Meow Meow Meow Ch 158

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Title: Meow Meow Meow
Chapter: 158 of 216 – Where is home?

This translation belongs to FuyuNeko. Please read from the original source, mew.

 “Does it hurt?” Xiang Qing quickly ran to my side. His heart ached as he pulled me closer to rub my head, then he turned his head to ask Yin Zi indignantly, “What issue couldn’t be nicely discussed? Why did you hit her?”

“She deserved it!” It was difficult to calm down Yin Zi’s anger. He turned around and left. He returned to his room and wouldn’t come out.

“It’s okay.” I hastily comforted Xiang Qing, “His fist is very weak. It’s not even as painful as the blows I get when I fight with Xiao Mao. And that guy is just being difficult right now because we had a falling out. After a few days, when he’s gotten over the shock, he’ll be okay.”

“What happened? I was only gone for a night…” Xiang Qing was still somewhat unconvinced and uncertain.

The aphrodisiac drug was already gone. I thought of his possible lack of self-esteem and I didn’t have the courage to answer this question. And so, I changed the topic, “What do you want to eat at noon today?”

“Anything is okay.” Xiang Qing probably thought of last night also. He was somewhat embarrassed as he ran out to chop firewood.

At noon, Yin Zi and Xiao Cha didn’t come out of their room to eat. At night, Yin Zi was expressionless when he came out to eat. Xiao Cha still hadn’t come out. Her room was firmly locked. If I didn’t hear the sound of her crying, I would have probably broke into her to room to see if she committed suicide…

Xiang Qing felt that the mood was extremely tense. He continuously added food to Yin Zi’s bowl and mine to try to improve our relationship. But Yin Zi still refused to say anything. He left as soon as he finished eating.

I asked Xiang Qing to not doing anything about this matter. After he thought about it, he said that after all, he wasn’t close with Yin Zi or Xiao Cha and they were both girls. And so, he had me go persuade them. Then, he went back to his room by himself. I didn’t know if he was lost in thought or was going back to read a book.

The moon was in the middle of the sky. Yin Zi was sitting on the edge of the roof and looking at the moon blankly. I didn’t know what he was thinking about. I thought that he was probably okay. And so, I forced Xiao Cha’s door to open and I entered.

Xiao Cha was hugging her quilt and crying. Her eyes were so swollen that they looked like white radishes. Seeing that I had entered, she seemed somewhat frightened and also disappointed. Her beautiful long eyelashes drooped down and her head was so low that it touched the top of the bed. She rubbed her bed sheet with all of her energy without saying anything. There wasn’t any bump left on her head. It seemed that Yin Zi didn’t hit her too hard.

I walked over and sat on the bedside. I tried my hardest to think what words would be good to say.

But, she opened her mouth first, “Elder sister Miao Miao… Is… Is he okay?”

Which he? I slow-wittedly thought for a while before I knew that the “he” was Yin Zi. I promptly nodded, “He wasn’t beaten. Of course, he’s okay.”

“Then, that’s good… that’s good…” Xiao Cha seemed as if she was relieved. Soon after, she asked again, “Yin Zi… does he dislike me…”

“I don’t know.” I honestly said.

“He’s definitely dislikes me…” Xiao Cha’s tears started to fall without stopping. It couldn’t be stopped. “I’m such a bad girl. I suggested such a dirty trick. He definitely thinks I’m not a decent girl. A girl that likes to destroy people…”

“You’re not … I think you’re pretty good. You’re not the slightest bit dislikable.” I hurriedly comforted her.

“He detests me… He won’t pay attention to me… In the future, he definitely won’t even speak with me…” Xiao Cha cried even harder. It seemed as if she hadn’t listened to any of my comforting words.

“It’ll probably be okay after a few days.” I found a handkerchief for her to dry her tears.”

“I like Yin Zi…” Xiao Cha’s voice started to become hoarse, “From the first time I met him… I liked him so much… So, I shamelessly stayed here and wouldn’t leave… Actually, I should have left a long time ago. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have caused everyone to suffer.”

“Xiao Cha, don’t cry. Don’t cry.” Tears had soaked my handkerchief.

“It was all my fault. I reaped what I sowed… I deserved it.” Xiao Cha sobbed. She seemed as if she wanted to say all of the things that she felt bad about. “I was the one that harmed Yin Zi… He clearly doesn’t like me. And he did such a thing. He must be very angry.”

“This was an accident. You didn’t harm him intentionally. Don’t cry.” I quickly changed the topic, “Is there something that you want eat, play, or have? I’ll get it for you so that you’ll feel happy.”

Xiao Cha looked up with her teary eyes and whispered, “I want to go home…”

“Okay! Where’s your home? I’ll send you back!” I immediately patted my chest to promise.

Mew, this translation belongs to FuyuNeko.

Xiao Cha shook her head and said, “I can’t go back…”

“There isn’t a place that I, Hua Miao Miao, can’t go to! Heavenly Realm! Underworld! Seafloor! Just tell me where you want to go!” I was full of confidence.

“I really can’t back,” Xiao Cha had probably cried too much and was somewhat delirious. She actually said, “My home is in the future… Several hundred years in the future. My dad, mom, and small dog are all there. It’s very warm…”

I thought she had definitely become muddle-headed from crying too much. I hurriedly said goodbye and left. I prepared to go visit Mo Lin to have him prepare calming medicine for her to eat. Unexpectedly, Yin Zi was on the roof and staring at me. He extended his index finger and beckoned me with it.

I hastily followed his order to go up and sit next to him and fawningly asked, “What’s wrong? Are you still angry? Do you want to hit me again?”

“If I hit you, I’ll be the one that hurts first.” Yin Zi looked at me disdainfully, “That girl, how is she?”

“Which girl?” I was confused by his words.

“That sniveling idiot below!” Yin Zi had just finished saying he wouldn’t hit me. He hit my head again at this moment. Really, this guy doesn’t keep his word.

“Oh… she’s still crying.” I rubbed my head and looked at Yin Zi gloomily, “She said she wanted to go home, then she also said she wouldn’t continue living here.

“How could she go home like this!” Yin Zi worriedly chewed on his finger, “So troublesome.”

I looked at his expression and tentatively asked, “Yin Zi, actually I discovered something significant… when you’re flying into a rage out of humiliation and embarrassment, your temper is the worse than normal…”

“There’s no such thing.” Yin Zi ignored me.

“Normally, other than me, you don’t hit other woman… Why was today different?…” I continued asking.

“I… It was because I was too angry! Seeing how stupid the two of you were!” Yin Zi stammered. Then, he fiercely said, “Whether I’m angry out of embarrassment or not, what does it have to do with you?”

I suddenly realized something and said, “Could it be that you’re feeling guilty? So you hit her!”

“Go away!” Yin Zi kicked my butt and pushed me off the roof.

Without a better option, I could only leave. Soon after, I saw a figure silently sneak into Xiao Cha’s room. Xiang Qing told me to not meddle in other people’s business and to go back to my room, blow out the lamplight, and go to sleep.

But… What if Yin Zi went to kill Xiao Cha to prevent her from divulging what happened today? With his personality, it wouldn’t be surprised if he did something like this. I was really worried, so I ran over to Xiao Cha’s window and perked up my ears to try to hear what was happening inside. After I waited for a while and my neck was sore, I finally heard Yin Zi stiffly say, “You want to go home?”

“En…” Xiao Cha’s voice was extremely faint.

“I’ll send you off.” Yin Zi’s tone was still very awkward.

Xiao Cha’s voice became even lower. My ears were touching the window in order to hear her words.

“I can’t go back. I can’t find where my home is.”

Yin Zi’s voice became a bit gentler, “I’ll help you look for it.

“What if we still can’t find it… ” Xiao Cha weakly asked.

“Then what else can be done? You’ll just continue staying here to live an idle life and avoid working.” Yin Zi said.

Xiao Cha’s voice suddenly had some happiness, “You’re not going to kick me out anymore?”

“If there was a place for you to go, I would have kicked you out a long time ago!” Yin Zi was as blunt as always.

“Then… then… I’ll keep staying here? Is it really okay?” Xiao Cha couldn’t believe.

“Would lying to you give me money?!” After Yin Zi threw down these words, he walked towards the door.

I heard the sound of the door opening, thought it wouldn’t be good for me to be discovered here, and hurriedly jumped onto the roof to hide in the shadows.

But, I was still discovered by Yin Zi. He spread his wings, flew over, grabbed me out into the open, and dragged me to Xiang Qing’s room.

As we walked, Yin Zi said, “Ask him yourself what actually happened. It’s better than those bullshit methods!”

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