He usually loves me dearly. Every day is harmonious. So, I didn’t need this type of trick anymore. This drug is called dark spirit spice. It’s colorless and tasteless and it’ll dissolve it water. As a result, it’s very valuable. This little bit will be enough to make Shenjun go into heat. You have to be careful with using it. Once it’s gone, I don’t have anymore.”

I tuck this precious aphrodisiac drug into my clothes, sincerely thank Jin Wen, and quickly returned to Mortal Realm.

At this time, it was still early morning. Xiang Qing seemed as if he hadn’t returned. I explained to Xiao Cha to temporarily not touch anything I prepared. I silently ran into the kitchen and found one of the snow pears (T/N: usually called Korean pears in supermarkets) that Xiang Qing that liked to eat the most.

I very carefully peeled the skin and cut it into pieces. Then I took out that small paper packet and gently and cautiously sprinkled the white powder onto of the slices of snow pear. The pear was juicy to begin with and the powder was only a little amount. It started dissolving as soon as it touched the liquid and very soon there wasn’t any trace left.

Seeing that it was ready, I happily hummed a song and went to clean up the broken windows and tidy the furniture in his room while I waited for Xiang Qing to return.

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