The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 484

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 484 - A happy, chubby girl (1)

Zhu Yurun felt that Qian Yingchen must like her a little bit. Otherwise, he wouldn't continue to come see her after her one-month recovery period was over.

Although, his face had changed into a displeased one as soon as he walked in here. "This one didn't know Miss had already recovered."

It seemed that he had become accustomed to coming here. Every day that he came over here, reporting for duty, he would remember to bring her a small trinket. Although he was impatient, he would sit here and say a few words with her.

"Sir Qian... I can leave the estate today." Zhu Yurun giggled and asked, "I'm going to go out and take a stroll. Sir Qian... do you have free time?"

"No free time." Qian Yingchen swept his gaze over her, turned around, and walked out.

Zhu Yurun had specially dressed up today. She had ordered the servants to sew a sky blue dress for her. It looked very ethereal. Even if he didn't have any free time, she still wanted to follow him and take a stroll around the streets! After being confined in this room for so long, she felt so stifled and as if she was going to rot away.

And so, Zhu Yurun very shamelessly followed after him.

Qian Yingchen naturally sensed that someone was behind him, but he didn't say anything as he left Zhu Residence through the back entrance, passed through an alley, and walked down a bustling main street. 

Zhu Yurun skipped along behind him. The distance between them wasn't far. Seeing the delicious food that was being sold on street stalls, she quickly went over to purchase them. While making her purchases, she kept looking at the person upfront.

Qian Yingchen seemed as if he was waiting for her. When she didn't follow after him, he stopped and stood in place.

It was truly a beautiful day. Zhu Yurun secretly smiled. After she purchased the food, she caught up to him.

She couldn't walk by his side. Even though she really wanted to, she didn't. He frequently said that a woman should be reserved. A young noble lady wouldn't casually walk side-by-side with a man in public.

Alright, she would be reserved. Walking behind him was good too.

Qian Yingchen turned left and turned right. At the end, he arrived at a teahouse that wasn't far from Sun Residence. Miss Sun was already standing there. She was wearing a sky blue dress and had two white jade hairpins in her hair. She looked very dignified and elegant.

Zhu Yurun, who was following from a distance, saw her. The smile on her face stiffened.

Qian Yingchen must have done this deliberately. He knew that her recovery period had ended today, and she was free to walk about. He knew that she was following him too. He had even waited for her. This was all so that she would follow him and witness this scene, that way she would stop pestering him in the future.

Miss Sun had a slender figure and a beautiful face. She was wearing a sky blue dress too, and she looked as beautiful as a celestial fairy. In contrast, Zhu Yurun only looked like a blue dumpling in the same style of dress.

Anyone should be able to understand his intentions, right? Qian Yingchen smiled as he greeted Miss Sun, but he couldn't resist turning his head to look at her.

Ten steps away, Zhu Yurun's figure had already disappeared.

She was actually very tactful today? Qian Yingchen felt a bit surprised. He couldn't resist coming to a halt and taking another look.

"Sir Qian?" Miss Sun looked at him strangely.

"Sorry. Miss Sun, please go up first." Qian Yingchen turned his head back. He chuckled and very elegantly led Miss Sun upstairs.

That chubby girl had already gone back home, right? But, the distance here had been a bit long. What if she got lost, ended up getting kidnapped, and was sold into slavery? Qian Yingchen lowered his eyes. He thought about it for a while, then shook his head.

No, that wouldn't happen. Even if someone was going to kidnap a woman to sell, they would choose a normal woman. If you tried to sell an overweight woman, who would buy her?

Miss Sun had come out today to discuss something with him. However, even after she had talked for a long time, Qian Yingchen didn't pay attention and failed to listen to a single word. His tense brow didn't relax as he gazed out the window to look at the street below and watched the sparse pedestrians.

Actually, Zhu Yurun didn't annoy him that much. He just felt uncomfortable looking at her foolish self. It made him want to be mean to her. But, as soon as he was mean to her, she would tremble, then laugh even more foolishly.

With that foolish look of hers, if she married Mister Ji, the other party was bound to feel disdainful towards, right? Although those two people seemed to have a good relationship and Mister Ji had run over to see to Zhu Yurun when he wanted to cry...

As a man, Mister Ji should be dignified. What was there for him to cry about? And, he had wept like a woman, so freakish. He had a thin and weak body. He would probably be crushed to death after marrying Zhu Yurun.

As soon as he thought of that chubby girl and the thin Mister Ji having a wedding night, Qian Yingchen narrowed his eyes. He couldn't resist smacking the table.

Miss Sun, who had been sitting on the other side of the table and talking, was startled. Pursing her lips, she said, "This humble woman knows that it was presumptuous of me to say those words. If Sir Qian finds my words outrageous, then just treat it as if this humble woman has said nothing."

What? Qian Yingchen finally returned to his senses, but Miss Sun had already got up to leave. 

What were the outrageous words she said? Qian Yingchen was at a loss. He hadn’t listened to a single word.

But, it would be a bit inappropriate if he asked her to repeat herself. And so, Qian Yingchen simply headed to Zhu Residence. It wasn't that he wanted to see her, Zhu Residence just happened to be on his way back, so he would go ask if Zhu Yurun had returned home. If something happened to her again, Ning Yuxuan would have him clean up the aftermath again.

He murmured to himself as he walked to Zhu Residence's side entrance. When he got there, the door guard already recognized him and saluted him with his hands, "Sir Qian, Miss recently returned home already."

Had all door guards become this clever? He had just got here, hadn't even asked a question, and the door guard already told him that she had returned. Couldn't he have let him go inside to ask?

"Umm..." Seeing that Sir Qian's expression looked a bit twisted, the door guard awkwardly laughed and asked, "Sir Qian, do you want to go inside to take a look?"

How could he answer yes to this question? Qian Yingchen chuckled and shook his head. He expressed thanks and said, "I'll be going back."

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