Meow Meow Meow Ch 155

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Title: Meow Meow Meow
Chapter: 155 – A cat that ruled by force

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

I took out my erotic arts manual to share with Xiao Cha.

After she flipped through the book for a long time, she smiled strangely, “This book actually has pole dancing. It was probably a transmigrator who drew this to earn money. I wonder if it’s profitable to draw this type of book… It’s a pity I’ve only read a few hentai manga, otherwise I would draw this type of book to sell too.”

I didn’t understand what she was saying and only continuously asked her how to seduce Xiang Qing. Xiao Cha told me to stand up and turn around in circles a few times.

She nodded her head in satisfaction, “Elder sister Miao Miao, your face is so beautiful and your figure is sexy. If you dress yourself properly, only abnormal men won’t want to chase after you.”


As in something was wrong with their body?


This couldn’t be allowed!

I urgently asked her, “How should I dress myself?”

After Xiao Cha thought about this for a moment, she said, “Clothes. As the saying goes, beauty is thirty percent natural appearance and seventy percent style of dressing. People depend on the garments they wear. Do you have thinner, more transparent and more revealing clothing?”

“Why do I need to wear that type of clothing?”

“For sex appeal! You have to be like the Classical Gardens of Suzhou. It doesn’t offer a full view of itself at its entrance. It has walls to cover up its inner landscape, so that people can’t resist wanting to peep.”

Teacher Xiao Cha started her class on the spot, “This is how you deal with men. If you strip down to nothing, there’s no seductive attraction. Your body needs to be partly hidden and partly visible, so that when they want to look, they can’t. This is the way to tempt someone to jump into a trap. No, that’s wrong. It’s to tempt someone to throw himself down at your feet.”

“Really?” I half-believed her and half-doubted her.

“Of course its true!” Xiao Cha replied with extreme certainty, “Your house only has you. Those books said that the palace had three thousand beautiful women. In order to gain the emperor’s favor, those women tried every type of method. The intensity of their competition was greater than here. If those vixens were able to succeed by depending on these tricks, then how could you fail? This will definitely work!”

“But, what if it really doesn’t work?” I was still a bit worried.

“Then there’s definitely something wrong with your husband and you need advance further in order to observe this experiment. If this still doesn’t work, then you can only restrain your grief and accept fate.” Xiao Cha’s had a face of someone extremely experienced.

(T/N: Miao Miao overreacts because the idiom that Xiao Cha used to say “restrain your grief and accept fate” is usually a phrase that people say as a condolence when someone dies.)

If he couldn’t eat me, it would be as serious as death? I started to panic in my mind. I didn’t think any further. I rapidly left the house. With the fastest speed, I returned to Hua residence to get a flying mount to return to the Heavenly Realm. I didn’t have time to greet Wawa or Xiao Lin. I went straight to Bi Qing-shenjun and my room to thoroughly search. I couldn’t distinguish what Xiao Cha had meant by sexy clothing. And so, I put everything into a bag to take with me.

I returned to the Mortal Realm with a bag full of clothes. As if I was displaying treasures, I spread out the clothing on the bed to let Xiao Cha slowly browse. As she browsed through the clothing, she gasped in admiration and surprise. She said this was the highest level of apparel in ancient times. It was if they were flawless clothes from heaven. She also asked to borrow a few of them to wear. I directly gave her a bunch of clothing. They didn’t need to be returned.

She went back and forth with selecting the clothing. In the end, she decided on bright red gauzy nightdress. Jin Wei had given this to me as wedding present. This piece of clothing was woven with the gorgeous, red glow of sunrise. The nightdress went from my neck to my heels and it had wide sleeves, but it was transparent and my skin could be vaguely seen through the nightdress. When it was worn, it was very close fitting. There were countless sparkling crystals scattered without any rules on the bottom of the dress. When I walked, it was if I was standing in a vast sky of stars.

After I put the nightdress on, I twirled around. Xiao Cha clapped her hands to applaud. Then, she also picked out a pink silk robe for me to wear on top of the nightdress. That piece of clothing was looser. Its embroidery of many lovely stalks of twin lotus flowers to show a devoted marriage was moving. It looked like something a pretty daughter of a humble family would wear.

Xiao Cha looked at the clothing I was wearing. After thinking for a while, she found a white outer layer to wear on top of the pink robe. This layer was very plain without any decoration, but the sleeves were very big. When I opened my arms, it was if I were a white butterfly that gave off a sense of gently dignity.

“Let’s leave the clothes like this.” Xiao Cha finally nodded to show her satisfaction. She explained to me, “Tonight, after you enter Xiang Qing’s room, don’t be anxious in rushing over to seduce him. You have to slowly take off your clothes. Each layer of clothing you take off will give him a pleasant surprise. Men are all animals that think with their bottom half! With your beautiful face and body, even Liuxia Hui’s reincarnation will be tempted!”

(T/N: Luxia Hui was an ancient politician that was said to be very virtuous and unmoved even when beautiful women tried to seduce him.)

She had me practicing many times on stripping and throwing flirtatious glances before she made a signal to show that she thought I was successful.

Whether or not I was successful will depend on tonight.

At nighttime, after we finished eating dinner, Xiang Qing returned to his room and lit an oil lamp.

Xiao Cha and I sped back to my room. Once again, I put on those clothes. Unfortunately, neither of us knew how to do any hairstyles, so we could only let my long, bluish purple hair hang down like running water. Xiao Cha said that she had once seen a movie about fox demon that wore human skin and seduced a general. This female lead didn’t put up her hair either and was very sexy. Compared to that vixen, I was even more beautiful. I definitely wouldn’t have any problems.

(T/N: The Chinese movie that Xiao Cha watched was “Painted Skin” (2008).)

I took a deep breath to calm my mind. Then, I gently pushed open the door to Xiang Qing’s room. At this time, he was reading a book at his table. Seeing me enter, he seemed as if he was struck by lightening. His eyes stared at my face as if he couldn’t bear to tear his eyes away.

I easily closed the door, recalled the steps I had practiced today, and walked to his side. I stretched out my hand to tease my long hair, and then I softly took off my outer layer. The white clothing fell onto our feet. Xiang Qing inhaled and he started to breath heavily again. His eyes looked at me infatuatedly.

“You… what are you doing?” Xiang Qing threw down his book. He was somewhat fidgety and restless.

I didn’t respond. I gracefully twirled around. When I faced him again, I untied the pink robe’s belt. The silk belt slid down like it was water and silently fell to the ground. The sexy, red nightdress was revealed. Xiang Qing couldn’t continue sitting. He quickly stood up to go the door.

“Come back!” This response wasn’t in the scope of Xiao Cha’s training. I was anxious. Using the fact that his mind was still undecided, I rushed over to lock the door. I pushed the nearby bookshelf in front of the door to block it further. Then I smiled at him wickedly, and lovably and cutely said, “Come eat me.”

“Miao Miao, don’t be like this…” Xiang Qing’s voice was trembling as if he was enduring something painful, “We can’t do this right now…”

Why can’t we do this? I charmingly smiled at Xiang Qing, walked a few steps closer, and said, “Come eat me. Or I could eat you instead.”

Xiang Qing continued retreating. He almost touched the wall. He was full of cold sweat. He looked at the ceiling and he looked at the walls, but he wouldn’t look at me.

Seeing that my performance wasn’t effective, I worried that something was wrong, but I couldn’t figure out what the reason was. Because my heart was anxious, I disregard the actual situation and rushed over to him. I decided to be a cat that ruled by force! I pushed him to the ground and started stripping his clothes.

“Miao Miao! You can’t!” Xiang Qing desperately resisted. Although he was stronger now and could fight with me, he didn’t have a cat’s tail. I deftly used my tail to grab the belt on his robe. I ripped and bit and very quickly tore off his upper garments to reveal his strong chest and white skin.

I disregarded his struggle and continued to work hard in stripping him. But, when I got to the point of taking off his pant’s belt, I started feeling hesitant.

Never mind. As the saying goes, those born as cats must be valiant. I can’t be afraid of a turtle!

(T/N: I was translating this chapter at the library and halfway through, I thought about going home to finish translating. Taken out of context, Miao Miao’s actions…)

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