Meow Meow Meow Ch 154

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Title: Meow Meow Meow
Chapter: 154 – To entice and seduce

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Today was sunny. The sun fiercely came down through the window. The bright sunlight woke me from my sweet dream. I rubbed my drowsy eyes and saw that the quilt had been kicked to the ground. Xiang Qing was still in my embrace. His even breathing seemed to show that he was still deep asleep. His face was gentle. Perhaps, he was having a good dream too.


I moved to sit on top of him. I stretched out my hand to gently caress and stroke his forehead a few times. I slowly moved my fingers to his eyebrows, unhurriedly slid down to the bridge of nose, and stopped at his lips. I smiled while poking him a few times. Seeing that he still wasn’t awake, I bent down to kiss him. I used my tongue to gently open his mouth and slowly enter.

Xiang Qing finally woke up and sleepily opened his eyes. I quickly moved back to lying on the bed. He rubbed his eyes and seemed as if he wasn’t fully awake.

He only looked at the window, “The sun is already so high. I actually overslept today. What time is it?”

“It’s almost noon.” I quickly replied.

“Oh…” Xiang Qing closed his eyes for a moment, and then he suddenly wildly opened his eyes, “You… Why are you on my bed?”

“We went to sleep together yesterday.” As I said this, I rubbed against his body a few times.

Xiang Qing’s line of sight slowly slid down from looking at my face.

After he was silent for a short period of time, he turned his head to face the wall and ordered, “Quickly… Quickly, put on your clothes.”

I lowered my head to look at my clothes. Because I had rolled around when I was sleeping, the belt and collar of my thin inner clothing was loose and my chest was clearly exposed. My skirt was also lifted up and my slender legs were revealed. What was wrong? We had already slept together naked. Why was he worried about sleeping together when we were still clothed?

So, I asked Xiang Qing in puzzlement, “What’s wrong?”

He turned his head to look at me. His face had become redder and his breathing was quick and uneven as if he was repressing something painful and trying to show restraint.

I was inwardly very worried, and so I continued to ask, “Are you uncomfortable?”

“No…” Xiang Qing clutched his nose, jumped out of his bed, and put on his outer clothes.

I suddenly realized, ” Do you want to eat me?”

Hearing my words, Xiang Qing almost fell down, “I don’t want to eat right now.”

“Why?” I didn’t understand. In the past, he always wanted to eat me in that way. Why didn’t he want to do that anymore? Was it because I had hurt him too much last time when I was biting him to resist? So he was scared now?

After I came to that conclusion, although I didn’t like to be eaten, I still decided to sacrifice a little bit for the person I like.

And so, I courageously said to him, “Okay, I’ll let you eat me and I won’t bite you. Don’t worry.”

After I said these words, I closed my large eyes and lied down on the bed. But, Xiang Qing still hastily pushed open the door and ran off in the direction of the kitchen. He brought inside the water that had been left outside last night. Soon after, I heard the crashing sound of falling water.

I thought he was just scared. I hurriedly left the bed to put on my outer clothing and ran to the kitchen to say, “This time, I really won’t bite you. Believe me.”

“Let’s talk about this later. Go to the fields by yourself first. I’ll go there a little later.” Xiang Qing voice was very hoarse.

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I was surprised that he refused me and even wanted to push me away. And so, I could only take a step back from him. I went to wake Xiao Cha and Xiao Mao to go with me to sow the seeds in the fields.

Unexpectedly, neither of them were in their rooms. Xiao Mao thought this place was too simple and crude. Since he wasn’t able to eat enough to feel full last night, he had returned Luoying Mountain by himself to look for food. He left a note that he would return tomorrow.

Xiao Cha was sitting on the doorsteps and was foolishly looking at the horizon with a worried expression. I didn’t know what she was thinking.

I sat down next to Xiao Cha and asked her to go with me to sow seeds in the fields. She distractedly agreed and followed me without even bring a straw hat.

Copying what the other farmers had done, I carefully scattered the seeds on the fragrant soil. Xiao Cha imitated my actions.

We worked together for a long time in silence before she sighed and said, “Elder sister Miao Miao, I’m a little worried…”

“What’s troubling you?” I casually asked.

“I discovered that I’m not normal.” Xiao Cha mumbled as if she were hiding something.

“You weren’t normal from the beginning.” I didn’t find her words surprising.

“That’s not the problem!” Xiao Cha hurriedly shook her hands and said, “I discovered that something is wrong with my sexual orientation! Before, I was normal and I only liked men. But… But after I came here, why does my heartbeat quicken towards girls?

“What does that mean?” I didn’t understanding her words.

“I think… I think I definitely like Yin Zi.” Xiao Cha said in embarrassment.

“Isn’t it a good thing to like him? Why do you feel bad?” I didn’t think this was major issue and turned my attention back to sowing seeds.

Xiao Cha anxiously stopped me and said, “How could a girl like another girl? Wouldn’t that make her a lily (lesbian)?

“Why can’t a girl like another girl? I like lots of girls.” I looked at her as if she were an idiot.”

“The like that I have towards Yin Zi isn’t the ordinary friendship like… It’s the like a woman has towards a man! In the past, I had a secret crush on the handsome class monitor in the classroom next to mine, but my feelings towards him wasn’t as intense as my feelings about Yin Zi.”

Xiao Cha hastily defended and comforted herself before I could say anything, “That’s not right. I’m not a pervert. This behavior is normal. Psychology books all say that everyone has hidden feelings of homosexuality. This issue is only how deeply this is hidden. I’m definitely a normal person.”

A woman liking Yin Zi was indeed very normal. What was wrong with that?

After Xiao Cha talked to herself for a while, she pulled on my arm to plead, “Elder sister Miao Miao, please don’t tell Yin Zi that I like her. She already dislikes me. If she knew that I was a lesbian, she would definitely look down on me even more and won’t be willing to talk to me anymore.”

“Okay.” I didn’t think further about this. My train of thought went to this morning again. I sunk into the difficult problem of why didn’t Xiang Qing want to eat me.

Xiao Cha continued holding onto my sleeve as she asked me, “Yin Zi has been gone for a long time. When will he return?”

“He only left yesterday… He won’t return for at least a few days.” I guessed that it would take him about that long to clean and polish the precious gemstones in his cave.

Xiao Cha nodded and didn’t say anything for a while as she did her best to sow the seeds. But, my worries continued to get deepen. And so, in an attempt to try everything in this desperate situation, I told her what happened this morning and asked her if she had any way to resolve my problem.

After Xiao Cha heard what happened, she cheered up and said, “You asked the right person!”

Full of confidence, she said, “I’ve read almost all of the books that deal with this type of situation, especially the ones about concubines fighting for the emperor’s favor and other harem books. Those books have numerous classical and effective ways and examples on how to seduce men.”

“There are books that teach that?” I asked doubtfully.

Xiao Cha assuredly answered, “Of course! I’ll help you with the best custom-tailored plan. It’ll definitely make Xiang Qing throw himself on you and completely eat you up.”

But, why did I have to deliver myself to him to be eaten… I felt somewhat confused towards these conflicting goals.

Xiao Cha looked down on me and said, “A marriage without sex won’t be happy and harmonious! A lot of married couples in my time period end up divorcing because of this reason.”

What? If I’m not eaten, we’ll get divorced? I was scared half to death and hurriedly asked Xiao Cha for advice and almost called her teacher.

At this time, Xiang Qing had finally finished bathing and had come to the fields. He saw that Xiao Cha and I were furtively looking at him and felt embarrassed. And so, he asked the two of us to go home to rest and he would work by himself.

I didn’t decline this time. At lightening speed, I pulled Xiao Cha home with me to study how to seduce a man.

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