The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir - Ch 485

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Title: The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
Translator: Fuyu Neko
Chapter 485 - A happy, chubby girl (2)

"Oh, okay." The door guard made a gesture for him to leave. "Walk slowly."

Qian Yingchen brushed off his sleeve as he left. He thought; such a clever door guard should go over to the main entrance and guard that instead!


During the next few days, Qian Yingchen didn't visit Zhu Yurun. That girl didn't have self-control. She would definitely come over to look for him.

Ah no, he didn't mean that he was looking forward to her visit, it was only... He just found it strange. Why had she left without saying a word that day? He had thought that when he turned around he would see her blankly staring at him and looking stupid, but he had only seen an empty street.

It wasn't that he was unwilling. He was just curious what Zhu Yurun was thinking.

However, she didn't appear before him. Qian Yingchen felt very disappointed.

Should he take the initiative by going to Zhu Residence? She was already done with her one-month recovery period, so he was done with his assigned work. For what reason would he be going there for?

Qian Yingchen coldly harrumphed. Turning his head, he went back to preparing his own wedding. After his marriage to Miss Sun, he probably wouldn't think about these messy thoughts. A woman like Zhu Yurun, it would be better if she stayed far away from him.

But then, Ji Man, that wretched person, set his wedding date with Zhu Yurun to match his wedding with Miss Sun.


Dressed in wedding clothes and riding a horse, he thought that a handsome and tall person like himself couldn't possibly be inferior to that Ji Man, who only had a rice store. Behind him, there was a parade of women in splendid red clothing and the sounds of wind instruments. It was very lively.

He didn't know why, even though his surroundings were very noisy, there was silence in his mind.

After the wedding procession had reached halfway, he really did encountered Ji Family's marriage sedan chair. Ji Man was truly a stingy merchant. At the very least, he was marrying the assistant minister's daughter, so why was he making such a poor showing? Although Qian Yingchen knew that he had specially ordered his servants early in the morning that his wedding procession couldn't lose to Ji Man's, his heart started to feel unhappy when he saw how badly he had beaten Ji Man.

The red bridal sedan chair contained a chubby girl, so as it was being carried forward, it looked heavier than a usual one. When the two wedding processions met, Qian Yingchen suddenly had an impulse.

Why not marry that chubby girl? He could support her on his official's salary.

He must have gone crazy to have such an idea. Grand Tutor Sun's side already had an agreement with the marquis, and he was perfectly willing to marry Miss Sun. How could he have such an idea at this juncture?

Shaking his head, Qian Yingchen closed his eyes. Clutching the reins, he stopped looking at the neighboring wedding procession.

Wasn't it a match made in heaven for a chubby girl to marry a rich merchant? Why should he stop them? He didn't like her.

Qian Yingchen scoffed. Just as he was going to continue going forward, he heard someone behind him shouting, "Stop the bridal sedan chair!"

Miss Sun had run away from her wedding. At the moment when that sedan chair was passing by Zhu Yurun's sedan chair, someone had shouted this.

Qian Yingchen couldn't quite return to his senses. He slightly furrowed his brow.

As usual, the chubby girl acted without regard for consequences. Hearing this news, she got out of her sedan chair and sat down in his.

"Since this happened, Sir Qian, you should marry Yurun." She rascally stayed in the sedan chair and wouldn't come out.

This was simply a joke. How could the bride be changed? Qian Yingchen's expression was very ugly. Mister Ji had already come over here to snatch the chubby girl back.

"I'll marry her." He didn't know who called out those words. The surrounding people looked as if they had been relieved from a burden. Mister Ji also moved aside. The heavy bridal sedan chair was lifted up and the wedding procession continued down the road.

Who agreed to marry her? Qian Yingchen pursed his lips. Anyways, it wasn't him.

When Ning Yuxuan hatched a plot, the people that he schemed against usually weren't even aware of his involvement. This time, Qian Yingchen realized that he had been schemed against along with the others. Since it had been Miss Sun that ran away from the marriage, it was her side that was in the wrong. Grand Tutor Sun was sure to feel extremely guilty towards Marquis Moyu and help him out with many things in the future. As for himself, he would actually have to go through with marrying Zhu Yurun.

Not only that, in the eyes of the public, he was perfectly willing.

Qian Yingchen couldn't resist the urge to cover his eyes. In this lifetime, he had truly chosen poorly when making friends.

He had tried to avoid this, but he still ended up bringing that chubby girl to his estate, past the lanterns and red banners and into the bridal room.


What was even more horrifying was this chubby girl was now his main wife, and she didn't know how to control his concubines. They had already bullied her to such an extent, but she only knew how to stupidly laugh.

"Honored Concubine Feng took all of the new silk that entered the estate and only gave two bolts to you. Why didn't you tell me this?" Qian Yingchen glared at the person in front of him.

Zhu Yurun blinked. "I didn't know about that. How did you find out?"

She thought that this estate would be like Zhu Residence. The honored concubines would deliver everything to her courtyard, and she didn't need to manage anything.

Qian Yingchen was going to be angered to death by her. "Learn how to manage the household!”


And so, Zhu Yurun tried her best. While holding a meat-filled pastry in her mouth and with lit candles in the room, she would look at the account books. But, every time she looked at the account books, she would end up falling asleep at the table.

When Qian Yingchen came home each evening, he would have to suffer through with carrying her to the bed. And so, after a few days of this, he gave up on having her manage the household. She really was too heavy for him to keep moving.


Everyone in the household laughed at Zhu Yurun behind her back about her weight. In this place, beauty required thinness. And so, Qian Yingchen said to Zhu Yurun, "You should try to think of a way to lose some weight."

Sure enough, this idiot didn't eat for the next three days and fainted in her room out of hunger. When he went over and picked her up, she opened her eyes, pressed her lips together, and said, "I'm hungry."

She looked really pitiful. Qian Yingchen didn't know whether to laugh or cry. He felt a bit bad for her, so he simply gave up on having her lose weight. Anyways, he didn't like her. It didn't matter if she was fat or thin. He would just keep raising her.

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